My Week Unwrapped: June 17, 2017 – FRAMED 2, forma.8 GO, Hidden Folks and More


Hi everyone and welcome to another installment of My Week Unwrapped, where I recap all the games I’ve been playing over the last week. I’ve been pretty busy, though much of it has been with the same games. Still, some quality games to talk about today.


As I mentioned last week, Loveshack’s FRAMED 2 released and I wrote both a review and walkthrough. If you liked the first game, I highly recommend grabbing the new one. It takes what was great about the first, but ramps up the cleverness. There’s some really ingenious puzzles here. It’s also a prequel, with the story following the woman when she was a young girl. You can see some of it in action in my video below.

Kosmonavtes: Escape Reality

I completed my walkthrough guide for LKMAD’s Kosmonavtes: Escape Reality. It’s a fairly short game, but well-made and is the first part of a longer game. I’m looking forward to see what’s next!

Hidden Folks

I loved the original content of Adriaan de Jongh’s Where’s Waldo-like Hidden Folks, but the new Factory update takes things to a whole new level. The game is more puzzly than ever, with buttons, switches, pulleys, and all sorts of actions you need to take in order to find everything. And the main area that was added is gigantic. I recommend playing on an iPad so you can see a good chunk of it at a time. Either way, though, definitely check it out. The game has iCloud, so you should be able to pick up where you left off even if you already deleted it. I also have a walkthrough for the new content if you need help.

forma.8 GO

Mixedbag’s forma.8 made its way over from PC to mobile as forma.8 GO. It’s a metroidvania, which means you explore a big world, picking up new powers and items to help you unlock new paths. The artwork is gorgeous, and perhaps the biggest selling point. It’s a very atmospheric game and lovely to explore. My main issues with it so far are that the character moves so slowly that it makes exploration a bigger chore than it should be. Backtracking to see what you missed means slowly making your way back there. I have encountered a couple of teleports, so I’m hoping there will be more. I do like that you fly instead of jumping around, and the main attack is very user-friendly, as you just tap to send out little sparks around you to anything close to you. The next attack is not quite so easy to use, though. You swipe your right finger to the left to drop a bomb, which you then can get next to and use the shock attack to send it flying at an enemy. The problem is, the movement already feels slow and inexact, so the shooting takes a lot of practice to get right. Overall, I do like aspects of the game, but I’m not sure if the slow movement and other frustrations will keep me from completing it. I am curious to see where it goes, but also losing patience for slowly backtracking through enemies I’ve already dealt with. But if you have more patience than I do, give it a try!

The Mummy Dark Universe Stories

As a big fan of Night School Studio’s previous works, such as OXENFREE and the Mr. Robot game, I decided to give their movie tie-in text-based adventure, The Mummy Dark Universe Stories, a try. While i do like the whole presentation, I don’t know much about the franchise and the story isn’t really holding my attention. But it’s free to try, so it’s worth checking out if you have even the slightest interest in it.

Newton – Gravity Puzzle

I spent a little time with Binary Games’ Newton – Gravity Puzzle. It’s not really my type of puzzle game, but it’s only $0.99 and seems well-made. You see it in action in my video below.

The House of Da Vinci

And last, I’ve been playing Blue Brain Games’ The House of Da Vinci ahead of its June 22nd release. It’s inspired by The Room series, but does some really interesting things of its own. If you need something to tide you over until the next Room game releases, you’ll want to pick it up this coming week. I can’t share any of my own video yet, but I’ll have more about it on the 22nd, so watch this space!

And that’s everything I’ve been up to this past week! Make sure to check back next week for more of My Week Unwrapped!

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