Milkmaid of the Milky Way: Walkthrough Guide

31. Head right. Talk to the two old ladies here and then go through the right doorway.


32. Use the screwdriver to remove the metal plate from the pipe.


33. Climb through the hole. I think the blueprints can help you here, but I’m not 100% sure. In any case, the order you want to go is down, up, up. You should then find yourself above the queen’s room. Leave for now, since there’s nothing we can do yet.



34. Go back to the mechanic and give him the metal plate to use has a hood/bonnet for this hoversled. Talk to him again and ask about the repairs. He needs someone to fly it for him. Volunteer and you can now ride the hoversled!



35. You now need to fly up to the floating rock or island. Throttle goes forward, Button goes up, Steer goes deeper back. Don’t use the same one twice in a row. It goes like this: Throttle, Button, Steer, Throttle, Button, Steer, Throttle, Button, Throttle.


36. You should now be able to land on the floating rock. Pick the fruit from the tree and get back on the hoversled. It will crashed and he’ll need to work on it again. Go back up the elevator.


37. Next, take the right top elevator down to the chef. Ask him about his knife. He says his soup needs something to improve it, but there are no spices around. If you get him a fresh fruit, he’ll let you borrow his knife.



38. Go back up and to the back room. You should have the old fruit and the unripe fruit. We’re going to use the aging machine to get one perfectly ripe fruit and a seed! Make sure to take both back from the machine.




39. Give the fruit to the chef and he’ll let you borrow his knife.



40. Head back and to the back room again. Go up the ramp behind the aging machine to the biodome with the cows and milkbeasts.


41. Tap on the cows. Take some yellow flowers from in front of the tethered milkbeast. Then use the knife to cut off its rope.



42. Notice the frog near the water. Tap on it and it will squeak. Try to catch it. It will keep hopping away, but eventually Lykke will catch it for you. Pick it up.




43. Go back inside. Head through the small doorway to the right of the ramp. Press the red button by the tank of water to open a slot. Insert the yellow flowers. Now the water turns greenish yellow and will make anyone mellow!




44. Go back to the big orange machine. Place the squeaky frog in the slot behind the wheel and use the needle to poke it and make it squeak. Vis will run over with his nearly empty oil can and spray some oil on it. After he leaves, poke the frog one more time. Vis will return, this time emptying the oil can. He’ll leave it behind. Grab it!





45. Go back to the elevator room. Take the bottom left elevator up to the Oracle. Talk to the librarian if you’d like, and you can ask the oracle (the fountain) a question. But the main thing you need to do here is fill the oil can with the yellow sleepygrass water.



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  1. Robin

    I can’t get the drill to work again near the end! I’ve got the pipe down once and now it just says that it’s already loose. Help!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hi, the developer said that the game was bugged when I played it and it wasn’t supposed to be so easy. I have to catch up on my second playthrough, but he said you have to use the seed, rope, and oil gun in that puzzle.

      1. Nora

        Hi, also having same issue.. has anyone figured it out?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I updated my walkthrough. It should all be in there now. I’m about to make a new video walkthrough, though, if you still need help.

  2. Nats

    The mechanic dude keeps telling me not to touch the drill thingy, even after I gave him the drink.

    1. Bella

      You need to give him the bolt too

  3. Vanillamilk

    After reaching the floating rock I only got the unripe fruit. Not any 2nd item from up there! Where do you get the old fruit?!?

    1. camelCase

      There is no second item up there. The old fruit is in the offering bowl in the middle of the elevator room, South of the age machine room

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