Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder – Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder (A Mystery Room and Crime Solving Detective Story!)
By: Haiku Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android adventure game Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder (A Mystery Room and Crime Solving Detective Story!) by Haiku Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Looking for FRAMED by Loveshack?


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Chapter 1:

You can watch my video for Chapter 1 here or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. Follow the tutorial. Look through the peephole in the door to see a dead body. Sylvia explains to Kate that there’s corruption in the police force. Looks like you’re going to need to find out who it is! Open the box on the table and pick up the fingerprint (dusting) powder. Zoom in on the keypad on the door and use the dusting powder to see the fingerprints.


2. Notice that the fingerprints are different shades of purple. Start with the darkest and go to lightest. So you get 8493. Enter those numbers into the keypad to unlock the door.

3. Go inside. Pick up the piece of jewelry. Open the box to the left to get the forceps. Also, pick up the gloves and the cane. Use the cane to reach another jewelry pice under the couch. Use the forceps to get another piece of jewelry from the grate.


4. Tap on the painting to move it aside and reveal a puzzle box. To open the box, you need to drag the ball along the track with your finger. Rotate the middle piece as needed. You need to get the ball into the hole to the right. You can watch the video below if you need help. The box is stuffed with cocaine and money!


5. Look at the piece of paper behind the mysterious box on the table. It’s a clue to opening the box. Use it to open the box and reveal a bloody letter opener. Use the gloves to examine it and confirm that it’s the murder weapon.




6. Use the gloves on the necklace of the dead body. Add the three other jewelry pieces to it and solve the puzzle. It says CAESAR on it.



7. Go to the next building on the map. Now you’re outside the security office. Pick up the utility knife and ladder.


8. Place the ladder under the tree. Use the utility knife to cut off the broken tree branch, then use the knife on the branch to get a sturdy branch.



9. Place the ladder below the security office window and use the sturdy branch to open the window. Go through to the office.


10. Take the magnet. Take the key from the drawer. Unplug the extension cord and take it.


11. Open the drawer and take the key card from inside. Look through the file on the desk to find a clue.



12. Use the key to unlock the file cabinet. Take the key card printer and cord.


13. Place the printer on the desk. Use the cable and extension cord on it. Try to use the key card with the printer. It won’t work because it has something on it already. Use the magnet on the key card to wipe it clean. Then pick it up again.


14. Use the empty key card with the printer. You need to copy the symbols from the file onto the card. You can follow the screenshots below to get the right symbols. Take the key card.




15. Use the key card to unlock the door to the right to the Campus Security Director’s office.


16. Pick up the bottle of water and magnifying glass. Open the drawer and take the glue. Open the file box and take the ruler. Look at the objects on the shelf for a clue. Then last, look at the framed photograph and use the magnifying glass on the blurry words to see the words “Congratulations! 5/20”.




17. Pour the water into the kettle to boil it and create some steam. Using the clue from the shapes, unlock the file cabinet. Take the sealed envelope that says “Hold for C.”



18. Hold the envelope over the steam and then use the ruler to open it. Then, use the glue to seal it back up and place it back in the drawer. A cheque will drop to the ground. Look at it to see that it says “Congratulations class of 2014.”




19. Combine the clue from the photograph with the clue from the cheque to get the date 05/20/2014. Enter 05202014 to unlock the safe. Now we have to figure out which key is Sylvia’s!



20. Basically, the correct key is the one that doesn’t look like any of the others. So tap each pair until all but one remains. Take it to complete Chapter 1.


Click on the chapter you need below or click here to continue to Chapter 2.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

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  1. Linda S

    Ooh! Another Haiku Game! Thanks!!

  2. Mmmmmmm

    How do you open caesers locker?? I have the code from the painting just can’t figure out the exact way to open it.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Which chapter is that? It takes me longer bc I’m writing the walkthrough. The game doesn’t let me replay chapters, so I have to make sure I got everything I need before moving on.

  3. Arenoria

    Your walkthroughs are very helpful, thank you! Some of the puzzles in this game didn’t make sense to me (like the blood/paint sample analysis with the filters) – not sure if I’ve gotten dumber since the last Haiku game that I played or what 3:)

    Looking forward to your walkthrough of the final chapter on this – can’t for the life of me figure out the puzzle in the garden!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That puzzle mostly made sense to me, but parts of it didn’t and I had to just keep swapping parts until it worked. Like, I still don’t understand the gray bars. Or why some of the color rings didn’t act like I would expect them to.

