‘Dexter Slice’ Has a Really Cool Walkthrough Built into the Game

Dexter Slice
By: Gazillion Entertainment


This week, in celebration of Dexter’s tenth anniversary, Gazillion Entertainment released a remake of the old iOS game, Slice, with a Dexter skin and voiceovers by James Remar, the actor who played Harry Morgan, Dexter’s dad. I never played the original game, so this one is fresh for me, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I prefer the levels that are more about thinking through the steps than having fast reflexes, but overall I’m enjoying it. I completed over forty of the one-hundred-and-twenty levels and was thinking of making a walkthrough video. I noticed that in my gameplay video the other day, it’s hard to tell where my fingers are when I’m playing. You can watch it here:

But the game records your last play-through of each level and let’s you watch it with fingerprints showing exactly what you did. I thought that would give me a good opportunity to make helpful walkthrough videos. But as I explored a bit more, I discovered that the game also includes a walkthrough video for each level. It’s kind of hard to tell, as it’s hidden under the title “Manage Replays.” I originally thought it was saving all my own replays, but since it had recordings for levels I hadn’t tried yet, I tapped on one to see what would happen. And it was a video of a perfect play-through. So there’s no need for me to show you my imperfect replays. Instead, you can check out my video below to help you find the walkthrough videos.

I really like this feature, and it’s helped me get through a couple of levels that seemed impossible. Fast reflexes are still a big part of this game, so even if you do watch the occasional solution, you still have the challenge of pulling it off yourself.

Dexter Slice isn’t a perfect game — I found it nearly unplayable on my iPhone 6S because of the screen size — but I’m sure having fun with it. If you have an iPad and want to play some Finger Twister and see blood splatter when you fail, give it a whirl. It’s a perfect game for Halloween.

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