How to Open The Desk Drawer and Gym Bag in ‘Ellie – Help me out…please’

Ellie – Help me out…please
By Ateam

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have trouble with a couple of puzzles in Ateam’s Ellie – Help me out…please after all these years, so I decided to replay the game and offer a little extra help for those who need it. I also updated my original guide, but in case you want to avoid spoilers and just get help with those two puzzles, you can use this guide.

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Desk Drawers:

On the desk, there’s an engraving with the names of dead people. You’ll also see some numbers. The bottom numbers appear to always be the same — 30. It’s the top two numbers that will be different each game. For the purpose of this guide, I’ll use the screenshot below, which has 0 and 8.


Look at the poster on the wall.


Each number has two or three dots and dashes. For this puzzle, 1 and 2 will never come up as options because they only have two dots or dashes and this puzzle requires three. Together with 3 and 0, the dashes will form either the letter L or the letter C. Look at the screenshot below to see how it works out for 030 and 830.


Can you see that they look like CCC CLC?

C = Center

L = Left

You don’t even need to pay attention to anything but the top two numbers. A dot will be an L and a dash will be a C.

But to help out even more, here is a diagram for all the possible numbers. Just combine the two that you have:

330 = LLL
430 = LLC
530 = LCL
630 = LCC
730 = CLL
830 = CLC
930 = CCL
030 = CCC


Now that you’ve figured out your sequence, put them together and try to open the drawers in that order. So for me, it goes Center, Center, Center, Center, Left, Center. Make sure to tap the screen to clear the girl’s words after each tap, so each pull registers.

Then open the drawer and look for the trowel and word “M.onStar.”

Gym Bag:

The gym bag uses the same poster as the desk puzzle. But it’s harder because instead of being given numbers, you have to watch the ring’s sparkling and translate it into dots and dashes, like Morse code.


You need to pay attention to the three sets of 2-3 flashes and then find them on the poster to see which number they represent.

The trickiest part of this is that 1 and 2 only have two dots or dashes. So there’s a longer gap between them and the next number, making it hard to tell where the beginning of the sequence is. So if you end up with two dots or a dot and dash followed by a long gap, that might be the last sequence, but it might not be. If that happens, just try reordering the numbers for the bag lock.

Just keep watching the sparkling ring and work out one number at a time until you have all three. Good luck!

If you’re still having trouble, you can try my walkthrough video:

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