Monument Valley 2: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Monument Valley 2
By: ustwo Games Ltd


This is a complete walkthrough guide with help, hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS puzzle game, Monument Valley 2, by Ustwo Games. In it, you’ll help Ro and her child cross impossible artchitecture. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

See my Monument Valley 2 review.


– There are some new mechanics introduced here, but nothing too tricky. Just play around with things!

– Sometimes, you move Ro and her child follows. Other times, they’re separate but you only control Ro. The child then copies her movement. So make sure there’s enough room for the child to move.

– In the Orchard, you are supposed to get sucked in with the tree. It’s not a bug!

– At the end of most chapters, you get to draw a shape. There’s no right way to do this. Each one will be unique like a snowflake!


Chapters 1 & 2 (I & II) THE VESTIBULE:

Chapter 3 (III) THE OASIS:

Chapter 4 (IV) THE VIADUCT:

Chapter 5 (V) THE ARCHIPELAGO & Chapter 6 (VI) THE DOCKS:

Chapter 7 (VII) THE TOWERS:

Chapter 8 (VIII) APHELION:

Chapter 9 (IX) MEN-AN-TOL:


Chapter 11 (XI) THE LYCEUM:

Chapter 12 (XII) THE ORCHARD:


Chapter 14 (XIV) MIRADOR:

And that’s the whole game! Check back here if new content is ever added.

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  1. linda

    An immediate purchase! Thank you so much for telling me!

  2. xin

    Wow! Same here! The best smartphone game ever!

  3. Rao

    Immediately purchased the moment 2 was announced. Currently in Chapter 12

  4. Laura

    Have played through monument 2 through level 10 botanical gardens and it won’t go past that level. I completed it but it won’t go any further only will repeat level 10 from beginning.

    1. Mo

      Me too

      1. Frank Black

        Happened to me too. I just reset the game to the start and completed up to Chapter 10. Once Chapter 10 finishes pay attention to where Chapter 11 opens up. Chapter 11 opens up just below Chapter 7. Confusing I know. Maybe you don’t have to reset the game even. Just have a look which chapter sits below your Chapter 7.

  5. Parmanand saini

    pless come to all chapter details

  6. Becky Seger MacKinnon

    I don’t know how else to contact you. Ads are covering some of your content and they have no way to close them. I took a screenshot, but I have no way to show you.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh no! Can you email it to me? The address on the Contact page.

  7. Denise Milward

    Desperately looking for an Android puzzle game as absorbing as the Monument Valley collection. I need lots of such good games to keep my mind busy as so far this year has been a disaster!

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