Little Briar Rose: Walkthrough Guide

31. Go back to the Mermen. Talk to the guard to right right of the king. He’s an acrobat and says he never lets go of his helmet.


32. Go back to the cook and tell him what you learned. He’ll now offer to teach you to cook.



33. Go to the cauldron and tell him you’re ready to start. You need to follow his directions exactly and quickly. You’ll then get the Royal Treat recipe.


34. Give the recipe to the Spriggan. He’ll then ask you to find some nice words to tell her. Also, to find out from her friends what she likes and what kind of gift to give her.






35. If you talk to the Spriggan sitting at the table, he’ll recite a love poem for you, but it’s not the one you want. Leave and talk to the bird again. He’ll tell you that the fairy likes flowers. And you have that red rose already!


36. Go to the Gnome village. First, talk to the painter. He’ll ramble on and you’ll miss part of what he says. So talk to the carpenter and he’ll give you advice to focus on the spot on the painter’s hat. Talk to the painter again and you’ll learn that he painted a butterfly for the First Dancer that she loved.




37. Head over to the Mermen. Talk to the mermaid to learn that the lake makes the fairy cough, that she doesn’t really like it.


38. Talk to the merman next to her and have him recite his poem to you.



39. And last, talk to the merman to the left of the king to confirm yet again that a flower is the right gift for the fairy.


40. We should now have all the information we need! Go back to the Spriggan and tell him you found out the information he asked. He’ll run off to the First Dancer and insist you join him. You need to tell him what to answer on the spot, basically being his Cyrano. You should have already chosen the red outfit. Next, suggest the Merman’s poem.


41. Next, give her a red flower. Then, offer dinner at his place, since the lake makes her sick. And last, say you’ll talk about insects, since she likes butterflies.




42. She’ll agree to go out with him and you’ll get the Spriggans’ Wish. Use it with the mushroom and solve the fourth and final labyrinth puzzle.


43. You now have access to the castle! Make your way up to the princess and give her a kiss. If you’re still playing as the original prince, you’ll break the curse. If not, the kiss won’t do anything. You’ll have to go back down and meet the fairy, who will tell you to bring the previous princes to the fountain to restore them to their original selves. Do so for the first prince and then take control of him and kiss Aurora to restore the kingdom to its former glory! The end!



Congratulations! You completed the game!


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  1. Susan

    I can’t figure out where to tap and hold to catch the fish and other objects? Do I tap the fish pole line? The bar above with the fish. I can’t seem to get anything to work. Fish always goes to the right. What am I missing? Thanks.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s usually on the bar above, but oddly enough I found it worked when I tapped anywhere on the screen on my second playthrough.

  2. Haley

    I cant figure out how to get the ink berries, it just keeps saying their to high. What do I need to do

  3. a.greenfire

    this is going to help a lot…sadly i poofed some princes and now 1 prince will do the job.
    thanks for making this!

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