Adventure Escape Hidden Ruins: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins – Mystery Story
By: Haiku Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android adventure game, Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins – Mystery Story by Haiku Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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I have a newer version here for the AE Mysteries re-release.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7

Chapter 1:

You can watch my video for Chapter 1 here or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. Follow the tutorial. Pick up the machete and use it to cut the vines. Pick up the stars and get the free stars.

2. Pick up the shovel and use it on the tablet stuck in the ground.


3. Look at the tablet. Then look at the wheel blocking the entrance. Rotate each disc so the symbols from the tablet look the same as they do on there. Then go through.



4. Pick up the torch and use the fire to light it. Then light the oil lining the bridge.



5. Tap the correct stones in order to cross the bridge without it falling and continue to the next scene.


6. Go through the left doorway. Pick up the ceremonial dagger and use it to cut off some vines.




7. Pick up the vines. Move the piles of rubble aside to find two parts of a scythe. Use the vines to combine them. Pick up the full scythe.



8. Before leaving, look at the drawings on the wall to get some clues for a bit later.



9. Leave and go through the right door. Use the dagger to cut a slit in the tree/vines. Pick up the scroll and three pottery shards. Pick a leaf.


10. Use the leaf to collect some sap from the tree. Then tap on the broken ancient pot and add all three shards to it. Put the pot back together and use the sap to glue it. Pick it up.




11. Look at both drawings on the wall for two more clues.



12. Go back outside and use all the clues from the walls to figure out which items to give each statue. The clues were:

“These people are at war.” — there are hawks in this drawing. So give the Hawk Head Statue the ceremonial dagger.

“Looks like some people are farming.” — There’s an ox in this drawing. Give the scythe to the Ox Head Statue.

“The snakes are wrapped around an urn.” — give the urn/pot to the Snake Head Statue.

“That man should watch out for those crocodiles.” — the scroll is in this painting with the crocodiles, so give the scroll to the Crocodile Head Statue.

Take the Key of Ages and watch the cutscene that completes Chapter 1.


Click on the chapter you need below or click here to continue to Chapter 2.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7

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  1. linda

    Thank you! Another game I would have missed 🙂

  2. Mary

    I came across a glitch later in Chapter 4. When I try to install my three fuses, one of them disappears, so I’m left with the game telling me there is still a fuse missing. Very frustrating.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Their glitches can usually be fixed by quitting the chapter/app and starting that section over. But I’ll see if I encounter the same glitch.

  3. Helene

    My walkthrough ends on page 4. Is there any more? I’m having trouble with the fuses.

      1. Bernadette

        I am having the same issue with the fuses, I have three, I click on the fuse box it enters one then the other two disappear and says I am missing the fuses, I cannot do anything, I have closed and reopened tried again three or four times same thing each time.

  4. Caro

    The hint in the game for getting to the island behind the waterfall are terrible. No idea what the logic is for compressing the posts. Also, the first time I played this chapter, the slingshot/coconut game worked as it directed. But then I had to quite and start again, and every since then, it won’t work. I click on a coconut and a pebble fires automatically and the bar doesn’t move at all. Did you have this problem?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to use the clue from the stones in the fountain.

      I didn’t get any bug with the coconuts.

    2. Tiffany Miller

      You have to hold down on the coconut & release it when the meter is in the red zone

  5. Jodi

    My walk through ends at chapter 5 but I need help with chapter 6.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m still working on Chapter 6! Please bear with me.

    2. Jodi

      Nevermind. Figured it out on my own 🙂

        1. Angie

          Hi AppU. Wanted to tell u I love ur walk-thrus & written instructions between than anyone else’s! Also love ur vm. U sound like one of my life-love friends from CNY. Thx for all ur work!!

  6. Carl

    Why is ch6 & 7 not been explained please

  7. Shalalala

    I already pass the chapter 5. Now im stucking in chapter 6. Dont know what is the passcode? So frustrating

    1. Kyla Alexa

      The passcode will be the unclear numbers in the board in the old building. Add the digits on the left and right to get the 4 number code of the forklift. While the code on the closet is 478.

  8. may

    chapter 7
    get the prism from the statue and pick up the sundial. go to the room on he right. get the gloves and the scythe. click on the parcel on the wall and take note of the position of the sundial on the upper part of the cabinet. click bert and click on the sundial. back to the main hall. click the scythe and slash over the large curtain so that a dry banner would fall. then head on the room on the left using the gloves click on the pile of leaves on the lower left of the fountain to reveal the prism. then click onbthe sundial lying on the floor. remember the parcel back on the right door? place the sundials and copy the position of the dial in the parcel.

    1. may

      chapter 7
      on tne right side of the statue there is a puzzle there somewhat like a unblock me style. just keep on moving the pieces until the cork gets out by the way the cork occupies a 2×2 square so just keep moving until you set the cork free. when you have the cork go back to the fountain which is on the left side. plug the cork into the fountain. wait for it to fill then click on the dry banner, click on the fountain to get a wet banner. on tne back portion of the fountain rub the wet banner there to get the clue. count the number of items there are. on the bottom of the fountain you can see the arrangement of the items. take note cause you will use that for the chest on the right side of the room.

