Hidden Folks: Walkthrough Guide, Hints and Tips

Hidden Folks
By: Adriaan de Jongh


See my Hidden Folks review here.

Hidden Folks is most fun if you find everything on your own. But some things can be really tricky, so to ease the frustration, I’ve made a list of hints and directions to find things, but didn’t directly circle them for you. There are light hints on the first page, with screenshots on the second page. So don’t look at the second page if you want to keep spoilers at a minimum. If you want to know exactly how to find something, skip to the third page with my walkthrough videos. If you think any of my hints are too specific or not helpful enough, let me know and I can try to change them. Feel free to ask for specific help in the comments section.


– Look at the description of each character or item you need to find. They’re clues as to where to find them! In most cases, they should be enough, but the super tricky ones are probably why you came here for help.

– Each scene is interactive. Remember that. You can’t just stare at it and hope to see everything. Poke and prod at things to see if they move, if something is behind them. Early on, you can only tap on things, but soon enough you’ll be able to swipe to move certain objects. Experiment!

– Listen to the sounds as you scroll. Especially in big scenes like the desert, you can hear things like vultures as you get close to them. Use you eyes and ears to help you find things!

– If you’re stuck on a few items but have enough to move on to the next area, take a break and do so. Usually there’s a good reason you can’t find every last one. Most of the scenes have a few tricky ones that are not meant to be easy to find! Take your time!

Quick Walkthrough Videos:

The Forest:

The Dry Lands:

The City:

The Factory:

Light Hints:

Forest 1 (Monkeyland):

Explorer Garland: He’s partially hidden.

Big snake: Try the bushes!

Kiki the Monkey: He’s looking at you. You can just see his eyes.

White banana: Tap to shake something to make this fall.

Forest 2 (The Jungle):

Man in distress: He’s drifting, all alone…except for the crocodile.

Classy Jessy: The in-game clue says it all. She’s napping. In a tree.

Woman with a guitar: It’s nice to play music around a campfire.

Onno: Oh no! He’s about to be a crocodile’s dinner!

Whhhhhhoooooooooo!!!!!: He’s in motion!

Panda: Pandas eat bamboo!

King Kiki: He’s hiding behind something. Look for the bananas!

Eggs: Look for the flamingos!

Chicken: Find him inside another animal’s stomach!

Reptile: This lizard is watching a girl try to catch butterflies on a picnic.

Bird enthusiast: Look behind the birds!

Shaman: Look *behind* water.

Forest 3 (Tree House Village): Help the folk cross! Note that you can drag things, too, not just tap!

Forest 4 (The Backyard Campground):

Guitar: Tire swing!

Aiden: He’s playing hide-and-seek but isn’t very good at it.

Ella: Check the tents!

Hairbrush: Dig up that treasure!

Forest 5 (The Campground):

Beekeeper Barry: The bees hang out in a very specific area. Listen for them buzzing when you tap around!

Mai: The in-game hint is pretty clear. Look for butterflies!

Lumberjack Fleck: Look for a big tree!

Classy Jessy: Notice that umbrellas can open and close!

Pika: Check the tents!

Monster Mo: Where do bats live? This one is tricky. He’s hiding a bit.

Banana: “Parked” is the key word here.

Truffle: Find the pigs and dig!

Black Bitty: Most of the rabbits are white, but keep tapping on holes until you find the black one!

Ivan: He hitched a ride…on a car. Notice that some cars have extra storage space.

Rafaelo: He’s a turtle! This is a tricky one. But look around areas where turtles hang out!

Spider: Where do spiders live?

Dry Lands 1 (Wyatt’s Field):

Farmer Wyatt: Come on — do you really need help with this one?

Pitchfork: Like a needle in a haystack!

Rare flower: The game tells you to water the crops. So try that. 😉

Dry Lands 2 (The Farm):

Forester Awan: What is known as a Native American symbol?

Newton: Gravity! Apples!

Harry: Where do you keep cattle, but can’t find any?

Needle: Can’t really think of anything the game doesn’t already offer.

Rotting fish: Look where the food is being sold. It’s hidden, though!

Fake bull Barney: This should be fairly obvious.

High hat scarecrow: Notice that plants grow when you tap on them. But this scarecrow wants his wheat watered.

Chicken Chuck: He’s not too far from the other chickens.

Dry Lands 3 (The Desert):

Fabian: He’s walking back and forth between two signs pointing in the opposite direction!

Chief Toto: Where do Native Americans live?

Eric: This one’s really tricky. Look for something he spelled out for planes to see. He’s hiding not too far from there, but it’s easy to miss. Remember, you can swipe at things, too!

Furry Max: Look for skeletons!

Mexican cactus: The in-game clue pretty much says it all. Look close to the edges of the scene. Try the top center!

Plant: You’ll need to grow this yourself by watering it!

Glasses: The in-game hint is pretty clear. Look for three vultures together!

Martin: Martin isn’t hard to find based on the in-game clue, but there’s something you need to do before you can select him.

Pot of gold: This one’s tricky! It’s hidden. Remember, you can swipe certain objects! And look for an oasis!

Aladdin: He’s on a magic carpet heading west.

Lone eagle: This one is kind of self-explanatory. Look for a vulture that’s alone, surrounded by bones. He’s pretty close to the edges of the scene.

