‘Faraway: Puzzle Escape’ Walkthrough Guide: Level 0 and All Coordinates

Faraway: Puzzle Escape
By: Mousecity / Snapbreak Games / Pine Studio


Pine Studio’s Faraway: Puzzle Escape has some really bizarre meta puzzle going on once you complete the game and find all the letters. I’m compiling everything I find here and will add the solution once I have it.

If you’re looking for my walkthrough for the rest of the game, go here.


Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5 | Level 6 | Level 7 | Level 8 | Level 9 | Level 10 | Level 11 | Level 12 | Level 13 | Level 14 | Level 15 | Level 16 | Level 17 | Level 18 | Level 19 | Level 20 | Level 0 + Coordinates

Level 0:

There’s a Level 0 if you tap on the “100%.” There’s a lot of jars.



These are the coordinates found on each of the third letters from each level.

Level 1: +0.0000000, +0.0000000

Level 2: -0.0076141, -0.0095749

Level 3: -0.0022583, +0.0012512

Level 4: +0.0078125, +0.0092964

Level 5: +0.0076484, -0.0035095

Level 6: +0.0002251, +0.0020981

Level 7: -0.0009498, -0.0016747

Level 8: -0.0024262, -0.0120125

Level 9: -0.0026626, +0.0012703

Level 10: +0.0028229, +0.0116577

Level 11: -0.0006485, +0.0007058

Level 12: -0.0011063, -0.0004273

Level 13: -0.0006599, +0.0019302

Level 14: +0.0021400, +0.0008584

Level 15: +0.0005875, -0.0021325

Level 16: -0.0013314, +0.0006028

Level 17: -0.0036659, -0.0075531

Level 18: -53.7788772, -107.5341683

This is what I get when I plug them into Google Maps. The last one is far off from the others and I have no idea what any of this is supposed to mean. 1 – 17 are by the equator and you can see 18 is far from them. Like…Faraway??????




It also seems that each level gives you a hint for Level 0. If you go into a level and start watching a hint (you don’t need to finish), then exit the level and go to Level 0, you can watch a hint. Each one is different and many of them are truly bizarre. I have no idea what to make of any of it or how to connect the coordinates to it. But I made a video to show how to see them all:

Let me know if you find anything else! This is a truly bizarre meta puzzle.

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  1. John

    i’m thinking level 18’s note is the only true lat/long coordinate.. all the others could perhaps just be providing a distance away from 18’s grid location, or the distance away from the level prior… maybe it’s like an directional code??? either way i cant make any logical sense from it. I’m running out of ideas

    Also, i feel like there could be a possible hidden room in level 10. If you stand in between the two gold polls with the rubys on them, there seems to be a passage going both left and right, but you can only go left

  2. John

    Referenced this from another site… could be useful

    “Could the dates be of some relevance, The first thing that I noticed that they are all over 11 years ago. This could just be to indicate that a period of time has passed. However, the notes inside level 6 are out of date sequence:
    Level 5 2006/09/10,
    Level 6 2006/09/02,
    Level 7 2006/09/15.

    It could be an error , but the rest of the game seems so polished so I doubt it.”

  3. John

    Okay so I think I figured out the coordinates..

    I started by plotting 18’s coord on google maps. (-53.7788772, -107.5341683)

    Next I added 18 and 17 coords together to form a new coord.
    18.) -53.778872, -107.5341683
    17.) -0.0036659, -0.0075531
    -53.7825431, -107.5341683 (new 17 coord)

    And then plotted the new 17 grid

    Next I took the new 17 coord and added it to 16 coord…. and so on
    All together it took about 30 mins
    After I plotted all the new coords onto google map, I took a screen shot of it and then transferred it over to a drawing program. I then connected all the dots in numerical order with straight lines.

    The result appeared to look like a picture of the gate from the main menu, going east to west. However it wasn’t exact, whereas I had extra lines that didn’t match up properly, but I think I may have made a few mistakes with the math. However I am almost certain that this was the intent of the grids.

