Paul Pixel – The Awakening: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Paul Pixel – The Awakening
By: Xoron GmbH


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with help, hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android point-and-click adventure game Paul Pixel – The Awakening by Xoron GmbH. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Chapter 1, The Awakening:

You can also watch my video for Chapters 1 – 5 here:

1. Pick up the remote and the car jack. Plug the TV in and use the remote to turn on the TV (tap the hand icon to access your inventory) and watch the news. Then head left.


2. Look in the mouse hole for your keys. Then open the closet and take the skateboard from the right side. You can also take a nap in the bed if you’d like. Go right again and use your keys to unlock the front door and leave the house.


3. Go right. Ask the hot dog vendor for a hot dog and then take it. Then, ring the doorbell for Mr. & Mrs. Smith. They’ll ask you to find their dog for them. Then head right.


4. Feed the hot dog to the dog and he’ll follow you back to Mr. & Mr. Smith. Ring their doorbell again so they can let him in. Then Mr. Smith ask you to get his mask from the mask shop. He gives you the pick-up notification so you can get it.



5. Go right and enter the mask shop. Give the owner your ticket and then grab the zombie mask. Leave the shop.



6. Talk to the police officer. He won’t let you pass. So use the zombie mask to scare him away. Then head back and knock on Mr. Smith’s door again. You’ll tell him they didn’t have the mask yet. That way you can keep it.



7. Go back left again. Your can has a flat tire. Use the jack on the van to lift it up and then put the skateboard under the flat tire. Then take the Jack back and get in the van. Drive to the abandoned fuel station.


Chapter 2, Abandoned Fuel Station:

1. Use the pump to fill the van with gas. Then head right.


2. Hop onto the garbage cans and grab the garland. Then enter the bathroom.


3. Pick up the roll of toilet paper. Feel free to talk to the “plumber” in the stall (Mario?) and then pee in the urinal. He tells you it’s going to fall apart. Stuff the toilet paper in the urinal to get the pipe to break off. Pick it up.



4. Leave the bathroom. Head left and use the pipe to break through the wooden boards blocking the doorway to the store. Then go inside.


5. Take the scissors and open up the freezer to get the steak. Use the steak with the ketchup bottle to make it look bloody. You can also use the zombie mask to scare the shopkeeper if you want.


6. Go back outside and head right. Throw the “bloody” steak to the zombies and they’ll leave. Head back to your van and unhook the pump. Get inside and drive.



7. You’ll hit a zombie as you’re driving and get out of the van. Go looking for him and you’ll get attacked by zombies and end up in the hospital.


Chapter 3, Help From a Doc:

1. You’re in the hospital. Leave the room and then talk to the nurse. If you try to go left, she stops you and tells you they’re trying to find a cure for zombie-ism. They need a zombie brain for their research. There isn’t anything else you can do here, so head right and then back to your van to drive to the beach.

Chapter 4, The Beach Situation:

1. If you go right, there’s a woman calling for help because zombies are trying to get to her. Go back left and use the garland on the palm tree. Then use the scissors to cut it and slingshot yourself up to her.


2. Go inside the lifeguard tower. Take the lifesaver and axe handle. Then use the axe handle on the barrel to make a zombie hammer. You can also read the news on the laptop.



3. Go back outside and use the zombie hammer to smash the zombies. Then take the floodlight. Go right until you see the spaceship. Put on the zombie mask and the aliens will beam you onto the ship.



4. Go right. There’s an alien guarding a zombie brain! Use the lifesaver on him and then grab the brain and head for the exit.


5. Leave the ship. Go all the way to the right and get the piece of the shipwreck.


6. Go back to the van. Attach the shipwreck piece and the floodlight to the van and get in. Time to drive back to the hospital!


7. Go in and show the alien brain to the receptionist. She’ll tell you to take it into the lab. So go left and then through the door with the skull and crossbones on it. Hand the brain to the doctor.




8. Look at the piece of paper on the wall. It says “5221.” Take the syringe and lab coat from the shelves and then talk to the doctor. He says he can make an antidote but needs you to get three things for him: a chemical produced by a company called Xoron, a rare flower called Amaryllis, and the green slime of a zombie. Leave the room.



9. Enter room 107. Take the “trapeze” that’s holding the guy’s broken leg up.



10. Leave and head to the elevator tap on the may pad and press the numbers 5221 and then press ENTER. The elevator will open. Go inside and take it up to the roof.




11. There’s a helicopter on the roof. The pilot tells you the fan belt is out of order.


12. Open the front to access the engine. Use the sling you got from the guy with the broken leg to replace/repair the fan belt. Then close it and talk to the pilot again. She’ll give you a ride to the Xoron factory!


13. Zombies are hanging off the helicopter! Pick up the machine and throw it at one of them. Then throw your remote, pipe, and house keys at the other three. Talk to the pilot again and she’ll land the helicopter.



Chapter 5, Deep in the Forest:

1. Pick up the mushroom to find a pipe. Then head left.



2. You can’t do anything on the next screen yet so continue left. Pick up the jackhammer and one of the timber needles and continue left.


3. Grab the pipe and continue left.


4. Use the car jack to move the box and then climb up on the box to get another pipe piece. Then continue left.


5. Keep going left until you meet two people dressed as a knight and elven archer. Listen to them, then keep going left until you see a guy sleeping in a tent. Use the scissors to cut out a piece of the tent fabric to use as a ghost costume.



6. Continue left. There’s a giant monster squirrel and a vine (liana?) hanging. Can’t do much here now, so go back right to the two guys by the fire. Talk to the elf and ask him for his employee ID card. He says he’ll give it to you if you find the treasure their boss hid in the forest. Talk to the dwarf and ask him to get rid of the giant squirrel. He’ll actually comply!




7. Use the timber needle with the bonfire to make a torch. Then, go back left to where the squirrel was. It’s gone now! Climb up the vine to a new area. The rocks block your path to the left, so use the jackhammer to break through them to a secret cave. Go through. It’s too dark to see!





8. Use the torch you made to see inside the cave. Find the Amaryllis flower and pick it.


9. Continue left. There’s a weird Simon puzzle here with a snake. You have to pay attention to where it lands and then tap that tile right away, then follow it to the next tile. If you mess up, you’ll have to start over. It goes in the order shown below. Then take the Employee of the Month trophy.



10. Go back to the elf and give her the trophy. He’ll give you his ID card in exchange.



11. Go back all the way right to the entrance to the Xoron factory. Show the guy guarding the door your ID badge and then go through the door.


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