My Week Unwrapped: February 4, 2017


It’s that time again! Saturday’s here and I want to share with you what games I’ve been playing this past week. It was a busy one for me, full of more quality than quantity.

First off, Grimnir’s Norse adventure game, The Frostrune, finally released after four years in development. It got pushed off several times and even though I got to play some earlier beta versions, the extra time invested in the game really paid off. Every inch of it is gorgeous. You can see my review here, my walkthrough here, and some gameplay video below if you need help deciding whether to buy it.

RAC7 Games’ Splitter Critters got a couple of updates since it released, adding over ten new levels, as well as more control over the camera. The new puzzles are clever and each one feels unique, adding something new to the game. I found some of them a bit troublesome with the way the automatic camera behaved, but with the manual camera everything’s much easier to handle. If you were worried there wasn’t enough content before, the bonus levels add quite a bit to it. You can read my updated review here and my walkthrough here.

Warlock’s Tower by Werther Azevedo is a really clever puzzler that I’m enjoying quite a bit. The only down side for me is that I’m not a huge fan of the Game Boy aesthetic and I find the sprites a little to small on my iPhone, bothering my eyes a bit. I wish it had iCloud so I could play on my iPad to ease the strain on my eyes. But it’s still a solid, tricky puzzler that’s worth checking out as long as you don’t mind the graphics. It also got a sale already, so it’s now $1.99, down from $3.99. If you need help, I’m working on a walkthrough here.

Shelly Alon’s Glitchskier is not my usual type of game, but I’ve still been having some fun with it. It’s a fast-paced shooter with fun, glitchy graphics and some great ideas. I find it challenging and often frustrating, but if you’re a fan of these types of games it’s definitely worth checking out.

Big Bucket’s Stagehand isn’t coming out until this coming week, but I got it ahead of release and have been enjoying it. It’s an endless high-score chasing auto-running platformer in which you control the environment instead of your character. Each game is randomized, so you need to think on your toes instead of memorizing the route. It’s fast-paced and frantic, but feels very different from the other auto-runners out there. And best of all, it’s paid with no IAPs and nothing to grind for. The only goal is to get higher scores and to unlock some extra characters by doing so. I’ll make sure to let you know when the game is out, but for now you can watch my video below. (Note that I mention the wrong release date in the video.)

Fuzzy Orbit Games’ Burglars, Inc. is a very generous puzzler. You can play a big chunk of it for free and then pay $2.99 to unlock the rest of it. There are no ads or any other IAPs besides the one. I personally didn’t enjoy the gameplay enough to stick with it, but check out my video below and try the game for yourself before you decide whether it’s worth your time and money.

And last, I started playing Roofbot: Puzzler On The Roof by Double Coconut, since it’s the free app of the week. I’ve only played a little bit, but it’s definitely worth grabbing at such a steal.

And that’s everything from this week! I hope you found some new games to play from my list. Let me know what you’ve been playing in the comments section. And I’ll see you back here next week with even more games!

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