    These were the grids that I calculated:

    18.) -53.7788772, -107.5341683
    17.) -53.7825431, -107.5417214
    16.) -53.7838745, -107.5411186
    15.) -53.783287, -107.5432511
    14.) -53.781147, -107.5423927
    13.) -53.7818069, -107.5404625
    12.) -53.7829132, -107.5408898
    11.) -53.7835617, -107.540184
    10.) -53.7807388, -107.5285263
    9.) -53.7834014, -107.527256
    8.) -53.7858276, -107.5392685
    7.) -53.7867774, -107.5409432
    6.) -53.7865523, -107.5388451
    5.) -53.7789039, -107.5423546
    4.) -53.7710915, -107.5330582
    3.) -53.7733497, -107.531807
    2.) -53.7809638, -107.5413819
    1.) this is the same as coord 2

    Again the picture is not perfect, probably due to the math, but it does resemble it.

    1. benton

      The extra lines are due to the date issue John noticed – put them in date order and the extra lines make the top of the gate nicely

  4. John

    Appunwrapper give me your email if you want me to sen the photos

  5. Chunkfoot

    Had a bit of a play around with this last night.

    Firstly, I re-read all the notes. These were the ones that stood out to me:
    * “Anadolu, Anadolu,” she kept saying. I’m certain I came to the right place.
    * “In Anadolu, they placed a beacon that shows the way,” she whispered.
    * I started at an ancient site on Earth, but this feels even older than 9000 BC.

    A bit of Googling reveals that Anadolu = the Anatolia region in Turkey.
    So then I punched in ‘anatolia ruins 9000 bc’, which gives the result of G╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├▓├│bekli Tepe. Part of this ruin dates back to 9000 BCE.

    GΓö£Γòóbekli Tepe sits at coords 37.223056, 38.9225

    The next thing I did was use these co-ords as a base (eg. Level 1) and then added and subtracted the coordinates from all the other levels (posted above) to these. My math is probably flaky, as I was doing this on mobile, but these were my final coords:
    -16.5579192, -68.6188819

    Punching these into Google Maps brings up… not much… but close by is a series of ruins called the Tiwanaku Ruins in Bolivia.

    These ruins feature a Gateway of the Sun and a Gateway of the Moon. The Moon one looks sooooomewhat similar to the gateway in Secret Level 0, although this could be a stretch.

    That’s as far as I’ve got! Might be something, or might be several extrapolations too far…

    1. BOTDrake

      Hey Chunkfoot. This is a very good analysis IMO
      A lot of things make sense
      However, the last part seems a little extrapolation (the tiwanaku part)
      I really think this is the way to the solution

  6. Smasher

    Since you can only smash pottery on level 0, perhaps there is an order to which they must be smashed? Somehow based on the previous levels ?

  7. Rob

    For some reason the bridge in level 7 is not fully extending even though I solved the two pillars puzzle. The bridge extends a little for each solved puzzle but not fully. Am I missing something?

  8. Rob

    Can someone help? After completing the first two pillar puzzles – the squiggly lines and connect the dots, on level 7, the bridge extends for each one but not fully. The walk through indicates that what I did was correct, but perhaps I missed something.

    1. Sapro

      There are three pillars: one with the squiggles, one withe the dots and lines, and one without the lines, only the dots. All three have to be solved.

  9. Praetor

    I made a 3d Panorama out of the Level 0 hints…


    You may notice that 2 plates and a pot are missing compared to the actual Level 0, as well as a giant mountain appearing in the distance behind one of the arches. I’ve tried smashing all the pots except the 3 missing ones, as well as the opposite, but neither has done anything..

  10. Drew Campbell

    The hints that it shows in Level 0 are sometimes related to the last hint you watched. For example, if you do the first hint in Level 6, as Appunwrapper shows in his video, the hint in Level 0 shows the same pattern of touching and screen movement. If you watch the second hint in Level 6, which shows a different pattern on the grid, then go to Level 0, the hint will match that pattern. I haven’t tried it with every hint in the game, but it seems like every Level 0 hint that shows movement/screen tapping matches the last hint that was watched. I’m not sure why some of the hints don’t match up. It seems like the Level 0 hints all either match the last hint you watched, or they show a pattern of broken jars/plates, some with modifications to the background as well. I have no idea what any of it means.

    1. mdgeorge

      Nothing obviously jumped out when I overlayed the coordinates. Maddening!

