The Forgotten Room: Complete Walkthrough Guide

31. Go to the kitchen and place the magnets on the fridge. Leave the kitchen and you’ll hear someone scream for help upstairs. Let’s go check it out!


32. Someone lowered the ladder! Go up into the attic. The door slams shut behind you!


33. Open the film reel tin to see a hint that says “Want to see a magic trick? Enter PIN number.”


34. Open the closet and grab the hanger. Also, look at the drawing of an eye with two nails in it.



35. Use your knife to cut the rope the voodoo doll is hanging from. Then combine the rope with the hanger. Also, look at the drawing of a heart with two nails stuck in it.






36. There’s a hole to the right of the table with a lever. Use the hanger and rope to hold the lever in place. The box next to the hole will open. Take the pins and button.




37. There’s one last drawing. It’s on the floor and it shows one pin between two hands.


38. Go back to the voodoo doll on the table. Place the pins on the voodoo doll based on the three drawings. So two in the eye, two in the heart, and one in the hand.


39. The projector will turn on. Look at it and you’ll see the Sijah board moving! Grab the bucket from the mannequin, then head back down. Make sure to pick up the ladder on you way out.



40. Go back to the room with the Sijah board. There’s blood on it! Take a photo and then head back to Evelyn’s room. Place the button on the locked chest and use the letters from the Sijah board to unlock it. Pick up the cog.




41. Leave the room and start heading downstairs. The wheelchair will move. Go down and check it out. Notice some fridge magnets are on the floor. Go to the fridge — it says THE EYE SEES EVERYTHING.


42. Go back to the room with the EVELYN BRIGHT eye. Spell out EVERYTHING. Take the gasoline.



43. Go back to the shed. Place the cogs with the others and pour the gasoline in the generator. The door will open. Go through.


44. Use the symbols from the photos on the bulletin board to unlock the chest. Take the matches.



45. Go back to the living room. Throw the logs in the fireplace. Add the leaves and light them with the matches. Place the ice in the bucket and put the bucket on the fire. Take the bucket of water back.



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10 thoughts on “The Forgotten Room: Complete Walkthrough Guide

  1. LS

    Thanks for the walkthrough! The only thing I needed it for was the cube, but mostly b/c I’m useless at spatial relations. I unexpectedly completed the game without finishing the tiles puzzle because I guessed at the book order. I thought I’d get back to it after leaving the basement but…

    Short, but fun game as always from Glitch!

  2. Wendy

    Finished! Depressing game… I want to know why I had to go to ALL that trouble to get a box of matches when there were a billion candles all over the house. Also all that work to melt ice to get water when it’s raining outside…

  3. Octavia

    Thanks for the walkthrough. I did some bits out of sync and ended up locked in the shed because I’d found the cog, but not the gasoline. And I couldn’t remove the cog so that was me completely stuck. The walkthrough confirmed I wasn’t missing something in the shed, just failed to get the item that would unlock the door *before* i entered and inserted the cog. Bit of a gameplay flaw if you ask me.

  4. Courtney Wade

    Another awesome Glitch game! But the ending was so abrupt with so many questions left unanswered 🙁 Did the skeleton at the end belong to the missing little girl?? We’ll never know because there isn’t even a part 2 to download !!


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