Cube Escape: The Cave: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Cube Escape: The Cave
By: LoyaltyGame B.V. (Rusty Lake)


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the ninth Cube Escape game and eleventh Rusty Lake game, Cube Escape: The Cave. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Level 1, The Cave:

You can also watch my video for this part of the walkthrough here:

1. Keep tapping through the cave until you’re in a room. Zoom in on the chest of drawers. Take the petri dish and then open the top two drawers to get a knife and some matches.


2. Turn right. Use the matches to light the torch and reveal a bat.


3. If you tap the guy’s helmet, he asks for help. Zoom in on the area above his head and look at the clue on the wall. You need to drag the box side to side, allowing the dripping stalactites to form a tower on top of it that matches the colors of the clue. If you mess up, the right stalactite acts as an eraser. It will turn into a crow, but we still need a pickaxe to break it.


4. Head right and pick up the pile of firewood.


5. Go right. If you look at the picture frame, an old man will say “I NEED MY DRINK.” You can add the Petri dish to the microscope if you want, or do it later. Take the pot off the shelf to the right and slide the three arrows to the right to open the chest.



6. You now have to solve some spider web puzzles. You need to free the insects so the spider can’t get to them. The first one is pretty simple. Tap the web that’s between the spider and the fly. Keep doing that until there’s no way for the spider to get to the fly. The second puzzle has two flies and is a bit more complicated. You can follow the numbers I show in the photos below for the rest of the puzzles. In the second one, depending on where the spider walks, you may have to reverse steps 2 & 3. When you’re done, remove the spider webs and take the book.







7. If you want, you can place the wood in the room with the bat, light it with the matches, and place the pot over it. We’ll come back to that later.


8. All the insects you released are now around the room. Find them each and tap on them. Pay attention to their color and the pattern they crawl in. There’s a blue one by the bat, which makes an hourglass shape if you tap on it. There’s yellow one by the dog that walks in a square. Theres a white one by the shelf that walks in a triangle. And last, here’s a red one by the picture frame that walks in a circle. Use them to open the chest with the different colored dots on it. Get the pickaxe (ice axe).







9. Use the pickaxe on the crow to get a bottle with water.


10. Go back to the dog. A shadow or ghost passes by at some point and some drawings appear on the wall. They’re a bit faint, though. For now, focus on the book. Place it on the stand and open it. Arrange all the cards to match the family tree from Rusty Lake: Roots. Tap on Laura’s card and take the William Vanderboom card. Place it on his portrait on the left page. A red line will start drawing. This is a clue!





11. Go to the screen where you got the firewood. Tap on the center piece and draw what you saw in the book. The lower right light will turn on!



12. Go back to the dog. One of the drawings on the wall is highlighted. Tap on it. It’s a puzzle. You need to drag the shapes from the shelves to complete the one on the pedestal. The first is a sphere. You can follow the numbers in my image below if you’re stuck. You’ll then be left with a small bottle. Drag it to William (on the right) and keep tapping on him to have him drink it (it’s the elixir of death) and change. Then give the second bottle (elixir of life) to his brother Aldous, who will turn into Mr. Crow. Take the moth.




13. Go back to the bat and feed the moth to it. The bat will fly off and you can grab another card.



14. Go back to the book. Tap the arrows on the corners of the book stand to turn the page to Chapter 2. Place the card over the picture of Dale Vandermeer to get another red line drawing.



15. Go back to the big graph and draw the new shape to light up the upper left light.


Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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  1. dglens

    Can you say what the rule is for the cell puzzle under the microscope? I did the first level by accident. Not sure how it works.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to make sure none of the lines cross each other. So they’ll all turn black, no red ones.

  2. crystalskull

    in part 2 what the rule of puzzle ( extracting ink from squid) ?

    1. Franz

      You need to have all the suckers turned pink. When you click on a tentacle it goes up two suckers and one on the adjacent(s) tentacles. You progressively work your way until all’s pink (took me quite some time).

      1. Blub

        The thing with these is that the start with only one when you get one to much. For example: You habe one black left and klick on the tentakle to make it full. It will turn into one because you normally get 2 pink sockets when you klick the tentakle there is one too much that will be added at the end.

