MechBox 2: Complete Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

MechBox 2: Hardest Puzzle Ever (Mechanical Box 2 / MBox 2)
By: Andrey Sklyarov


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android puzzle game, MechBox 2 by Andrey Sklyarov. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Level (Stage) 00:

This is sort a of a new tutorial level that was added recently.

First, tap the metal panel that says RESERVE POWER until it falls off. Then move the battery to where the arrow is pointing.


Then, tap the first and last sliders to push them up and light up the word UNLOCKED. Slide that whole section to the right to find the key. Drag the key to the lock to unlock the Green PLAY/NEXT button. Press it to complete the level!


Level (Stage) 01:

You need to first move all four bars (red, orange, yellow, green) to the middle area. You do this by swapping them around, with the bigger ones always on top. After they’re all in the middle, move them all to the right. And finally, move them all to the left. Then drag the key to the keyhole and press PLAY to complete the level.

Level (Stage) 02:

Press the buttons in order, based on the number of dots on them. So moon, square, arrow, circle. Now a combination lock will appear. The passcode is the number of angles on each of those shapes. So moon has 2, square has 4, arrow has 7, circle has 0. So it goes 2470. Enter it and press the white button. Take the screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to remove the glass over the PLAY button. It’s a magnifying glass! Use it to find four numbers — 1680. There are two arrows near the right that are telling you to look at it upside-down. So the answer is 0891. Enter that and press the white button. Then press the green PLAY button to complete the level.



Level (Stage) 03:

You need to press all the buttons through trial and error. The order goes like so:


Now, drag the bottom middle button over to the slot on the right. Press it and then drag the circuit to the slot on the left.


A screen appears, as well as numbers on the keypad. Pull the drawer down to see a clue. You need to look at it as Roman numerals. So it goes I V II IV or 1524.


If you tilt your device and look at the lines from the side, you see the words ENTER 3695 ENTER. So punch 3695 into the keypad and then press the PLAY button to complete the level.

Level (Stage) 04:

Pull out the battery compartment from the left side of the keypad. Slide it up and drag the screwdriver to the screwed panel to get a battery.


Place the battery in the compartment, pull it back down and slide it in to turn on the keypad. There’s a note that says:

8193 = 3
1012 = 1


Count the letters in the alphabet and oh get I = 9, D = 4, E = 5, and A = 1. So punch in 9451 on the keypad.

Place the battery back where you found it to see some numbers — 8869, 9312, 7662, 8888. The clue to help you is:

1012 = 1
8193 = 3

Now, if I understand this correctly, it’s the dumbest thing ever. Found the closed circles in each string of numbers. The first one only has a 0, so there’s just one. 8193 has two from 8 and one from 9, so 3.

Continue on and you get:

8869 = 6
9312 = 1
7662 = 2
8888 = 8


So put the battery back into the keypad and enter 6128. Press the green PLAY button to complete the level.

Level (Stage) 05:

First, use the buttons to make all the clock hands point straight up. Then, enter the password, which is BIOS in numbers — 8105. Then press 1 for Floppy Disk and keep entering 2 to break the clock faces. Tap the rightmost one until a floppy disk pops out. Drag it to the floppy drive. Some letters appear on the screen:


The clue is CAESAR-1. It’s a Caesar cipher. For each letter, go back one letter in the alphabet. So it goes:



Enter 9052 into the keypad and press the green PLAY button to complete the stage.

Level (Stage) 06:

This is a game of Bulls and Cows, or Mastermind. B represents Bulls, which are the number of colors that are in the right positions. C represents Cows, which is the number of colors that are in the wrong position. You have nine turns to figure it out before it resets itself. Each time you play will be different, so I can’t really help you here.

Once you get it, you then need to copy the colors of the wires to the right, starting from the one closest to you and working your way back. So it goes yellow, red, blue, green.

Line up the pipe so the two pieces are connected. Slide the cover off the key hole (trap door?) and then cover the pipe opening so the key will get pushed down. Drag the key to the lock and press the PLAY button to complete the level.


Level (Stage) 07:

First, find the hidden switch. Then, match all the opposites – 9 & 0, A & Z, E & W, N & S:


Next, look at the clue that says <09>. Left is West and right is East. So press W09E. Press the green PLAY button to complete the stage.

Level (Stage) 08:

First, solve the equation by tapping the numbers to rotate the symbols and move them around. It should go 8 x 7 – 6 / 5 + 4 = 14. Once it’s set up, press the POWER button.

Then, tap the buttons and follow the arrows, until all the buttons are pressed, leading up to the keyhole. Start with the button I highlighted below and when you finish, press the keyhole.


Now you need to find and press the four buttons that match the icons at the top. Notice the last one is missing. But something else looks like it — the Home button! Press the Home button last and answer YES when asked “Are you sure you want to unlock the next stage?” Then press the green PLAY button to complete the stage.



Stage 09:

First, tap and hold the hourglass button to turn on the screen. You can now change the channel using the dial.