  11. Mimi

    Did anyone ever get any further with this? The app gets many high ratings online, with people commenting it’s a great story, but I can’t imagine they all figured out the clues we’re missing here…

    Much along the line of reasoning of Chunkfoot, I also ended up with the Tiwanaku ruins. I figured that the many almost-zero coordinates would be the route through the original ruins, and the final jump in level 18 would be from one set of ruins to another. Or off-world, but the coordinates seem GPS, not anything celestial.

    I never did figure out what to do further (or what to do in/with level 0, for that matter).

    Frustrating! 🙂

  12. Marc Oldenhof

    I don’t even see all the pots in level 0 – only empty desert. I can press back and hint but nothing happens…

    1. thegineral

      I’m the same as you, mate. It may be an update that has taken it away. All posts regarding level 0 from Nov 17 all say they can’t see it.
      Can anyone who has seen it confirm whether you still can?

      1. Stickmind

        I saw the pots before, but now they’re gone. There is now a Faraway chapter 2, so I wonder if it will have any clues about the level 0 mysteries.

  13. Veebaa

    Any solutions to Level 0 yet?I only finished the game recently and noted that a level 19 and 20 have been added since this post was created. When I go to Level 0 I can see all the pots but can’t watch any hints??

  14. Henrique

    Any tip about getting the master of destruction achievement? I’ve replayed the game several times, before and after the levels 19 and 20 were added, level 0 and all. Is the achievement glitched or am I missing something?

    1. Mouse

      Same here. CanΓÇÖt get Master of Destruction achievement even though I have played the game several times and swear I have broken every pot. Even deleted and re-downloaded game.

      1. Nancy

        I also tried to get Master of Destruction. Thought that would reveal something, but I havenΓÇÖt even been able to get the achievement.

  15. sevenveils

    Anyone still playing this? I am just discovering this mystery. I haven’t a clue on Level 0 and the hints, but as far as the coordinates… Combining John’s and Chunkfoot’s great ideas together, I think I’ve gotten closer.

    I used Wikipedia’s lat/long for G╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├▓├│bekli Tepe (37╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╗├ª13Γò¼├┤Γö£├º╬ô├╗├┤23Γò¼├┤Γö£├º╬ô├╢├⌐N 38╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╗├ª55Γò¼├┤Γö£├º╬ô├╗├┤21Γò¼├┤Γö£├º╬ô├╢├⌐E) and used THAT for point 1. (You’ll note that note 1 says “Anadolu” and has +0.00, +0.00–as in Point 1 is right there at the ruins!) Then I added the coordinates from Note 2, plotted that as Point 2, etc., and so on, using the order 4-6-5-7 to keep the notes in date order. I did that all the way up to Point 17.

    That generates a very cool image of the stargate over the ruins, including the diamond where you’d put the key tile, and Point 17 is the entrance to the gate, right in the middle. So you enter the gate……….and add in the coordinates for Point 18……..and sure enough, you end up right on the outskirts of the ruins of Tiwanaku, Bolivia.

    Incidentally, I would say the Gate of the Moon there does look fairly similar to the gates at “North” and “South” in Level 0.

    That’s all I’ve got!

    1. Kath Manning

      Really great analysis above.

      I looked up Tiwanaku online, and early twentieth century businessman and scholar Arthur Posnansky had a strong association with the site. His father was an archaeologist, his wife was Alicia (similar to Alison?) and his son was Manuel (note middle letters backwards are UNA). He was quite a controversial character by the sounds of it and his unfounded theories were latterly picked up by pseudo archaeologists. Might he loosely be the inspiration for the game?


    2. warpedtour

      Could you upload an image of the points you plotted? I’ve tried but it seem think my math is a little off and in turn, made the the process a little more frustrating than I’d like it to be.

  16. Kendrin

    Late to the party. However, I did a plot, using the ancient site in Turkey as the starting point and got this:


    The last coords from L18 put you, as others have said, in Bolivia at an Incan site near Lake Titicaca, which is in the drainage basis of the Amazon Rainforest. Since the 2nd game in the series takes place in a jungle temple, my best guess is that it’s basically pointing to the next game in the series.

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