        1. chris

          As i posted below, make all the suckers pop up on leftmost tentacle, then do the same for the 2nd left most tentacle by tapping on the 2nd rightmost tentacle. That leaves you with 2 tentacles to deal with. Just keep tapping on the right most tentacle until all suckers pop up. No need for a specific starting layout as they will balance out by themselves sooner or later.

          Using the layout by Stephanie, tap tentacle A until all appears. Then tap tentacle C until all on B appears. Then tap tentacle D repeatedly.

          1. RWheezer

            This worked for me. Thank you!

          2. Azh

            This worked for me too!

          3. Tushya Mer

            WHICH SIDE IS A ??

          4. Ander


      2. Michelle

        I am on the 2nd set of coordinates (2,2,30) but they seem to be stuck and I can’t move them! Any ideas?

        1. Shareema

          Did anyone ever figure this out? I know your comment and mine are years later than the rest, but this is where I am stuck too!

          1. brianna

            i was stuck for ages too, did you double check the red wheel for the depth clock

            1. willows

              i cannot turn the wheel backwards to lower the depth please help

              1. Val

                To lower the depth, use the lever, not the wheel.

          2. Ahmad

            You need to make the map right

          3. Deepak

            When you come to tentacles. First fill leftmost two. Later you will be remained with right two tentacles.
            Use only right most one now press continuously
            You will get ink

        2. Ahmad

          You need to make the map right

        3. Charlotte

          Hi Michelle

          I was stuck in that part too. Then I went over to the bit where you see the back of the lady looking out to the lake with the parrot on her shoulder and u make sure the scenery in front of her lines up. Then you hear a ping and see the golden glow and then you get the white cube and can go back to set the co ordinates. Hope this works for you.

      3. Robyn

        The inside tentacles pop up one on either side and the one you tapped. The outside tentacles pop up 2 and 1 on the adjacent inside tentacles. When you get two spaces on Each outside tentacle and 1 space on each inside tentacle tap each outside one once to finish the puzzle.

      4. Stacey

        Yes the tentacle you click will do 2 suckers and the adjacent being 1 or 2 tentacles will do 1

    2. aliya

      im so upset that i didnt get the jump scare

    3. Alejandro

      Hi! I advise to try to put everything pink, except for two on the first, one on the second, one on the third and two on the last one. Touch the one and it will be completed. 🙂

  3. Felicia

    Awesome walk through! I was able to get about 3/4 without the help but when I needed it this was perfect! Thanks!

  4. jeather


    You go to 3,5 because the clue says go 3 left and 2 down from the castle, which is at 6,3.

      1. Lexi

        Tentacles: Get the two on the left full of pink ones, then just keep touching the right one until they’re eventually all pink. The two right ones will go back to black a couple of times, but they’ll be pink pretty quickly that way. Whatever tentacle you touch affects the ones on either side of it, which it why getting them to the right is the goal at first, so you only change the last two last. Hope this makes it easy for you!

  5. LA

    Go down to 50 depth and there is a stone with some symbols. Not sure what to do with them, or what letters to use for morse code.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Weird. When I do that I see Albert’s silhouette.


      You have to have unlocked the black cube first. Then, when you get the part where you can type in the Morse code, you have to guide the angler to the tiny fish using the words up, down, left, and right in Morse code. After that, the angler will flash some Morse code back at you and it will say “ink” in Morse code. Not sure what to do after though.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I haven’t gotten to that yet, but there’s a three-letter combination lock that lets you change the letters to INK. I tried doing that before I got any clue but nothing happened, as far as I can tell.

      2. Israel

        I think you have to click the tube where the crab came from, and then you have to press those things that are in the tentacles so all of them are down

  6. Nim

    I am up to the fish, do you know the order to have them all balanced out?

    1. Franz

      Trial and error works well for that: find the set of two that’s heaviest (down further) and remove one and replace it with one from the lightest set, see how it goes, repeat. Should arrive at the good balance quite fast.

  7. PigStarz

    You need to navigate the submarine to the flashing green light using the compass and the thing that makes the sub move. When there you will can pick up a white cube from one off the rooms.

