The Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2: Walkthrough Guide

61. Take the bookcase ladder and look at the book for a clue. Then continue on to screen 72.



62. Read the letter and then solve the candle puzzle using the tree stump clue.




63. There’s four portraits on the back wall. Use the flutes clue from your journal to figure out the length of each painting. Then use the two sliders to adjust the lengths of each one.


64. Go through to screen 73 and get another apple gem from the crystal ball.


65. Go back to screen 69. Climb up the ladder and pull out the three books whose titles you saw in the book on the table. It’s Tom V & VI, Tom III, and Tom I.


66. The portrait above the door opens up, but you can’t reach it. Place the ladder down by the bookshelves to the left of the door and climb up to grab the rope ladder and another apple gem.


67. Go back to screen 50. Go straight ahead to the church at screen 74. Pick up and read the scroll. Then tap on the front door. There’s some dirt here. Drop the magic beans in the soil and pour the water from the bucket onto it. A tree will grow instantly and you can climb up to the window at screen 75.





68. Use the rope ladder to climb through the window and down to screen 76.


69. Look at the apple trees. Then tap on the wooden signs below them. Place the apple gems on the signs in the same places you see apples on the trees.




70. Go through the door. Pick up the fire gem and the black seeds.


71. Continue on to screen 77. Grab the water gem and light seeds.


72. Continue to screen 78. Pick up the earth gem and mixed seeds.


73. Continue on to screen 79. There’s a riddle here. It says:

“Dark color seeds are beloved by earthly color birds…
The lightest color seeds draw birds with wings of fire…
A mixed variety of seeds summon birds with feathers like the sky in herds…
Solve this riddle once and for all, & you may have what you desire…
One wish, come true, & this world you shall exit, back into anew…”

So place the gems on the correct angel pedestals. Then, according to the riddle, place the black seeds on the left pedestal with the earth gem, the light seeds with the fire gem, and the mixed seeds with the water gem. Then go through the opening, read the scroll and watch the ending.





Congratulations! You completed the game!

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  1. SJ

    I don’t buy games with IAPs when the developer isn’t honest enough to tell you what they are upfront – so, what are theyΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼? ?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m not sure about the free version — it might have an IAP to unlock the full game. But the paid version offers hints for a one-time $0.99 IAP.

  2. Linda

    Thank you! I’ve been waiting for #2 to be available!
    Full price of game is $1.99 BTW

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, I would recommend buying the full one instead of unlocking through the free one. Just because how the App Store works. If it ever disappears from the store. you’d still have access to it from your purchase history.

  3. Carrie

    Where’s the rest of it!? Lol. I’m stuck.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Working on it! Dev gave me early access but wasn’t expecting the game so soon! Bear with me!

  4. Jenny

    This is the dev here! We thought we had posted the hints pack, but we updated the description in the App Store so that it’s clear.

    We were going to charge $2.99 for the entire game upfront, but didn’t want to weed about those audiences that don’t say $3 for apps – so we decided to break up the app into parts – $1.99 gets you the entire game – $0.99 get you the hints.

    We encourage everyone to use the online walkthrough! We had to price our game this way because the development cost and time was significantly higher, and we had a team of 5 instead of 3 people working on it.

    Thank you and we hope you enjoy the game!

    1. Suzy

      After reading your explanation on the prices, I had no problem buying the hints. My question is now that I’ve bought them where do I find the hints & helps? ?

      1. faegirl907

        BY using the hourglass right?

  5. Jenny

    Just to clarify – the FREE version has 3 iAP packs

    One is the full adventure at $1.99 (same as the paid version)

    Then you can purchase the entire game with the hints for $2.99

    If for instance you purchase the adventure and decide later that you really need the hints, that is what the 0.99 cent pack is for.

    We will write a more detailed explanation of this so it’s not so confusing

    Thank you

  6. Linda

    Thanks appunwrapper – I needed you to find the last apple!

    Awesome game! Well worth the waiting!

    1. linda

      Replaying both games due to the new one just released – thank you for the piano solution!

  7. Lucie

    I am looking for the shears. Where did I miss them?

  8. Puzzled

    Step 33, green 15– I can’t figure out the puzzle. Any clues on what to do to solve it?

  9. D. Glisson

    I missed the jewelry key for the box in manor after the colored bells puzzle. Apparently I was already supposed to have it.

  10. Mike

    We purchased the game for our kids, each on a kindle. They have played the game, but now when they try it will not go past the main menu. No clue what is going on?

  11. Linda

    LOL, replaying yet again – needed the piano one more time, lol.
    I wish they’d put in a skip button 🙂

  12. limcos

    I did like that picture on screen 16 but there is no difference. I cant take the jewelery key. How did u guys took that?

  13. Lori Orton

    Help! I can’t exit the antique store. Ive received the Cinema key & red gemstone, went back to screen 37 but cannot go back to screen 36. I tried for 2 days, got extremely frustrated
    & started the whole game over & worked my way back to this same point. I just can’t exit screen 37! No matter where I touch the screen it just toggles back & forth between screens 37 – 38 and I can’t get out! Someone please help! When I started the game over I followed this walk-thru step by step thinking I had forgotten to do something but I haven’t. So I’m just stuck

  14. Donna Belcastro

    The lamp puzzle in. Haunted hollow 2. What sequence do you use to turn on lamps.

  15. Mike

    I canΓÇÖt find the jewel key. Where is it?

    1. Aarushi

      I find the jewel key but can’t open the door on page – 6

  16. Mike

    Where is the Jewel key?

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