‘Telepaint’ On Sale for Free, Updated with Expansion Pack

By: Acid Nerve


One of my favorite games of 2016, the adorable and clever puzzler, Telepaint by Acid Nerve, just went on sale for the crazy low price of zero dollars. That’s right. It’s never been on sale before, but if you didn’t grab it at full price, you can now have it absolutely FREE. Here’s some gameplay video if you still need convincing:

And, if that wasn’t enough good news, the game got updated with two more areas, totaling forty new levels to sink your teeth into for only $0.99. I’m about a quarter through the new content and loving every second of it. The first new mechanic added is levitation, and it offers some really tricky puzzles. Most of them seemed impossible at first glance, but I’ve managed to solve each one in order so far, after thinking things through carefully. The other mechanic, which I’ve only tried a bit so far, is a sort of mimic that copies the paint bucket’s movements. I’m trying to go in order, so I only played a couple of those levels. But both new mechanics really change things up. If you liked the original content, I highly recommend picking up the expansion for less than a buck! I’m always thrilled to get more of a quality game, especially when I didn’t know it was in the works. Even on a busy week when I have so many new games to play, this keeps pulling me back in. At the very least, grab the original content for free and give it a go!

And if you get stuck, I have a complete walkthrough guide for the original content.

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