Nobodies: Walkthrough Guide

By: Blyts


This will be a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Nobodies by Blyts. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

The game has gotten completely overhauled. See my new walkthrough here.


Note: If you botch a mission, you’ll lose some credits. If you run out, you’ll end up in jail and will either have to buy more or watch a video ad to get more. You can also pay to remove ads from the same place.

Pick up the notebook and read the fax in the fax machine. It gives you a mission. Then head out the door to the lab.




Mission 1, The Lab:

1. Pick up the lab coat and the pipette, then leave the room. Don’t pick up the body yet (if you do, put it back), because if you try to leave the room with the body the guard will catch you and you’ll fail the mission.


You can also watch my video for the Lab here:

2. Pick up the pipe.


3. There’s a guard here and you need to subdue him. Don’t use the pipe! Instead, go back to the lab and open the cabinet. There are four chemicals in here and you can read what they do by tapping on them. Use the pipette on the one to the right. Try it on the rat and it should put him to sleep. Now you know it does what it says, so fill the pipette again with it and add it to the guard’s coffee.





4. Leave the room and get the body, then go back and the guard will be asleep. Take his key card and use it to unlock the engine room door.



5. When the light’s on, you can open the tank door. Use the pipe on the metal handle. You need to turn it back the other way after. Press the red button to pen the door and throw the body inside. Then turn the handle to lock the tank door again.



6. Use the pipe on the feeder to break it. Then use the key card to lock the engine room door and return all the items to where you got them. Back in the lab, you can watch the body get eaten by fish and exit to complete the mission.




If you want to see all the different ways you can fail the mission, try these:

– in the laboratory: combining body with cages
– carrying the body into the hallway with the guard awake
– kill the guard by hitting him with the pipe
– kill the guard with poison
– drug the guard with stimulant
– drug the guard with a psychoactive drug
– keep the body in the aisle cage

To make sure you get get the medal at the end, do these:

– close engine room door with the card
– return: access card, coat, pipette and pipe

Mission 2, The Hotel:

1. Read the fax and then leave the room and head to the hotel. Here,


The developer provided a list of ways to fail and ways to win, if you can’t wait for me to finish the walkthrough:


How to lose?
– leave the body in the closet
– Throwing the body out the window
— from the room
— from the alley
— combining the body with the truck
— combining the body with the ladder
— combining the body with the trash container
– carry the body with the active camera
– carry the body in the elevator
– carry the bloody bedspread in the elevator
– cut any cable into the CCTV
– use the spliter on the 6th floor
– throw the body through any duct with the staff in the laundry
– throw the body through the duct of the laundry
– throwing the bloody bedspread through the laundry duct
– throw the body into the water tank

How to finish the Mission like a god?
– return: room service cards, footboard, splitter, pliers
– put the clean bedspread
– re-establish the water, recover handle and return it to its place
– close the hallway door


How to lose?
– put body in the living room’s closet
– bury the body (partially, totally, totally with table)
– leave the body under the floor of the living (partially, with carpet, …)
– leave the body in the trunk (closed or open)
– leave the body in the pool uncovered
– leave the body in the pool unpainted
– leave the body without cleaning the blood stain
– leave the body in the trunk

How to finish the Mission like a perfect cleaner?
– leave the pool full
– remove the bridge cable from the basement
– return: peakaxe, cleaning items, gloves, paint, shovel, pliers, cement
– close basement door
– restore light in the garage
– don’t break the living room floor
– don’t leave wells in the garden
– don’t leave the table and chairs lying in the garden
– close the kitchen door using the keys
– return the keys to the safe
– close the car’s trunk


How to lose?
– burn the body in the cabin
– burn the cabin
– burn the gas station
– firing the weapon outside the cabin
– bury your body in the snow
– carry the body in the truck bed (uncovered)
– shoot the policeman
– don’t sink the body

How to finish the Mission like a master?
– return tarp, peakaxe, machete, rifle,
– close locker
– carry cartridges
– don’t dig the well

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  1. Angela

    I really am enjoying the storyline. I love these type of puzzle games!

  2. Angela

    I really like how you can do things wrong. Even though I realize I’m using my credits and I don’t even care. LOL.
    I liked the animals eating the doctor right off the bat! O__o

    Though I have gotten some very helpful use from this too.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Same! It’s fun seeing all the different ways to fail. Just means I keep starting over to get my credits back. 😛

      1. Angela

        That’s what I’ve been doing too!! ??

  3. Julie

    I’m really enjoying playing but I’m stuck on mission 2 think I’ve figured it out but am stuck I can’t find the water valve handle any where please please help me if you can

    1. DKG-Racoma

      You need to use the cutters on the faucet iin the storage room.

    2. Iris

      Got the same issue but figured it out, it’s the valve handle from the washbasin in the store room.

  4. Jess

    Hey love the game but im stuck trying to get to feul station in mission 4 need some help i keep ending up back at cabin

    1. Deb

      Use the map!

  5. Tr

    From where can i get the wiring in house mission

    1. James

      From the garage where you have to move the cabinet-like from the right side. Where you can get keys, if it moved you’ll see a wire connected to the light source.

  6. Rendi

    Thank you very mch this game is challenging lol

  7. Kb

    Mission 5 hospital…?

  8. Hola

    and the hospital?

    1. I like to use my mother money

      Just cleared hospital and in fact the whole game in one go. Fail a few times for sure.

      Hint to you guys for hospital: most of the tools are useful. Do not use things that attracts attention (e.g. loud, fire, stuff that kill people). The more an item appears to be not useful, the more useful it is in this game.

      P.S. The hospital is a helluva fun stage if you manage to solve everything by yourself. After that, everything is a repeat, so don’t spoil the fun for yourself. Solve it using your own observations.

      1. Nicole

        I’m stuck in Mission 5. I’m not sure if I’m missing something. I returned everything back. The only thing is those 2 are still sitting outside and no matter what, the tape is still stuck on the sign. I have taken it off and it will get back on there. Please help

  9. Corrina Green

    so is there a walkthrough for mission 2 or just how not to win? ja

  10. Jax

    Code for internet connection in hospital mission

  11. nae

    LOL i stuck in the mission 2. I did everything nicely, but I can’t take the footboard as well as the splitter back. ??

  12. Master Ripper

    Actually, I don’t think you need to relock the security door with the access card in the first level because I didn’t and still got the medal. I believe the important point is the feeding device (that tank-looking thing), which you have to dial down to its minimum point to get the fish (eels?) to eat the body. Turn back to where it originally was before leaving to fully complete the level and earn the first medal.

  13. Dj

    How do you get the psychopath achievement in Nobodies?

  14. Rache

    Can anyone please tell me how to get the fuses in mission 2

  15. H.k

    This was available for android when the hospital update came out .. not fair…

  16. Sam

    Apparently this game has been completely remade with all new missions. Worth checking out since it’s still free.

  17. Aze

    I can’t get the wiring back from the basement?

  18. Kleo

    Hey, i want to ask, how to kill the surgeon in the bad medicine? I try to open the door with screwdriver but i can’t find the surgeon. I am stuck to get this achievement.

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