      Also seems longer than their previous games.

      1. Arenoria

        It does feel a bit longer (slower?) to me too. Dialogue needs a bit of tightening also, I reckon. But still fun, and they have managed to keep their games free which is nice

        1. stacie

          how do you swap the blood filters?

      2. Irene

        The rings refer to the size of the wee balls

      3. Lizzie

        Where do u get the water to activate the salt thing

        1. Artjend

          From shower at the left of victim at the morgue

  4. Kylie

    Does anyone know where on the map to investigate caesars stash??
    I don’t think I’m following the directions properly..

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m working on it. They’re definitely confusing instructions.

  5. Justin

    How do you complete the puzzle with the black squares? It’s in the level where you wake up tied up surrounded by fire. I cannot figure out the last puzzle.

  6. Nellie

    I’m just starting part 7 trying to untie the ropes around her hands to escape from the fire but it’s not working! Doing it on an iPad so wondering if that’s the problem? Tracing the rope’s mirror image, total pain!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Are there really 7 chapters? I thought there were 5.

      The game’s not letting me pass the puzzle in the garden for some reason. I matched all the colors and shapes exactly. As soon as I get past that, I’ll try to catch up with you.

      1. Nellie

        Undid the ropes by putting the iPad up to a mirror and tracing them that way.

        1. Podbud

          That’s clever thinking 99.

          This puzzle was giving me too much grief.

      1. SJ

        I can’t open Caesar’s dorm room. I had the triangles as 3689, but it didn’t work, so checked here to see if I had it wrong. Evidently, I don’t and I haven’t missed anything. Yes, I’ve got the right room.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          The first time I entered the numbers, it didn’t work for me and I thought I must have gotten the numbers wrong. But tried it again and it worked. I assumed I just mis-tapped the first time, but maybe there’s a glitch?

          1. SJ

            I’ve entered them a half dozen times at least, it doesn’t work. I tried emailing Haiku Games, but it bounced with an ‘illegal domain’ error. ?

            1. Mel

              Any luck? I’m having the same problem as you.

        2. Jo

          I had the same problem so what I did was restart tthe level and I went up to floor 3 room 15 first and pressed 3689.on the keypad and the door opened.

          1. lilsmchiq

            I had this glitch too where i kept entering the right code 3689 for room 315 and it would not work. I tried the tip from above (going immediately to the room and entering 3689 after restarting) and it worked!

            Thank you!!

        3. Nooorrr

          Me too

    2. Justin

      Just got to go slow on the ropes and you can’t lift your finger off the screen.

    3. AppUnwrapper

      I actually found it easier on my iPad than on my iPhone.

  7. wevz

    i am on the pattern part, after the fire… i got the two patterns but the third patter doesnt even make sense to me.. so i got a little confused… and yep im stuck there… weeeeeew

  8. wevz

    i am on the pattern part, after the fire… i got the two patterns but the third patter doesnt even make sense to me.. so i got a little confused… and yep im stuck there…

  9. Gill

    Help I just finished the puzzle in the garden …it looks just yours but nothing has happened It wont open for the next part

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That happened to me the first time I solved it, too. I restarted the chapter and then it worked. It’s a buggy puzzle.

      1. Waleed Zafar

        I restarted it many times but the issue is same

      2. Jamie

        Same here, I have restarted it 5 times and it will not open! I’m about to delete the game, it’s a long puzzle and I don’t want to do it again! It looks exactly like yours

  10. Kasia

    I’m unable to leave the professors hidden room after collecting all the blood samples. Help

  11. Zzz

    In the two letters from lansky i cant find the differences ive fond seven but i need eight… plz help

  12. SP

    Caesars box is not opening. I tried it 3 times and it still is not opening. UGH!

    1. Tanney

      8pm and another p

  13. Heather

    How did they come up with the puzzle answers for the vending machine puzzle? Line C I totally get but can’t explain it properly to a friend of mine trying to play as well would you mind giving me your thoughts?

    Thank you,


  14. May

    Help. I’m stuck at the police kit. I can’t place the L-shaped ruler in the police kit.

    1. Sophie Jones

      I’m having trouble with that 1 now driving me insane any one got a clue how do it I’ve restarted the leval but it’s done nothing xx

    2. Sophie Jones

      Don’t line it up with the gap try different points I managed to do it that way xxxx

    3. Jason Bethlam

      You have to put it at the exact corner, I had the same problem and it worked for me

    4. William

      Yep having the same problem, I have restarted it and I still can’t get it to go in? Must be a glitch in the game.

