My Week Unwrapped: December 10, 2016


Hi everyone! Welcome to another installment of My Week Unwrapped, where I cover all the games I’ve been playing over the last week. I’ve been pretty busy, mostly with puzzle games.

First off, I spent more time with Raw Fury & Noio’s Kathy Rain. I’ve made some good progress and things are really getting interesting. It’s very dialogue- and story-driven, with limited puzzles, so make sure you’re up for that if you grab it. It is very well-written, has top-notch voice acting, and an intriguing mystery. I’m eager to see what will unravel as I continue. You can see my progress in the videos below.

Next up, I played some of Bart Bonte’s puzzler, Blocky XMAS. It’s a one-handed puzzle game where you have to get the parts of the Christmas tree into the goal. The catch is that the main block you control is magnetic and sticks to other pieces. It adds for some interesting puzzles. The main reason I stopped playing for now is that it has no backgrounding capabilities, which means it restarts from the title screen if you minimize it. When I can’t multitask easily with a game, I tend to play something else instead. Also, it can feel a little repetitive between the graphics and the puzzles themselves. Still, it’s free, so it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a new one-handed puzzler.

I also played through the narrative game, Sara is Missing by Accurve Solutions Sdn. Bhd. It’s a game that’s designed to mimic a smartphone. For whatever reason, you have Sara’s phone and need to find out where she is. You communicate with her phone’s AI and things get pretty weird. There are supposed to be multiple endings, but I’ve only played through once so far, which took about forty minutes. I should warn you that there is some graphic imagery and some parts that are meant to be scary. But if you like the Mr. Robot game or other text-based games, give it a try. It appears to be 100% free, as I couldn’t find any ads or IAPs, so there’s nothing to lose.

And last, I played through the sliding block puzzle game, Color Glide – Puzzle Game, by T&V Business Ventures (Eternal Studio). It uses the Threes! mechanic of sliding all the pieces at once with a single swipe, but it’s level-based with an objective of getting all the colored blocks to their respective goals. It starts off pretty easy, but has some tricky levels. Currently, you can play 32 levels for free. If you complete them all in few enough moves to get gold status, you’ll earn enough currency to unlock another 12 levels for free. But the last puzzle pack of 16 levels will require either waiting and earning currency slowly by playing daily puzzles, watching opt-in ads, or buying some of the currency through IAPs. There are also some pop-up ads in the game, but you can remove them for $0.99. It’s a solid game with really interesting mechanics, such as mixing blocks to create different colors. There are also walls that can change a block from one color to another. It also has a simple but stylish art style that’s easy on the eyes. It’s another great one-handed relaxed game and I highly recommend it to any puzzle fans. You can also try the walkthrough I’m working on if you get stuck.

And that’s all for now! I’ve also been picking up Swap Sword to try and beat my high score. It seems I’m more addicted to it than I realized. If you like match-threes and high-score chasing, check it out! And I hope you find some great games from my suggestions. Let me know what you picked up in the comments section! Until next time, that’s My Week Unwrapped!

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  1. Kathy

    Try Mr. Catt – Romantic Matching Puzzle. The name turned me off at first, but when I saw the screen shots I was curious. I think its kind of a sleeper. Well done puzzles that seem pretty challenging. I ended up playing it longer than I expected.

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