  8. Cobra0917

    For some reason I can’t add the elixir to the bottle. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong ?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to place the bottle down, pick up the elixir and then add it to the bottle.

  9. Parker

    How do you pass the square things on part 1. I’m Completly lost.!

    1. Cube Lover

      I think you should do the the things which is needed in the book. And it draws you the shape.

  10. Anna

    I’m at the part in the submarine where I have to go to the x y location, but i’ve gone too far! Do you know how I can go back?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, just look at your current coordinates and use the compass to go in the right direction to the target.

  11. Michael

    I let the stalactite drip incorrectly. How can I reset it?

      1. aliya

        im so upset that i didnt get the jump scare on you

  12. anon

    for some reason there’s no black box near the grabber

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Make sure you’re at the right coordinates and changed the depth.

  13. Ivy

    So I think they’ve updated the game since you last posted and now there’s a new part and I’m completely stumped, can you please help?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      What do you mean? I haven’t seen any updates. What are you seeing?

      1. Israel

        I think he means the part where you grab the three cubes from part 2 and the you have to free the man, but you’re left with the girl. Not sure what to do next.

  14. miraki

    How do you take the cubes out of the machine? It won’t let me do it

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Once the submarine crashes, you should be able to take them.

      1. ghostpee

        I am having the same problem. I haven’t crashed and i don’t know why. It seems like i must be missing something that happens between steps 43 and 44?

        1. ghostpee

          Nevermind, i got it! I hadn’t set my depth to 50 even though i thought i had.

  15. LeadHeart

    Do we not have to save the girl in the final room.
    You save Dale by giving him the golden cube. Do we not need to save the girl in the other room?

  16. Zuhelsya

    Please post video solving of octopus tentacles. Thanks

  17. Mario

    Why when I go ti the second point in the submarine I don’t have energy

    1. Chura

      Did you get the cube at that point? And were you able to solve the puzzles with the shell and ink? I suspect you can’t move the submarine until all those are done.

  18. Chura

    I have the white and back cubes, got ink from the squid into the bottle, burnt the 6 fish to reveal owl. But now I’m stuck and don’t know what to do next. If I put owl into the letter dials, nothing happens. And I can’t place the ink bottle on its stand our on the map. Am I missing something?

    1. Anonymous

      Make sure you typed OWL not OWI

  19. Stephanie

    Ok. So I figured out the pattern to get the squid ink. The only thing is that first you’ll have to set it up so that only the first suckers are popped up (basically a cleared board as there is always one of them open). This may be a bit confusing so stay with me.
    I labelled them tentacle A, B, C, and D from left to right.
    -tap tentacle B
    -then tentacle C
    -then tentacle A
    -then tentacle D TWICE
    -then tentacle B
    -and finally tentacle A
    That should work assuming that you were able to clear the tentacles.

    1. chris

      Another surefire method, make all the suckers pop up on leftmost tentacle, then do the same for the 2nd left most tentacle by tapping on the 2nd rightmost tentacle. That leaves you with 2 tentacles to deal with. Just keep tapping on the right most tentacle until all suckers pop up. No need for a specific starting layout as they will balance out by themselves sooner or later.

      Using the layout by Stephanie, tap tentacle A until all appears. Then tap tentacle C until all on B appears. Then tap tentacle D repeatedly.

    2. Helle Benzon

      I figured it out!! Tap the tentacle with the lowest dot (a couple of times it will go back down) just repeat tapping the tentacle with the lowest dot!

      1. Not so little Lily

        Thank you so much! I tried so many times and this was actually the only trick that worked for me.

        1. Can'telope

          Hi for some odd reason tbe third blue cube isn’t working for me. I set the depth, went south four ticks and east two ticks. But nothing
          Please help

  20. Mehdi KaramAli

    Checked your video. You are amazing. But how do you record your internal sound and voice over simultaneously? Wish to record some similar walkthroughs. Thanks

  21. The Paridizer

    How do you find the letters for the three word code?

  22. A fan

    I pressed (tentacles)1,2,4,3 repeatedly till all the suction cups popped out to get the ink.

  23. Mary

    how do i remove the blocks?