  15. Linda

    I was so stuck on the Blood Analyzer – thank you for the solution!

    These games will only save after the chapter is done and I didn’t want to lose my progress.

  16. sudhish ps

    Level 3
    Password hints

  17. Someone

    Ive passed the tied up puzzle and then i need solutions so i leave and go here i went back to the game i had to play the puzzle again ????

  18. Michelle

    Hi, I am stuck I can’t get the ruler to go into the case in the police station I have clearned cache, stopped and restarted the game still the same problem anyone got any other ideas please.

  19. Sau

    Chapter 2… how do you get through the maze

    1. Linda S

      I’m afraid this won’t help you – but this is the one time I used the “skip-stars” – and no, I didn’t purchase them, I saved them for this puzzle.
      However, the video in this w/t will show you step-by-step and it does work.
      Good Luck!

  20. Sonia

    Am in level 3, and I dnt know how to insert the coin got the chocolate, av tapped on it and it’s not working, av even restarted the level yet it’s not working. Tnx

  21. Amanda Kummer

    What do you do with the shoes maze thing

  22. Anna

    Having the same problem with the ruler. Cannot get it to be on it’s place. I Have tried to restart the game… Help anyone?

  23. Sam

    It is very helpful but may i ask how do you use the hat to get the pizzle. I cant fofigure ure it out

    1. Sam

      I figured out how to do it.

  24. Barbie

    What is the last word in the letter from lanksy??

  25. Loraine Phillip

    I am having trouble with the code for the administrator computer. Help

    1. Alena Atchley


  26. Jenna

    Help! I’m having trouble selecting the difference in the Lansky letters. Should i circle the difference? Cos it keeps underlined the whole word. E.g; Caesar instead of C

    1. Mai

      You have to click both letters

  27. Roshane

    The password for Caesars room won’t work, when I type it in it says it’s wrong, any idea why?

    1. Mai

      You have to allign those colorpapers first

  28. Ashley Rodricks

    Anyone got the Complex Locks achievement? I finished the whole game but didnt get it.

  29. Bobby

    Password for Caesar’s room doesn’t work. I also counted it as such 3, 4, 8, 5. I don’t see where you can count more than 4 triangles on the second picture, and 9 on the last picture. Even with that password, it doesn’t work. I’ve done everything else too. What am I doing wrong?

  30. C

    I finish the molecule sorter and the game won’t let me out it finishes sorting and I tap everywhere and nothing happens

    1. Loretta C Harbertson

      Same problem with Caesar’s box. Pieces all in the right places. Have tried several times but the game hangs up at this spot.

  31. thunderbird64

    Hey the password for ceasar room does not work? 3689 it just beeps loud and cant open the door?

  32. R

    If room code doesnt work then go to level L nd go back again to 3 nd try

    1. thunderbird64

      i have tryed to open same door on every floor still does not open 🙁

    2. SHAMOAN

      Thank you that works

  33. Ares Royte

    The code is 3689…

  34. Areej

    I can not solve pc me?

  35. Siegrun Luegmayer

    absoutely stuck in the puzzle of caesar╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╢├▒s box. yes, i did restart and yes, i did the puzzle several times. and of course i had every piece in the right place. simply nothing happens then …

    can anyone help me???

    1. Ben

      Same thing with me

  36. Kayden

    On the password for the computer I typed inΓÇö
    And it worked. Just a helpful hint I hope!

    1. Ben

      They are all wrong

    2. Mackenzie

      I can’t figure out the computer code I got the words DBEC can someone please help me.

    3. Deborah Walker

      From experience: The code changes every time I do it again. Ss

  37. Tarra

    The prisoner is waking up from the salt.

  38. Yih Shin Wong

    I know what does the circle mean. Big circles allow big molecules to pass through and vice versa. The big circles bar with green and yellow line also allow green molecules to pass through.

    1. Dass

      Well done.would never have figured it out. Made deception ally confusing my the. By the developers

  39. H

    How do I activate the smelling salts?

  40. Shelby

    I need chapter 6 computer passsword

  41. Deborah Walker

    Need help with the code testing the blood. A always matches with T. G always matches with C. Can’t seem to work out the right order. Thanks.

  42. Joanna Malin

    what is the passcode for the computer

  43. Sara

    Having trouble with organizing the police file, have sorted by color, top to bottom, as is on the map, but not working. Help!

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