The House of da Vinci: Walkthrough Guide Part 2

The House of da Vinci
By: Blue Brain Games

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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS, Android and PC puzzle adventure game, The House of da Vinci, by Blue Brain Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Looking for chapters 1 – 4?

Chapter 5 – Crypt:


Chapter 6 – Armory:





Here’s just the emerald maze puzzle:

Chapter 7 – Tower:

Here are the shapes from the paper. The puzzle itself is easy, but in case you forget the order, here they are.


And this is the first moon phase puzzle:



After you solve that, you’ll need to spin the hands on the Astrolabe to try and stay in tune with the moving tiles. When the symbols glow, that means you’re doing it right. But you need to follow the tiles and keep the symbols glowing long enough to clear it. It’s not easy, so just take your time with it.

This is the second moon phase puzzle:



Here’s just the sliding block/tile puzzles:

And here’s the full chapter:

Chapter 8 – Time Machine:


Count the different shapes here. You get 8 tetrahedrons (pyramids), 2 of the diamond-like shapes, and then 4 of the nearly spherical shapes.


Match those to the symbols next to them here:


And then use that information here:




For the boiler, you need to pump it and then pull the first three levers in this order. The third lighter will fall off. It’s upstairs, but before getting it you need to pump it and light the first two again. Once you replace it, the rest goes like this:


Here’s the water level puzzle:

And here’s the video for the whole chapter:

And that’s everything!

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30 thoughts on “The House of da Vinci: Walkthrough Guide Part 2

  1. Jax

    On the Astrobade (after setting the lunar cycles and then going to turn the dial on the above part) you don’t explain how the mechanism works.. you say ‘this part is tricky’ then you almost go on to explain it, but don’t.., I got this the first time by fluke and cannot get past it the second time. Can you explain how this works??

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      Ha sorry about that. It’s a tricky part and I think I got absorbed in solving it and lost my train of thought. Notice how when the part you’re controlling matches up with the moving tiles, the symbols glow. But they change direction quickly and you need to stay on top of them long enough to clear it.

      1. Karin

        When you say moving tiles, do you mean Match up the end of the dial with the gaps between the tiles or with the actual sets of tiles? And is it both ends of the dial or just one end? The white one? I’ve watched your video a dozen times and I still can’t spot the pattern. ?? What should I focus on?

      2. Karin

        Match up how? I seem to get them to glow briefly if I try to keep the ends of the dial in the gaps between moving tiles, but not when I try to keep them on top of the tiles. And is it both ends, or just one?
        Sorry if this is a double post, my earlier attempt to post seems to have failed.

    2. Jax

      And just like that.. it’s done!! Lol. Thank you so much, I’ve spent three days going round and round with my damn finger haha! ??

  2. Heidz

    Did you happen to have any issues in the armoury with the green and red gems? I can’t seem to move them left and right.

  3. Lauren

    I did the first astrolabe sequence before I had the crank, then did the second and now the game doesn’t seem to allow me to go back to the first. Thus appears to be a bug. I had to replay an earlier chapter do to a separate but similar bug. Im hoping I don’t have to do so again. Anyone have ideas?

  4. Trazko

    After putting the tripod mirror in place in the crypt, lined up correctly, then I go to the model and try to slide the steps and door part just like in the walk through, but it won’t budge. Help please

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      You have to light up the other ones again and then you’ll be able to find it upstairs. But if you don’t light them, you’ll go up for nothing.

  5. Mike

    In the crypt (place with the fireplace) I’m stuck on the wood pillar. Watched the walkthrough and it looks like I’m supposed to use the “cross” end to unlock it. However, I used it somewhere else and now I don’t have it anymore. Help?

  6. Ellen

    Hi, is there any logic to that Astrolab thingy with the moving tiles that are impossible to line up? :/ Or is it just trial and error? Frankly, the game stops there for me. I’ve managed to do it through the game once and complete it but I can’t do it again. Any hints? BTW – your site is wonderful! its my go to site when I get stuck! Keep up the good work!

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      It’s an annoying puzzle, for sure. I don’t think there’s any logic to the direction it goes. You just need to stay focused and on top of it as it keeps switching directions.

  7. Gege

    Help. I am stuck in the prison trying to remove the mortar from the bricks. I have a sharpened piece of metal but can’t get it to work. Any hints/tips?

  8. Ellen

    Hi, I’ve collected the achievements from all the chapters (except the Tower, I can’t find one there) and I’ve tapped on Achievements in the main menu, and it takes me to a courtyard with a painting, and then, nothing. Do you have any thoughts – or a walkthrough on this? I know it must be something fun 🙂

  9. Neliel

    Hi! Thanks for guide! Found bug: in the last chapter, if you in the beginning not only take the cog wheel from pipe 2, but also switch the levers there (I moved them all left) – later they will stuck and it will require a full restart of chapter.

    1. Bonnie N Rhoades

      This game is so [email protected]#king obnoxious. Ive been pissed off at it pretty much the whole time…..not even at the puzzles, but at the sheer clumsy awkwardness of the entire thing!

      But I am completely stuck in level 8 on [email protected]#ling pipe 1. Anyone wanna just do the damn thing for me before I theow my [email protected]#king phone?

      The Room games were so much better and about a zillion times less annoying.

  10. Linda

    Chapter 7:
    I can’t seem to do the Moon Puzzles on that round contraption – they just never line up right – I’m pulling my hair out. Is there some trick to this please?
    I still have the Dial Gear Assembly in my inventory.
    H E L P me please? Or I will just have to quit the game. This chapter is way harder than the first 6.
    Thank you.

  11. Linda

    Shoot – I thought I had to use the lever – I didn’t know I could turn the center dial. Trying again.

  12. Linda

    I’m at 12:23 on your Chapter 7 Video but I can’t figure out what it is you’re doing – you said “following” but I have no idea what it is you’re following? They really didn’t have to make this part this hard. *sigh* If you can offer any insight, it will be greatly appreciated.

  13. Linda

    Ok, I found another video and you’re “following” the blue symbols? It was terribly awful but I made it to the cellar and taking a breather before Chapter 8.
    Thank you! I was stuck for most of the past week. It feels good to get out of the tower in Chapter 7. Finally.

  14. Linda

    Thank you so much! I did really good until the middle of Chapter 7 – with your help, I just finished the game.

  15. Darbi Hebrank

    Hi! I for the life of me can’t fogure out WHY the pattern is what it is on the lock mechanism behind the brick wall in the #8! I have seen the answer but I want to know why it is what it is or if it is truly a guess thing. Maybe I just don’t know enough about how locks work. Thank you for all the time you out into this!

  16. Christine

    In chapter 5, after you light up the lenses around the castle you push the shields on the back of the castle in particular order. But how do you know what order? I would like to give my son a hint to figure it out instead of just guessing.


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