  24. Its me

    At x:8 y:1 d:0 theres a mermaid i found by chance
    It had d:30 written on its leg and i went down but there was nothing there… (Γò¼├┤Γö£ΓûôΓö£├ª_Γò¼├┤Γö£ΓûôΓö£├ª)

  25. rachel

    no lo juge peroooo se ve cool

    1. Israel

      Está algo difícil pero si está bueno.

  26. Adrian

    Bruh he isnt giving me that last photo of Laura, Wth??

  27. VenusKitty

    I filled out the left two tentacles and then kept clicking the rightmost one til they all popped up.

    1. Yvonne

      I don’t see people here telling the easy solution:
      click on the lowest suction cup to let it pop up. Continue to do so. When there are two dents at the same height compare the two tentacles. Choose the one that has fewer suction cups than the other

  28. CubeLover

    Whatever tentacle you click on has 2 suction caps pop up and the one/s next to it have 1 pop up. You have to get them all filled correctly without going over

    1. Carolyn

      This works best, the other ones I tried didn’t work at all. Fanks

  29. OrugaCeleste <—— tentaculos

  30. Alevi

    why is it that I cant put the ore in the pot ??

  31. Jennifer

    I noticed that two suction cups popped on whichever tentacle you pressed, and one on the one next to it. So that is your formula for filling them. If you press one that only has one left to pop, then it erases the whole thing. So if there’s one with 2 left to pop and the one next to it has 1 left, press the one with 2 left and it will finish them both. The left 2 are paired and the right 2 are paired. There you go!

    1. Jess

      Thank you!!

  32. KonJarek

    There is a mistake in game. Letter K in morse kode is “-.-“, not “–.-“

  33. Lily

    I click the buttons on the chest to get de axe but the shapes don’t change

  34. Za

    I can’t turn the compass. Why?

    1. Israel

      Make sure you’ve got the cube that you need to “load” the energy bar

  35. Angy

    On the right coordinate but no white cube showed up?

    1. Jess

      Are you also in the right deep?

  36. gdfg

    why i cant change the deep after get the ink and that?

  37. MTXT

    I canΓÇÖt find the blue cube.

  38. Jesse

    I put the squares in the wrong order to make a golden cube, but it won’t let me fix them.

    1. BDubya

      I didnΓÇÖt put them in the order as the walkthrough and thought the same thing, but it doesnΓÇÖt matter which order you use. You have to tap the robot thing, and its ΓÇ£ΓÇÿnoseΓÇ¥ will point down. Tap it again, and itΓÇÖll begin to make the golden cube.

  39. Coco

    I can’t move neither the submarine nor the compass for some reason. I’m so lost and I don’t know what to do. Help.

  40. pandi

    For some reason there’s no white cube floating near the grabber and I’m sure I’m in the right coordinates

  41. Dana

    Tengo la respuesta de la parte del pulpo
    Escríbeme para saber que me lees

    1. Israel

      Ya muchos la tienen, yo necesito saber la Γö£Γòæltimo parte, donde salvas al seΓö£ΓûÆor y queda la chica en el cuarto

  42. Quill Encre

    1st tentacle twice, 2nd tentacle once, 4th tentacle eight times. Works every time without fail.

  43. Noor

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned this before but I figured out the octopus puzzle. Here’s how it works:
    if you click on any tentacle, it’s going to pop one suction cup from each adjacent tentacle and 2 from the one that was pressed, then when the suction cups are all popped on one tentacle it’ll start over with any subsequent tapping of the same one or the ones adjacent to it.

  44. Cube Escape Novice

    For some reason, when I place the photo of William Vanderboom, and the red line draws, nothing on the wall is highlighted. Any clue why?

  45. Annalyn

    When in the submarine, I got to the first pair of two fish but there is a red square in the left pipe and the place for the fish to go in is closed.

    1. Israel

      In that part, two fishes will appear, you have to make sure one of them touches the red square in order to open the place where the other fish goes.

