The Office Quest: Complete Walkthrough Guide

The Office Quest
By: Deemedya INC


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android point-and-click adventure game, The Office Quest by Deemedya INC. feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Note: If you do like the first chapter and decide to buy the second one, it is not the complete game. You get a short chapter and then it says To Be Continued. With no word when that will be or whether it will cost more money.

Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4


Chapter 1:

You can watch my video for Chapter 1 here or continue below to see my step-by-step walkthrough:

1. Follow the tutorial. Tap the flower and then tap the red blob that jumps out from it. You can’t go after it because your coworker stops you. Talk to her to distract her and you’ll automatically head right.




2. Tap the red blob again. It will go into the water cooler. Grab a cup and pour water in it to get the red thing to come out. It will fly off again.



3. Head right past the piΓö£ΓûÆata. Pick up the broom. Go back left and use it to hit the piΓö£ΓûÆata and get the toy hammer. Then go back right again.




4. Swap out the toy hammer with the real hammer in the toolbox.


5. Use the hammer to break the glass over the button. Then press the button to turn on the sprinkler in the boss’s office and quickly hide behind the broken copier before he sees you.




6. The red thing goes downstairs. Try to follow. The protagonist doesn’t like exercise! So get inside the elevator. It breaks!



7. Climb out and tap on the fuse box. You need to change the symbols on the left side so they relate to the drawings that they match up to on the right side. So the key goes with the lock, the cloud goes with the rain, the star goes with the moon, the boy goes with the girl, and the egg goes with the chicken. You can also just copy the image below. You’ll automatically get back into the elevator and take it down to the next floor.



8. Take the light bulb from the desk lamp. Solve the sliding tiles puzzle on the wall and then remove the painting to reveal a safe. Make sure to look behind the painting for a clue.





9. Take a hot pepper from the pepper can. Then head left.


10. Take the worm from the trash can. Then look through the manual that tells you how to operate the fan. The last two pages are what’s important.




11. Crawl under the table all the way to the left side. Tap on the guy in the bunny suit’s lollipop and the worm will crawl on it and he’ll drop it. Pick it up.



12. Take note of the suits the four people sitting at the table are wearing. It goes, from left to right — bunny, carrot, pig, ostrich. Go back right and look at the back of the painting again. Notice there’s 1 bunny, 5 carrots, 4 pigs, and 6 ostrich heads. So enter 1546 into the safe to unlock it. Take the hot pepper from inside.




13. Go to the coffee machine and make a drink using the two hot peppers. Take it.



14. Go back left. Crawl under the table and swap out the first coffee cup with the spicy hot drink. The pig will drink it and breathe fire on the ostrich. Climb back out and pick up the ostrich head.




15. Use the ostrich head to change the flickering lightbulb.



16. Go back right and use the ostrich head to catch the fly.




17. Go left and release the fly near the fixed light. Turn on the fan and pull it another two times (a total of three) so it blows all the way to the left. The pineapple will shoot it with a shotgun.



18. Crawl under the table and get the carrot leaf.


19. Go back right and make the love potion out of the lollipop and leaf. Take it.



20. Go back left. Crawl under the table and swap out the pineapple’s coffee cup with the love potion. She’ll drink it and fall in love with the rabbit. But she still notices if you try to get past her.


21. Use the fan again, but this time only twice so it lands on the carrot’s pen and he throws it. Crawl under the table and grab the pen. Continue on and grab the notepad off the easel to write GOOD on it.



22. Everyone will celebrate and you can continue past them to the next screen. That’s the end of Chapter 1!


Click here to continue to the walkthrough for Chapter 2.

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  1. linda

    This is the cutest game! Thank you for the walkthrough.

    I haven’t figured why they are all wearing silly costumes, but the game is definitely fun.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Haha me neither but I do like the game!
      Going to buy chapter 2, but I do worry that it will be very short.

      1. Kendal

        Can anyone help me with chapter 3 or maybe it’s 4…the whole game freezes up when I open up the doors to the tree guy. I don’t know what to do. Should I contact the game creators? Is anyone else having this problem?

  2. Bill

    I wanted to buy the next installment but I’m unsure how many levels I’ll be charged for. Is it the 1 charge or multiple “bundles”?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s one chapter for $2.99. Or, at least it was when I bought it. I don’t know if anything changed since.

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