The Forgotten Room: Complete Walkthrough Guide

16. Pick up the saw. Also, you can read through the journal on the table. Ignore the EVELYN BRIGHT eye puzzle for now. We’ll come back to that later.


17. Go back a bit and this time open the door to get outside. Pick up the leaves from the right. Left up the tarp to the left and use the saw to cut off some wood from the logs.





18. Head to the shed door. Use the numbers you got from the weights to figure out the code for the combination lock. Then go inside.



19. Pick up the pinballs from the table and then go back to the house.



20. The pinballs are used in that weird thing in the kitchen that you may have been wondering about. You put one ball at a time in the holes at the top and they drop to one of the slots at the bottom. The clue for the order is the toy trumpet in the crib upstairs. Play it again and watch the order in which the buttons are pressed. It goes 13254. Now, if you drop the pinballs in, they don’t go in a straight line. Instead, they drop down to 34512. So the order you need to drop them in to get them in the right slots is 41532. If you mess up at any point, pull the lever to get your pinballs back. When you get it right, a metal key will drop. Take it.




21. Use the metal key to unlock the piano in the living room. Take the bolt cutters from inside.


22. Go back and up one flight of stairs. Then head left to the chained door. Use the bolt cutters to cut the chain. You’ll hear the piano play on its own! Ignore it for now and go through the door ahead of you.





23. It’s Evelyn’s room! Open the dresser drawer to get some more puzzle pieces. You can also read the journal.


24. Take a photo of the clue on the wall.


25. Place all the puzzle pieces you found onto the table with the rest of the puzzle. Take a photo of the arrows that are formed by the missing pieces.


26. Go back downstairs. Use the arrows from the puzzle to unlock the little dummy waiter door behind the wheelchair. It goes Up, Down, Up, Up, Down. Take the wooden plug.




27. Head to the living room. The computer recorded the piano tune. Play it back and then copy the tune on the piano. You may want to shut off the game’s music if you’re having trouble with this part. Take the Sijah piece and wooden plug from the drawer that opens.





28. Go all the way upstairs. Someone opened one of the other doors! Go through. There’s a knockoff Sijah board here (make sure to tap on it and see the description). Place the piece on it. It doesn’t work! But the drawer opens. Take the alphabet fridge magnets and another wooden plug.




29. Look at the photos on the bulletin board. Arrange them so the scratches line up and take a photo of it.


30. Enter the bedroom again. Place the three wooden plugs in the cube on the dresser. Take out the clue from Evelyn’s room and use it to figure out where the arrow should point on each side of the cube. Then take the colored orb.






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10 thoughts on “The Forgotten Room: Complete Walkthrough Guide

  1. LS

    Thanks for the walkthrough! The only thing I needed it for was the cube, but mostly b/c I’m useless at spatial relations. I unexpectedly completed the game without finishing the tiles puzzle because I guessed at the book order. I thought I’d get back to it after leaving the basement but…

    Short, but fun game as always from Glitch!

  2. Wendy

    Finished! Depressing game… I want to know why I had to go to ALL that trouble to get a box of matches when there were a billion candles all over the house. Also all that work to melt ice to get water when it’s raining outside…

  3. Octavia

    Thanks for the walkthrough. I did some bits out of sync and ended up locked in the shed because I’d found the cog, but not the gasoline. And I couldn’t remove the cog so that was me completely stuck. The walkthrough confirmed I wasn’t missing something in the shed, just failed to get the item that would unlock the door *before* i entered and inserted the cog. Bit of a gameplay flaw if you ask me.

  4. Courtney Wade

    Another awesome Glitch game! But the ending was so abrupt with so many questions left unanswered 🙁 Did the skeleton at the end belong to the missing little girl?? We’ll never know because there isn’t even a part 2 to download !!


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