Adventure Escape Christmas Killer: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 2:

You can also watch my video walkthrough for Chapter 2, December 20, here:

December 20:

1. There’s an evidence board with two photos on it, one of the victim’s daughter, Misty, and one of her brother, Antonio. The snow globe is also in the room and you now have access to the lab. Go inside.


2. Find the key, the magnifying glass, and the blank tape. Also, reveal the body, the ornament in the evidence bag, and the broken lamp. We need to look for fingerprints on them, but first we need powder to dust for prints. So go through the door to the other part of the lab.


3. Pick up another blank tape. Use the key to unlock the makeup kit and take the powdering brush. Also, look at the periodic table on the wall and the sticky note on the PC that says “more”.



4. “More” is the clue for the periodic table. Find “Mo” and “Re” on it. They’re 42 & 75. Put them together to get 4275. Enter that code on the closet to unlock it and get the dusting powder and another blank tape.




5. Go back to the body. Use the magnifying glass on the broken lamp, then pour some black fingerprint dust on it and brush it with the powdering brush. Last, lift the fingerprint using the tape. Repeat the process for the body and the ornament in the bag.




6. Insert the three tapes into the fingerprint scanner. Tap on the computer screen. There are three balls on it — gold, silver, and copper. Look at the periodic table and find those three elements. Then enter their elemental symbols into the PC – Au, Ag, Cu, or AUAGCU.




7. Now you have to put the fingerprint pieces together to make three whole fingerprints.





8. None of the fingerprints match anything in the database. It turns out the Christmas Killer’s prints are not digitized, so we have to go look through the physical files to find them. Find the key card, the blueprint, and the electric cord.


9. Give Murphy the blueprints. Use the key card on what looks like a fridge but isn’t because the voice device is inside it. Place the device on the front desk and use the electric cord with it to plug it in. It will tell you five things, which Murphy will write down and give to you.




10. Give the cryptic statements to Murphy. Time to solve another puzzle! Since crimes are in the bottom 5 floors, start with floor Basement 6 – 10. The crime happened around Christmas, which is the end of the year, so let’s stick with B10. The first half of the room deals with nonviolent crimes, so the file has to be in rooms 11 – 20. Murders are in odd numbered rooms, and repeat offenders are multiples of 3. That leaves floor B10, room 15! Tap on it twice to access another puzzle.



11. You need to push the boxes onto the red push plates here. Use the lever to move the gate in the middle when it’s not blocked.



12. Pick up the long pipe, stool, and oil spray.


13. Place the stool down below the the water pipe. Use the oil spray to unlock the rusted tool box and get a rag. Use the long pipe to turn the handle. Water will drip out. Use the rag to soak up some water.



14. Use the wet rag on the dried paint to reveal a clue. Then use the flags from the clue to unlock the file cabinet. It goes Up, Down, Up, Middle, Middle, Down. Take the case file to complete the chapter!






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23 thoughts on “Adventure Escape Christmas Killer: Walkthrough Guide

  1. gopakumar

    Dear sir,
    I am playing this game now. But in the next step while mixing the drink, unable to put ice cubes. It is not responding.

  2. Olive Kamdoum

    Thanks you So much but I have a problème with the finger print I can’t fill them in the box I always can’t see the “complete” sentence please help me

  3. Jennifer

    You don’t have the walk thru for the rest of the game. After I put the snowglobes in the right order, I went to another address. I now have to unlock a combination lock and I’m not trying to give everything away, but I did what I was supposed to with the telescope and got the combo but the lock isn’t taking it. Please help.

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      I just finished the walkthrough. The safe is actually opposite of what it says. It’s a little weird. I’ll have a video up soon for the last section that should also help.

    2. Jen

      I had that problem too! On the bottom of the safe there are shapes that are connected to the telescope bit. Make sure you are using the correct order.

      1. Merlin

        How to find the order of signs based on shapes.. I don’t get that… Nd then Wat about that mindswipping puzzle… Get me clearly pls…. Am n last stage

    3. JennyDepp

      Look at the shapes under the keypad on the safe. They relate to the shapes of the signs through the telescope. This will give you the order and direction to enter the numbers on the safe.

  4. Mary

    The safe isn’t working for me for some reason. It won’t give me the green light for 5. I’ve tried coming at it from both directions.

  5. Angel Jones

    Can’t seem to figure out the key board and the chandelier tryed everything I can but nothing can you help please.

  6. Melanie B.

    THANK YOU, this helped me get past the combination lock safe. Last number was opposite of direction shown. Thanks so much!


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