All That Remains: Complete Walkthrough Guide

31. Leave the room and go through the right doorway again. Go back to the bathroom. You need to press the right keys on the keyboard in the shower. Since it’s BEG, that’s the second key, fifth key, and seventh key. Quickly close the shower curtains and make note of the numbers that are highlighted: 08 & 25. Notice the white square with the red circle in the middle looks like the flag of Japan. We’ll use that info a little later.



32. Leave the bathroom. Use the pressure gauge on the red oxygen tank to see that the O2 level is at 12. Take a photo to remember it.



33. Go back to the pipes. Place each of the CO2 weights on the digital scale separately and you get 5 for one and 11 for the other. We’ll use this info soon. Leave the room. We’re done here.



34. Continue on to the blue oxygen tank near the war room and use the pressure gauge on it to see the O2 level is 44. Take a photo.



35. Go back all the way. Use the rotary phone to call the number on the scrap of paper (555-38-924). Take the key from the drawer.


This is how you use a rotary phone:

36. Go to the kitchen. Remember the clue about the BIG APPLE? Find the fruit bowl and use the magnifying glass with the largest apple. It will show you the time of 7:35. Take a photo of it.



37. Go to the computer. Use the glass plate on the note beside it. Line up the symbols on the plate with the symbols on the note. You’ll have to do this three times. For the one on the top, the letters highlighted spell out MONKEY. If you look at the painting of that symbol on the wall, it has the numbers 5 and 4 next to it.


The next symbol highlights the word MOUSE and has a 2 and 6 next to it on the wall.


And finally, the last symbol spells out FOX and has a 1 and 3 next to it on the wall.


Put them all together and you get:

1 – Fox
2 – Mouse
3 – Fox
4 – Monkey
5 – Monkey
6 – Mouse

38. Go through the door to the left. Use the crowbar to open the barrel of toxic liquid. Fill the jar with some of the right yellow liquid.



39. Go back and through the right door. Enter the bedroom again. Zoom in on the toy on the floor. Press the animal buttons in the order we figured out before. So Fox, Mouse, Fox, Monkey, Monkey, Mouse. Take the toy alien from inside.



40. Go back and straight ahead. Open the door in front of you and place the ladder down. Climb up and use the jar of yellow liquid as a light so you can see.




41. Take a photo of the poster that says YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.


42. There’s another puzzle here with the words MY FUTURE IS THE RESULT OF MY BROTHER’S PAST. Take a photo of it. Then pull out the photo of the one downstairs. Copy that pattern.



43. Go downstairs and take out the original pattern you saw upstairs. Copy that pattern to the one down here. Take the wooden piece from the security box.




44. Go back and left. Remember the poster from the attic? It said YOU can change the world. Spell out YOU on the globe and take a bottle of Premium Russian Vodka. Notice is says X:XX on it. We’ll use that information later.




45. Place the toy alien by the UFO and the UFO will start flashing red lights. Keep track of the order either through photos or using pen and paper.






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25 thoughts on “All That Remains: Complete Walkthrough Guide

      1. CatReader

        I see AppUnwrapper has included a link to a video about dialling a rotary phone. I had a momentary problem with dialling. On the game’s phone, one dials clockwise. In the real world, rotary dialling was counter-clockwise in the USA.

        1. Susb8383

          Not true. I live in the U.S. and we had a rotary phone way past when most people had buttons. You turn the dial clockwise as well.

          Thanks for the walk through. I never did figure out the Moscow time but just changed the hands until it worked since I had the other three. What was the point of the Jules Verne book? Maybe that will come up in Part 2.

          1. susb8383

            Yes, I know. But he says in the comment that rotary dial is counter-clockwise in the U.S., which isn’t true.

            1. CatReader

              I retract my statement regarding rotary dialing in the U.S.: it was clearly clockwise, just as Susb8383 stated. What was different from the phone in the bunker is that our phones placed the 1 closest to the dial stop and 0 farthest away. I definitely remember the relative distances the dial had to rotate. In fact, when faced with the phone in the puzzle, I initially tried to dial it in reverse direction.

              Susb8383, for the Moscow time, the clue is on the bottle of vodka. Read the label carefully.

              1. Beansie

                Yes Catreader you are right! The rotary dial phones (in the U.K. as well as US and Australia) started with the number 1 at the top of the dial ie the number requiring the least amount of dialling! As the emergency number in the U.K. was – and still is – 999 I remember there was always a debate about the length of time it took to dial 999 because of the extra time it took the dial to purr back round, before you could dial the next number. I love the fact that I’m so old I can remember this and most of you are so young that you need a video of how to use a rotary dial! Lol ? Hope you managed to work out the radio, or should that be wireless!

  1. Rachele C

    How do you get the ladder down in step 40? Everytime I try it says “I can’t reach. I need something to help.”

  2. The Jake

    On Android, at end of game, when you open door, the final video crashes. Well, it is called glitch games. Hehe. Reported bug.

  3. mn3m0n1c

    Is there anything that I need to do in order for the phone to work?
    I have the advert.
    I dial the the number by pulling the rotary wheel around to the finger stop.
    Nothing happens.
    There is no dial tone, no ringing, no answer, no drawer opening. No bloody key.
    I have the most recent update although I tried before the update as well.
    I watched the walkthrough video but did not see anything.
    Short of deleting the and reinstalling the app, any ides

  4. Beansie

    I got to the very end, pulled the lever and went to the locked door and the final lock is still locked! Is that how it’s supposed to end?

  5. P.A.

    “They were born 1 year and 5 days apart. So that means Cam’s 21st birthday was either on 9/9/1981, or 9/19/1983.” You don’t have to try two dates. Campbell has already mentioned having to babysit his sister so it is clear he is the older sibling.

  6. Steven

    I put the floppy disk in and there are no options to select ‘1’ or ‘4’ – just the same enter password to login page that was there before. ‘BKR-GH00942337’ doesn’t work at that point. Great walkthrough – I would never completed the pipes puzzle without it.

  7. Wendy

    I can’t get the tile to open to show me the security box. I’ve done the patterns, pressed the button but nothing happens. Not sure what I am missing.


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