Lost & Alone: Walkthrough Guide

61. Continue on through the door to the conductor’s control center. Place the wheel crank in the hole and turn it a few times. The lights will flash and you’ll get another clue for your journal.


62. Go back to screen 64. Place the sword with the axe and shield. Then turn them to match the broom clue from your journal.


63. Head right to screen 69 and continue through the cave to screen 70. You’ll automatically get a clue of some bones for your journal.



64. Continue ahead to screen 71. Read he journal entry and pick up the glass fragment.

65. Continue ahead to screen 72. Place the pebble in the slot above the engraving and solve the puzzle to get a fire stone and pencil.


66. Go back all the way to screen 59 and head down the right path to screen 76 and then 77. Read the note and take the glass fragment from near the metal bars.

67. Take out the clue from the train lights to solve the cave lights puzzle. It goes green, green, red, red, yellow.


68. Continue on to screen 84 and then to 85. Pick up the crossbow and solve the three-card Monte game by pressing the button to shuffle the cards round and then choosing the right card where the Queen is. You have to get it right a few times to get past it, but they don’t seem to need to be in order.

69. Head through the new opening to screen 86 and then straight ahead to the cabin at screen 88.

70. Go inside to screen 90. Use the pencil to repair the cassette tape. Then insert the tape into the player and press PLAY. It will play a tune and reveal a ship wheel. Rotate it to raise up some stepping stones.

71. Go back to screen 86. Take the path to the waterfall at screen 87. Place the three glass fragments on the fish and then take the prism.

72. Go back to screen 84. Place the prism on the pedestal and solve the marbles puzzle. It’s basically Chinese Checkers. You need to jump over all the marbles until you only have three left. Take the lotus flower and stick.

73. Go back to screen 77. Head left towards the statue and place the lotus flower in her hands. Take the wild berries.

74. Continue on ahead to screen 78. Use the crossbow to shoot the crow. 🙁

75. Continue on ahead to screen 79. Pick up the unlit torch.

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125 thoughts on “Lost & Alone: Walkthrough Guide

  1. amir sardar

    hey guys.i’m stuck at screen 67. i can’t open the train door. i don’t have the old key for it. what can i do my friends?please advice. thanks

  2. Amanda

    Hey guys. I’m just a bit confused with the clock part. I get the eleventh hour and the raining, but why is twenty five past supposed to be pointing at the five??

    1. jj

      it’s like a regular analog clock. The 11th hour would have the little hand on the 11 and the 25th minute would have the large hand on the 5.

  3. tarun saha

    i think all is just fake. they need money. after that all you cam access to the clock in scene 19


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