Cube Escape: The Cave: Complete Walkthrough Guide

16. Go back to the dog to see a new puzzle unlocked on the wall. Zoom in on it and get Dale to come down in the elevator. What you need to do here is look at the first silhouette he’s about to walk towards. Find the black box the connects to it and tap to move the diver there. Then tap to move Dale just past the first creature. Continue doing this until he enters the white cube at the right. Then the wall will get a big crack through it.








17. Use the pickaxe on the wall. This part is a bit gruesome. An arm will come out. Hand the knife to it and then have it cut off its own arm. It’s like Escher’s “Drawing Hands” only bloodier? Anyway, take the arm.




18. Put the arm in the meat grinder and turn the handle. Take the bowl of meat (dog food) and feed it to the dog. Pick up the dog turd.

image 6



19. Place the petri dish on the microscope. Add the dog poop to the petri dish. Place the bottle of water down next to the microscope. I can’t show this next part in screenshots, so use the video below if you need help. But look into the microscope. You need to drag each cell around until none of the lines are crossing. So they’ll all turn black, with no red ones. When you’re done, it will turn into the elixir.




20. Take the elixir. Add the elixir to the bottle. Take the bottle.


21. Give the elixir to the guy in the picture frame. I think it’s Aldous? He’ll turn into Mr. Crow and you can break the glass and get another picture card.



22. Go back to the book and flip the page to Chapter 3. Place the card on the image of Aldous to get another red line drawing.


23. Draw it on the graph to turn on the top right light.


24. Go back to the dog. Another puzzle is available on the wall. For this puzzle, pay close attention to where the three fish are looking. Then tap that spot to make your submarine go there. So it goes: the black box, octopus, white box, piranha, blue box, brownish-gray box, and then the big white box for the exit. Use the pickaxe on the crack in the wall to get some ore.




25. Place the ore in the pot over the fire and melt it to liquid metal. Take the pot and pour it into the key mold next to the microscope. Take the key and use it to unlock the bottom drawer and get the duct tape.




26. Use the duct tape to patch the diver’s tube. Then turn the handle a few times and remove his helmet. He’ll ask for the elixir. Give it to him. He turns into Mr. Owl and holds up a box. Take the green diamond and the Laura card from inside.




27. Turn the page in the book to Chapter 4, Laura Vanderboom’s chapter. Place the card on her portrait to get another line drawing.


28. Draw the last symbol on the graph to lift up the lower left light. You can open the door now.


29. The last drawing on the cave wall is now available.



30. Go back to the door and zoom in on the lever. Match the two arrows from the cave painting to the dials so the bulb lights up. Pull the lever to drop the submarine. Open the door and go inside.



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Can you say what the rule is for the cell puzzle under the microscope? I did the first level by accident. Not sure how it works.


in part 2 what the rule of puzzle ( extracting ink from squid) ?


You need to have all the suckers turned pink. When you click on a tentacle it goes up two suckers and one on the adjacent(s) tentacles. You progressively work your way until all’s pink (took me quite some time).


The thing with these is that the start with only one when you get one to much. For example: You habe one black left and klick on the tentakle to make it full. It will turn into one because you normally get 2 pink sockets when you klick the tentakle there is one too much that will be added at the end.


As i posted below, make all the suckers pop up on leftmost tentacle, then do the same for the 2nd left most tentacle by tapping on the 2nd rightmost tentacle. That leaves you with 2 tentacles to deal with. Just keep tapping on the right most tentacle until all suckers pop up. No need for a specific starting layout as they will balance out by themselves sooner or later.

Using the layout by Stephanie, tap tentacle A until all appears. Then tap tentacle C until all on B appears. Then tap tentacle D repeatedly.


Awesome walk through! I was able to get about 3/4 without the help but when I needed it this was perfect! Thanks!



You go to 3,5 because the clue says go 3 left and 2 down from the castle, which is at 6,3.


Go down to 50 depth and there is a stone with some symbols. Not sure what to do with them, or what letters to use for morse code.


You have to have unlocked the black cube first. Then, when you get the part where you can type in the Morse code, you have to guide the angler to the tiny fish using the words up, down, left, and right in Morse code. After that, the angler will flash some Morse code back at you and it will say “ink” in Morse code. Not sure what to do after though.


I am up to the fish, do you know the order to have them all balanced out?


Trial and error works well for that: find the set of two that’s heaviest (down further) and remove one and replace it with one from the lightest set, see how it goes, repeat. Should arrive at the good balance quite fast.


You need to navigate the submarine to the flashing green light using the compass and the thing that makes the sub move. When there you will can pick up a white cube from one off the rooms.


For some reason I can’t add the elixir to the bottle. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong ?


How do you pass the square things on part 1. I’m Completly lost.!

Cube Lover

I think you should do the the things which is needed in the book. And it draws you the shape.


I’m at the part in the submarine where I have to go to the x y location, but i’ve gone too far! Do you know how I can go back?


I let the stalactite drip incorrectly. How can I reset it?


for some reason there’s no black box near the grabber


So I think they’ve updated the game since you last posted and now there’s a new part and I’m completely stumped, can you please help?


How do you take the cubes out of the machine? It won’t let me do it


Do we not have to save the girl in the final room.
You save Dale by giving him the golden cube. Do we not need to save the girl in the other room?


Please post video solving of octopus tentacles. Thanks


Why when I go ti the second point in the submarine I don’t have energy


Did you get the cube at that point? And were you able to solve the puzzles with the shell and ink? I suspect you can’t move the submarine until all those are done.


I have the white and back cubes, got ink from the squid into the bottle, burnt the 6 fish to reveal owl. But now I’m stuck and don’t know what to do next. If I put owl into the letter dials, nothing happens. And I can’t place the ink bottle on its stand our on the map. Am I missing something?


Make sure you typed OWL not OWI


Ok. So I figured out the pattern to get the squid ink. The only thing is that first you’ll have to set it up so that only the first suckers are popped up (basically a cleared board as there is always one of them open). This may be a bit confusing so stay with me.
I labelled them tentacle A, B, C, and D from left to right.
-tap tentacle B
-then tentacle C
-then tentacle A
-then tentacle D TWICE
-then tentacle B
-and finally tentacle A
That should work assuming that you were able to clear the tentacles.


Another surefire method, make all the suckers pop up on leftmost tentacle, then do the same for the 2nd left most tentacle by tapping on the 2nd rightmost tentacle. That leaves you with 2 tentacles to deal with. Just keep tapping on the right most tentacle until all suckers pop up. No need for a specific starting layout as they will balance out by themselves sooner or later.

Using the layout by Stephanie, tap tentacle A until all appears. Then tap tentacle C until all on B appears. Then tap tentacle D repeatedly.

Mehdi KaramAli

Checked your video. You are amazing. But how do you record your internal sound and voice over simultaneously? Wish to record some similar walkthroughs. Thanks

The Paridizer

How do you find the letters for the three word code?

A fan

I pressed (tentacles)1,2,4,3 repeatedly till all the suction cups popped out to get the ink.


how do i remove the blocks?

Its me

At x:8 y:1 d:0 theres a mermaid i found by chance
It had d:30 written on its leg and i went down but there was nothing there… (╥_╥)


no lo juge peroooo se ve cool

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