  46. Simon

    Way to drag the tentacles:
    If you pull one it stacks two on the pulled one and one left and right from the bottom. If the column is full it resets. So just fill it one after another from left to right or right to left. (Easiest way)

  47. Bre

    En la parte de la clave morse necesito hacer retroceder al pez pero no se cual es la clave, help

    1. Dolo

      re tarde pero pone ΓÇ£rightΓÇ¥

  48. Carl david

    On the octopus part if you start filling the left ones first and use the ones next to it on thw right, as you move the one up sliding to the right as you go it will bring the scuction cupa easy as pie

  49. Katrina Kregar-Ruck

    The blue cube won’t come out of the TV so I am stuck because the power won’t come back on without it :s

  50. Chax

    Its very annoing at the end because when i’m finishing the game then i go tap the arrow.. you know what? It still play! But i don’t know what to do ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉΓö£├½

  51. Galladegamer

    INK walkthrough:
    1, 1, 2, and then press 4 until you win.

  52. MDifferent

    If anyone is still interested, for the ink part… letΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£ΓöÉs name the tentacles A, B, C, D – from left to right.
    1) make all suction cups pop up on D
    2) make sure you have the same amount of popped up suction cups at A and C ( adjust, if neccessary, by pulling on A , but DONΓÇÖT pull on C)
    3) pull B until all suction cups are popped up at A, B, C (this might take some ΓÇ₧roundsΓÇ£, but youΓÇÿll get there eventually)

  53. Andrea

    Part 2 – extracting ink from the squid:
    If you click a tentacle akways three suckers turn pink (or two if you click the tentacles left end or right end): one on the tentacle to the left, one to the right and one on the tentacle you clicked. If all suckers on a tentacle turned pink then they will turn black again if you click this tentacle or the next tentacle to the left or the right, cause there is no more sucker on this tentacle that could turn pink. That means that you have to work form one side to the other turning always all tentacles until the same height pink and figure out to arrive on the top without beeing in need to click a tentacle that is already done or is next to a tentacle that is done.

  54. GSym

    Messed up the stalagmite big time. Last stalactite only erases one layer, I need to erase them all. How can I do that please?

  55. Fhhk

    When I gave the man the elixir he didnΓÇÖt hold up a box

    1. Seaz

      That happened to me too, did you find a solution?

  56. Amanda

    I cant draw the line that was shown in Aldous Page. Why

  57. Jen

    When you press a tentacle, that one turns 2 and the ones beside it turn over 1. So that should help you figure out how to get them all to turn to ink.

  58. Adi Gamache

    The rule for the tentacles is tap the one with the least pink out. Sometimes there will be two with the same number but it worked for me just picking one of those randomly

  59. Lateef

    Octupus logic is when you click on 1st tentacle 2 cups from 1st and 1 cup from 2nd tentacle pops up, same if you click 2nd tentacle= 2cups of 2nd and 1cup of 1sr tentacle pops up,, same for 3rd and 4rth….we have to click alternatively to pop all

  60. Sally

    IΓÇÖve set co-ordinates x2 y2 depth 30 but my power light is red. How do I turn the power back on? ItΓÇÖs driving me crazy!

    1. Jenni

      Just had that same problem. Then noticed the squares below the machine with the dials and put in the white cube! 🙂

  61. argh

    We do we put y=5 when on the paper we find on the desk a 2 is written? Like 40 depth okay, x=3 but how is y=5?


    The tentacle you tap will move up 2 cups, while the tentacles around it will go up only 1 sup.
    For example, you tap the second from the left, then that one will go up 2 cups, and the first one and third one from the left will only go up 1.

    1. sdf

      but if you tap over the max height, it will start over again from the bottom.

  63. Liam Cooper

    I got the coordinates correctly and got the depth up to 50 but I still can’t see the cube. Can you tell me what I did wrong?

  64. Lily

    Woah how on earth did you figure out to tell the angler fish ΓÇ£up leftΓÇ¥. Like dang I never could have guessed that on my own. And I was putting in all kinds of words lol

  65. Doc

    Other than one mention of a mermaid in the comments, I didn’t come across any of the following, so thought I’d point out a few silly discoveries. I was goofing around on the submarine portion of the game, curious if one could see known surface landmarks at periscope depth.

    At the hotel (X:6 Y:3 D:00), you’ll see the markings X:3 Y:4 D:20. If you go to that destination, you’ll see a large fish with pointed teeth through the side port (the same one used to catch the fish)

    At the cabin (X:6 Y:6 D:00), you’ll see the markings X:3 Y:9 D:50. If you go to that destination, you’ll see a large eye through the side port.

