Linelight: Walkthrough Guide, Hints, Tips and Tricks

By: BT Productions (My Dog Zorro)


This is a walkthrough guide with hints, help, tips and tricks for the iOS, Android and PC game, Linelight, by My Dog Zorro and BT Productions. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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– For the mobile version of the game, the controls are very simple. You can play either in portrait mode or landscape mode. I like portrait mode, as you can use just one hand.

– The entire screen is the joystick. Use either hand and move your thumb around to control the light.

– When you come to the orange enemies that move with you, you can double tap and hold to make them move without you.


– Red enemies move on their own. This is where the game gets more reflex-based, since they move in real time.

– Orange enemies move with you. You can also double-tap and hold to make them move without you. Some move faster than you do, so be careful!

– Purple enemies only move when you move and hold down on your light while doing so. They work like a magnet. It’s a bit confusing.

– Pink enemies are Echos and record some of your moves and then mimic them.

General Tips and Tricks:

– There are lots of checkpoints! Don’t worry so much about dying. Just dust yourself off and try again.

– There are hidden green stars in the game. If you look at the world map, anywhere you see a small white dot, there’s a hidden path that leads to a green star.

– There are different types of switches and doors throughout the game. Some switches move colored platforms. Others open doors.

– There are also keys you pick up that open doors.

– When you get a tail in world 3, notice that the middle can deflect enemies!

– Enemies can grow tails, too!


– Don’t forget about the Epilogue!

– There’s a green light in the epilogue that helps you get the pink star!


I don’t know that I’ll make a walkthrough for the entire game, but here’s some of the first world:

And here’s some of World 2:

Let me know if you need any specific help!

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  1. Ethan

    Can you help me with world 3 on linelight

  2. Orion

    Need help level 6 please,

  3. Robin

    I’m completely stuck on World 3, a simple square with a red light going around. I acquire a very long tail going in and there’s no way to wind it all up on the other side before the red light hits it. I’m playing on iPhone.

  4. Ash

    What does the red star do as it doesn’t come up in the collection and it doesn’t seem to change anything in the game? P.S. Is there also any reason why my yellow star collection shows 206/205 saying I have an extra star.

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