Look at the last channel. It looks like it says CLON, but it’s actually telling you which buttons to press based on their locations on the grids on the other screens.


If you look at the first one with letters, you’ll get GOAL. You need to type it out like you would a text message on an old flip phone. So it goes 46662555#. You should get a green light lit up.


Next, let’s work on the second code. You need two screens for this. The ones with numbers. First work on the one that has a 1 & 2 in the upper right corner. Notice that if you add up the three numbers in any row or column, they equal 15. For instance, 2 + 7 + 6 = 15. So does 2 + 5 + 8. The 1 & 2 are telling you that 15 is the first two numbers of the code. So enter 15.


Now look at this screen with the 345 in the corner. Add up the three numbers in each row or column. They always add up to 177. For instance, 17 + 89 + 71 = 177. So does 17 + 59 + 101. Remember, it says 345 in the corner of the screen. That’s telling you that 177 is the third, fourth and fifth numbers of the code. So add 177 to the code to make it 15177#. Another light should turn on.


Now we need to figure out the last code. Slide the panel above the TV dial to the right to reveal some symbols that match the screen with symbols. Find those symbols on the screen.


Now, turn those symbols into letters form the alphabet. So it should go:


If you select the letters in order of the symbols, you get ICED. Type that out on the keypad and you get 444222333#. Press the green PLAY button to complete the level!


Stage 10:

The hint here is RADAR. You need to spell it out using the buttons. So it goes Right, A, Down, A, Right.


The radar will open up and reveal a small gear. Move it to the starting position of the maze. Notice the clue that tells you A-B… is ok but A-A… is not. So you have to go red, blue, red, blue, etc.


You need to use the directional pad to move the gear through the maze. As it goes over a blue or red light, it will change colors to the opposite. It goes: Right, Up, Up, Right, Down, Down, Right, Up, Up, Right, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Left, Up, Up, Up, Right, Down, Right, Down, Down, Right. Now the green PLAY button should appear. Press it and complete the stage!

Stage 11:

Tap the four rotating tiles until the gold square of each is in the gap so they connect to the wires. You can follow my order in the screenshot below.


Then, look at the little diagram on the left with the arrow. It’s showing you the order to follow the four tiles. Press the keypad buttons in that order so you get 1914.


Use the screwdriver to open the panel to the left and reveal a 0 button and a gold key. There’s also the clue LPM>24.


So this part is annoying. The L stands for the hands of a clock. The little Hand is on 3 and the big hand is on 12, so 3:00. It says PM, and if you put it in 24-hour army time, that’s 1500 hours. So the answer is 1500.


Use the key to open the lock and press the green PLAY button to complete the level!

Stage 12:

First, tap on the broken button until a piece breaks off. Drag it to this spot shown below. It’s going to act as a mirror later.


Then, find all the matches. It’s annoying and it’s different each game, so I can’t help you there.


You now have to use alchemy to mix elements to create new ones. This is all of them:

Fire + Earth = Lava
Water + Fire = Alcohol
Earth + Water = Swamp
Lava + Water = Stone
Air + Stone = Sand
Fire + Sand = Glass
Fire + Stone = Metal
Alcohol + Fire = Energy
Metal + Energy = Electricity
Swamp + Energy = Life
Electricity + Glass = Light bulb
Light bulb + Electricity = Light
Life + Stone = Egg
Egg + Swamp = Lizard
Lizard + Earth = Animal
Animal + Life = Human
Human + Light = Eye
Eye + Glass = Lens
Life + Sand = Seeds
Seeds + Earth = Tree

Next, we need to make a fire under the flask. For that, we need: Wood, Fire, Lens, Lamp, Mirror

So first, tap the Tree button and then the big button with cogs on it. Drag the tree package to the space under the flask. It will turn into wood!


Next, do the same for fire.


And now, the Lens. But drag it to the top of the flask. You may need to do it twice.


And last, make a Light bulb and drag it to the socket to the right of the lens. It will create a laser that unlocks the green PLAY button. Press it to complete the stage!


And that’s all for now! Check back here when more levels are added.

Stage 13:

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There’s an achievement in this game I can’t seem to get used there anyone who can tell me what it is? What I have so far is:
Magneto: activate the Magnet
Surprise: activate the backup protection system
Mathematician: solve the mathematical formula
Let there be light!: turn on the ultraviolet lamp
Caeser: solve the caeser cipher
Yin and Yang: connect the opposites
Pathfinder: find the path to the center of the labyrinth
It’s not over: find out the time spent on opening the mechanical box

Thanks in advance!

Jeremiah Stueven

To get the achievement “Oh my God! That’s so retro” Go to stage 10 & use the directional pad and buttons to enter the old Konami Code: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.

Sandy Rey

Did you complete all achievement?


Did you completed all achievements?