    At the chapel (X:2 Y:7 D:00), you’ll see the markings X:8 Y:1 D:0. If you go to that destination, you’ll see a mermaid (merman?) through the side port. There is D:30 printed on her/his thigh, but I didn’t find anything at that depth.

    1. Doc

      I figured out a bit more. On the big fish’s tail, X:11 can be found. On the large eye, Y:5. Going to X:11 Y:5 D:30, you’ll find a floating crate that says “RAT” on the side. Not sure what that means, but it’s kinda cool.

      Also, looking around the hotel, Mr. Deer’s soul can be found at X:6 Y:3 D:50 (and actually on every X coordinate along Y:3 D:50).

      1. Ralph

        Well figured out! In fact if you spell out RAT on the letters machine, you get a safe with a combination lock. If you then enter Dale’s birthday (18/12/30), you get an envelope containing various items. Intriguing Easter egg…

  66. Dexi

    Help i cant find out how to use the compass in part 2, does it not work or am i just missing something

  67. *YOLO*


  68. Helle Benzon

    I figured the tentacle-puzzle out!! Tap the tentacle with the lowest dot (a couple of times it will go back down) just repeat tapping the tentacle with the lowest dot, and you will solve it 🙂

    1. Kedicik

      Thanks!!!! It worked.

  69. Jagshi

    Guys when the ink began spilling from the octopus it disappeared and now my bottle is empty. What do I do?

  70. Waffle lover

    I only got the first three fishes and the pipe is closed, what do I do?

  71. Ryanne

    I changed the coordinates after the fish by the black cube didnΓÇÖt appear, what am I doing wrong???

  72. The cave

    I am trying to catch the fish but it keeps going up when it reaches near the circle instead of down
    Was only able to catch one fish
    Does anybody know how to fix this?

  73. boipissoff

    there was no moth and idk why please help

    1. Kaif

      Having the same issue, can’t find anything relevant in comments yet. I know this was a few years ago but if you figured it out please let me know I have played this before and not had this issue.

  74. Ish

    The white cube isn’t floating around the grabber so I can’t grab it can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  75. SL

    Ugh.. bug in the game. The empty bottle captured the ink but it gave me back a empty bottle.. Good thing to move forward doesn’t require you to use the ink on the map.. just go to the coordinates and continue the game.

  76. Block

    Where is the door detailed in step 30, i canΓÇÖt seem to be able to locate it.

  77. Sarah N Hammond

    The Submarine part of this game is so annoying lol *sigh*

  78. michel

    if i screw up the first submarine steps… and dont get the cube.. i cant reset to start that part to get it… so i have to restart the game? crap….

  79. Shareema

    Did anyone ever figure out how to get past the second coordinates in the submarine? My x, y, and depth are green on the machine, but the machine that has the 1-5 dial has a red light under the light night bolt and won’t let me move

  80. Skylar

    I got the blue cube with the grabber and flipped both levers to get it, but when I got to the tv, it went static, and I don’t know how to get the cube now.

  81. Ahmad

    You need to make the map correct

  82. Ana

    I hang wrong fish, how can I put it off the hook? I’m tapping on it and nothing happens.

  83. KingMacky

    How do you turn the compass??? I’ve been clicking swiping and trying everything and it is stuck on north.

    1. Deborah

      You had to drag around the gold bar a little. It took me forever.

  84. Deborah

    I can’t move the compass. Is this a bug?

  85. Gabriela

    This worked. I just did it for the octopus puzzle. I remember it from last time I played and it took me forever to finish it.


    1 yr. ago
    Full answer: Focus on the tentacles. You need to pop out all of the suction cups. The tentacle you click pops two cups, and pops one cup on the tentacle next to it.

    First Tentacle – two times

    Second Tentacle – one time

    Fourth Tentacle – eight times”

  86. Isa

    With the octopus’ tentacles, I discovered that you have to press from the bottom up. Press the lowest circle that’s not popped out. Do so until all are popped

  87. dee

    the tentacles is if you press one tentacle the one you are clicking goes up two, and the ones either side only go up one.

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