  9. Cathy

    I am having the same problem as others with the fuses in Chapter 4 . I have 3 fuses but when I put them in the box 1 disappears and it tells me a fuse is missing. I have gone out and back in twice and the same thing happens.

  10. Jason

    I’m always falling through the first broken floorboard with the other two broken floorboards directly above it. I just step on it once and down I go.

  11. Cocoa

    I’m on mushrooms climb. I’m following your guide and still can’t manage the second part

    1. Jade Johnson

      In the mushroom/ wood board each move uses 1 energy from the energy box on the side. Count each step. A mushroom refills ur energy bar back to 6.

      1. Randy Bennefield

        In mushroom board-the last one-when I get to where he falls through the 3 boards he only cracks the bottom one and i’m stuck there. Help!

  12. Dave

    I can’t get past the ball puzzle in chapter 7, hint number 17 in the walk thru. It says Right Right Right Right Right Left, but it doesn’t seem to work. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  13. Kirstin

    I can’t press the correct pullers to reach the island. Put mud on the left steam escaped pls help

  14. Kirstin

    I can’t press the correct pullers to reach the island. Put mud on the left steam escaped pls help

  15. Sundus

    I can’t seem to go past the checker board I got it all in place but the pieces are not sticking together like the puzzles before. What to do?

  16. Leslie

    I can not figure out the golden box puzzle with the fish in the temple please help

    1. Liz

      I’m having problems with the fish too. I read and watched the walkthrough out of desperation (I hate cheating, I just like a nudge in the right direction), but I still don’t get it!
      So left down right down left* equals 5 but right down right up right* equals zero? (*making directions up)
      Why does it equal that? I don’t want to just plug in numbers without understanding!

    2. Chris Mehring

      The code is 5098

  17. Angie

    Hi AppU. Wanted to let u know like ur walk-thru & written instructions better than anyone else’s. Also ur voice sounds a lot like my life long best friend from CNY so I love ur voice also. TY. TY. TY. Keep up the great work.

  18. Maria

    Thanks for the walkthrough. I have 2 glitches to report in chapter 3.

    1. I got the symbols on the statues right by accident (clicked to see what to look out for, pretty easy to get right, because they’re in order, no click, 1 click, etc.) and grabbed the spear. It went into the same same space as the checkered pieces, so I couldn’t get to them to place them. Had to restart.

    2. My circuit is 100% correct (came here to check, because I couldn’t figure out what I’m missing), but nothing happens. Restarted, still nothing.

    1. AppUnwrapper


      I’m not the developer, so if you’re experiencing glitches, your best bet is to contact them directly.

      1. Maria

        Thanks, I know, just added it here as a warning about the spear / checkered pieces. Also, after another restart, got the circuit board working.

  19. linda

    OMG! I thought I’d never get out of that well! Thank you for the diagram!

  20. Phoebe

    For some reason I can’t attach the rope to the gear box. Any help?

  21. Daniel Kaufman

    The marbles puzzle no way requires 6 turns instead of 5

  22. Sway

    Too many ads loading. CanΓÇÖt view your page.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sorry about the redirects! IΓÇÖm trying to stop them. They donΓÇÖt seem to be affecting PC browsers, only mobile. I really apologize for the temporary nuisance.

  23. Liz

    Where did the megaphone go??? (Chapter 4) I had it, and knew that’s what would be used to startle the monkeys, but my niece tapped somewhere on the board when I wasn’t looking and it disappeared from inventory and I can’t find it!
    Anyone else encounter this?

  24. Liz

    Update: Only solution was to restart level and not lose megaphone/ bullhorn this time… I figured it out, I guess.

  25. Jennifer L Burns

    Glitch on the quills..ive put it just like yours and it doesn’t do anything.

    1. Robin

      Same here. Please help so I can progress. Thanks.

  26. Gaye

    I was enjoying it until I got to the fuse box. Just too small to navigate them on a phone. It drove me crazy and didn’t think it was fair to have to pay for stars simply because I didn’t have room to manage the bars.

  27. Julia Granada

    What is the cheat code for the 2nd part of climbing vines and mushrooms

  28. Aijat

    Can you help me with the fuse, what clue to finish connecting the fuse in fuse box?

  29. Leyou

    Moi je suis bloqué depuis au moins un mois a block glissant !!!!😠😠😭😭

  30. Saphy

    Has the game been updated? What’s on chapter one walk through is not what I’m seeing on my screen. It started with wiping the windscreen of the plane, then fixing the radar, securing the cargo, the plane crashed, I had to put together a map and now I’m connecting gears to make an excavator work. There were a few other things as well. Please let me know, it would be totally embarrassing if I’m just on the wrong walk through ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉΓö£├í

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