Dhawal Mistri

Different achievements by stage 01 – Magneto: Activate the magnet 02 – Surprise!: Activate the backup protection system 03 – Mathematician: Solve the mathematical formula 04 – Let there be light!: Turn on the ultraviolet lamp 05 – Caeser: Solve the Caeser cipher 06 – Genius: Guess the combination of colors set by the AI 07 – Yin and Yang: Connect the opposites 08 – Pathfinder: Find the path to the center of the labyrinth 09 – Welcome to the future!: Read the encrypted Text 10 – Air traffic controller: Solve the radar secret 10 – OMG! I’m so retro:… Read more »

CapCat Smartaxe

After level 6 it says level 7 coming soon….How can go pass this stage to reach level 7 or can someone tell me what to do with those 2 gears and the screwdriver?


you’re missing:
GODMODE_ON: create a Life
Level Up!: complete the tutorial

and the 10 is twice in your list


There is more than one way to solve the equation in stage 8. I used 8+7×6÷5-4. And thanks for the easy to follow guide, it helped me through some really sticky spots!


The second code is from both of the number grids. In the upper right hand corner it shows you the position for the answer you get. The first number grid solves to 177 no matter which column or row you add up and in the corner it has 345. The second one solves to 15 and has 12. So the final answer is 15177.

Bak Choy

The symbols are alphabets 🙂
a b c
d e f
g h i


Bak choy is right it is actually the futurama standard alien alphabet. And all it is is the first 9 letters of the alphabet. As text I have tried futurama and alien. I also tried entering “fry” text message style. Sadly “alien” won’t fit text message style. I’m out of ideas.


After level 6 it says level 7 coming soon….How can go pass this stage to reach level 7 or can someone tell me what to do with those 2 gears and the screwdriver?


Hey App Unrappear I Just Reveal That Stage 0 It’s Here! And I Think I Found A Solution!
(First Tap The Reverse Power On The Right Until You Get The Battery Next There It’s 4 Buttons You Have To Tap Like This (OXXO) And It Will Allowed You To Get The Key And Done!)


There are now more then 14 levels in the game. Time to update the walk-through.


Trying to get all achievements, still have 3 “Secret: Keep playing to learn more.” Here’s what I have: Wanderer: Open the box in one of the Parallel Universes. The Secret of the Box: Open the Portal Box. It’s Not Over: Find out the time spent opening the Mechanical Box. 101100010: Solve the puzzle with ones and zeros. Now You Have The Inventory: Unlock the Inventory. Three in the afternoon: Find the correct clock hands position. Air traffic controller: Solve the radar secret. OMG! I’m so retro!: Collect 30 lives. Welcome to the future: Read the encrypted text. Pathfinder: Find the… Read more »


I figured out GODMODE_ON: Create a life. Leaves two achievements I can’t find anywhere.

If anyone needs help with any I have, I’ll watch this thread for a bit.


All for zero:
Make the 4×4 panel of 0 and 1 to have zero in all 16 grids.

Only one left!


Guys, how do you get the god mode achivement?


You need to export the box of “life” by only choosing “life” and press the button.


The last one is “Fan”
Description : “Find an Easter egg carefully placed by developers”
You can fin it in Stage 05

If anyone needs help with it, I’ll watch this thread.


Yes! How do you get it?


At stage 5, when you need to enter the BIOS password, type 8915 instead of 8105.

I found it by test and trial, so i don’t have an explication for the why.


Nice! Thank you very much! At last I can uninstall it! Got all achievements 🙂


In MechBox 1 on level 8 you had to spell a word with “o” in it using a 9 button keypad. Since there was no “0” button, you had to spell out ZERO with the other keys by entering 8915.


Here is every Achievement listed and the level it’s located on: 00 – Level Up!: Complete the tutorial 01 – Magneto: Activate the magnet 02 – Surprise!: Activate the backup protection system 03 – Mathematician: Solve the mathematical formula 04 – Let There Be Light!: Turn on the ultraviolet lamp 05 – Fan: Find an Easter Egg carefully placed by developers 05 – Caesar: Solve the Caesar cipher 06 – Genius: Guess the combination of colors set by the AI 07 – Yin and Yang: Connect the opposites 08 – Pathfinder: Find the path to the center of the labyrinth… Read more »


Anyone solved the state 15?? After see the PC monitor with the time you took to finish the game, you can take off that screen with the screwdriver and then appears some gears, After You put the lost gear in the line you will see a new screen with a message, and down there it will be a portals ( gate 5 and gate 6) i don’t know what to do next, if I choose wherever of those gates the game just restart and I lose all my progress. (There is a message that told you that) I selected one… Read more »


I got all the achievements thanks to a comment above. When you finish the game, you open level 15 and start all over again. But, to get the achievement for completing the game for the second time, you need to finish level 15 with wifi open, so google play sees it. Then, you get the achievement and after the credits fall, it will also give you the achievement for 100% completion.


There are achievements?


how to get the wanderer

Haru cha

Crack level 15 and restart the game. Win the whole game again. Make sure you are logged in to google play and have a network connection at the moment of completion.


Can someone tell me the solution for level 14 achievement: All for zero! How do I have to press the buttons to have all 0. HELP!


There is new levels please check them out

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