Faraway: Puzzle Escape: Walkthrough Guide With All Letters

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Level 9:

You can watch my video for level 9 including all three letters or see my step-by-step guide below:

1. Turn to the right and look at the shapes above the door. They’re a clue for the door to the left. Turn each circle until it matches the clues from the right door. Take the yellow bolt from inside.




2. Place the bolt on the peg on the door in the middle and go through.


3. Pick up the letter.


4. Go straight and pick up the poles.


5. Go back and turn right. Match the three shapes to the pattern you saw on the door outside.



6. Go back outside and right through the door that just opened. Use the two levers to raise and lower the rows of buttons. Press the correct buttons to rotate the gray pieces of the pillars until the gold sockets all face forward. Also, pick up the letter at the top of all the buttons.




7. Go back inside and turn left. You should see a ladder and a pole. Climb up the ladder and stick your poles in all the golden sockets and climb up to the top. Take the tile and pay attention to the clues up there.




8. Go back down and head over to the two wheels on the walls. Match them to the symbols you saw at the top of the pillars, making sure you pay attention to which is I and which is II. The door ahead will open, but don’t go through yet!



9. Look at the symbol on the tile in your inventory. Go to both wheels and point all the arrows at that symbol. A letter will appear above the pedestal outside. Go grab it.




10. Go back inside and through the open door to he portal. Place the tile over it and go through to complete level 9.


And these are all three letters or notes from Level 9:


Click on the little numbers below to continue to Level 10 or click here.

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56 thoughts on “Faraway: Puzzle Escape: Walkthrough Guide With All Letters

  1. Linda

    # 18 in Level 10 = I know long long short short short long long.
    But I’ve pressed this on all 3 machines and no letter? What am I doing wrong please? BTW, I did finish level 18. just going back through for the missing letters 🙂

      1. Linda

        No – I was just confused – this was the first time I had to press the teleportation square. You said to press but not what and I never thought of the obvious. I watched the video and felt stupid.
        However, I finally did figure out that I didn’t have to do all the level – just find where to put the ‘code’ for the last letter.
        I love Faraway2 with the camera! OMG! How wonderful!

  2. Carolyn

    I am on Level 8 and for the life of me I can’t get the laser to reflect off the triangle! I have adjusted both many times but the triangle still passes through the laser without reflecting…what am I missing?

  3. Sofia

    Of one take the coordinates not as places on a map but as movement after the previous place a pattern emerges looking a bit like the gates at the end of each level with the last point pointing straight down from it.


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