Mr. Worm: Look for the mining camp and dig!

Bottle of water: Look for a lot of sand dunes!

White-Back Scorpion: Look for lots of scorpion holes. But like the hint says, this guy’s not underground!

Reptile: This one’s really hard to spot, but he’s in the big cluster of cacti!

City 1 (Matias’ House):

Mom: This one’s easy.

TV technician: Try dragging things to move them!

Sheltered kid: Open all doors.

Old person’s bone: The hint is pretty clear. Break down a wall!

City 2 (The Suburb):

Mover Buck: Pretty straightforward — look for a moving van. He might be a bit hidden!

Swimmer Sven: Look for the house with the pool party.

Lemo: Find the lemonade stand!

Fork: This is a tricky one. Look for the garden that looks almost like a farm. The gardener is holding the fork.

Charlie: Look for the house with a lot of junk out front.

Saw: Look for the house with come construction work being done.

Vito: Look for the fortune teller line!

Plant: Radio waves are transmitted through satellite dishes!

Squirrel: Where can you buy fresh food?

Sullivan: This is similar the Martin from the desert.

Golf ball: Look for the house that looks like a mini golf course!

Humma: Look for a lightning bolt!

Bobby: Look for the birthday party!

Pyramid: Find the mailman’s truck!

Kayaker: Look for the house with the kayak!

Ghost mail: Look for the house with ghosts!

Elif: This is a tricky one, as it’s not so easy to tell what the game considers a clean garden. Look for fancy bushes and a Roman warrior sculpture.

Driver Dave: Pay close attention to the moving traffic!

City 3 (The Bus Station):

Business Man: “Date” is the key word here. As in Daily News.

Beggar: Look for a subway/metro entrance with few people nearby!

Chris: The machine in question is a ticket machine.

Sunglasses: These are on a table indoors!

Giorgio: He’s going up and down the metro stairs!

Toolbox: Look for some construction work.

Sax: Try a bus.

Chef Gordan: Try the TV station!

Salma: You can only select her after the bus stops to let her cross.

Johnny: Look for the bus stop with some luggage and a hat but no people. When a bus passes, tap on it to stop it and Johnny will get off.

Trash: Look near other trash!

City 4 (The Big City):

Tips: Make sure to tap clouds to move them out of the way! You can also tap ads to move them, and swipe window blinds open.

Vinny: Look by the bank!

Charles Baudelaire: This is a tricky one! There’s no museum or art store, but there are some painting tools in the street.

Rock: This rock flew into a window!

Car thief: The key word here is “parked” — look for the garage!

Melly: Find the hotel and look for some watermelons.

Cableman: Remember that you can move the satellite dishes!

Paper diver: Look for the little post office symbol!

Anchorwoman Angie: Look for the FTC building!

Walker: Look at the lines of pedestrians. You’ll see more than one folk that looks like this, but you need to select the one that’s in the slowest line.

The Boss: The key words are “high-level” and “top-level” — don’t forget to move the clouds!

Rayan: Look for the flower truck and tap it until the traffic moves on so you can see Rayan at his flower stall.

Walid: The key word here is “bright idea” — think of the image that brings to mind. And look for her in the market.

Kiki Kong: Where would you normally find King Kong?

Lauro M.: This is a tricky one, but the key words are “electrician” “ad blockers” — he’s being blocked by an ad, and there’s an electricity symbol nearby.

Superfolk: Try the tops of buildings!

Factory 1 (Sim’s Laboratory):

Jade: This should be easy enough!

Sim: He’s hiding a bit.

Hanger: Try opening things!

Vial: Try sliding things around!

Factory 2 (The Lab):

Teacher: Look for the teacher standing on a platform amidst all the tables near the top of the scene.

Abraham: He’s on the top of a very short ladder!

Boring paperwork: Look for the stacks of paper!

Roboto: He’s walking back and forth behind the servers.

Formula: Look on a shelf, but make sure to move the ladder!

Natalia: She’s hiding behind a garage door. This is a really nice one, as she changes her outfit each time you open and close the door. You need to keep doing so until she matches her outfit in the strip at the bottom of the screen.

Regina: You need to turn on the digital mirror first and tap her reflection, not Regina herself.

Magic mushroom: There’s a row of vending machines near the top of the scene. You’ll find the mushroom in one of those.

The Object: Find the two computer screens near each other with arrows on them. Follow the direction they’re pointing at to a drawer to find the Object.

Toyoti: Look for the moving car! You need to use the claw to get him out of it.

3.10.3: Find the shelves of drawers labeled 3, then count 10 rows across and 3 rows down. Open it to find the key.

Clone: This one was super tricky for me. I suggest going back to the menu and opening the scene fresh. Then look for a computer monitor that’s on and shut it off to find the clone.

Nutty engineer: Look for the giant robot!

Mario: Look for a giant screen in water and turn the handle.

And that’s it for the light hints. Let me know if you need more help. I’m going to work on adding the images on the next page.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to get more detailed help, including screenshots of the areas you can find the hidden folks, or click here.

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    Are you doing the new levels? I have some screenshots with the answers if you need them

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      I made a video for the first two areas and will make another for the third. But if you have screenshots, I can post those too. You can send them to [email protected]


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