Lost & Alone: Walkthrough Guide

76. Continue on to screen 80. Place the wild berries and the crow on the stone and go through the door to screen 82.

77. Use the fire stone and stick to light a fire on the pile of wood. Use it to light the torch.

78. Continue ahead to screen 83. Place the Chinese coin to the right of the puzzle to activate it. Rotate the discs to make the image of an Egyptian goddess.

79. Continue ahead to screen 73 and then 74. Read he diary entry and zoom in on the sword. It’s Simon Says. You need to watch the pattern of colors and then press them in the same order. The first goes yellow, red, red. The next is blue, yellow, blue, red. The third is yellow, blue, yellow, red, blue. And the last is blue, blue, red, yellow, yellow, yellow. Take the ancient egg.

80. Continue on to screen 75. Take the door knocker and old ladder.

81. Go back to screen 82 and take the stairs up to screen 82a. Place the ancient egg on the stone and solve the apples puzzle. You need to make a row of red apples that matches the apples in the trees. Take the magnet.



82. Go back to screen 80 and use the ladder to reach the satellite dish. Straighten it up.

83. Go back to screen 41. Place the magnet in the brackets to the left and then flick the switch on the right. Continue on through to screens 42, 43, 44, to the building at screen 45.


84. Place the door knocker on the door. Then head left to screen 47 and take the knife and pry bar.

85. Continue on to screen 48. Use the pry bar to push the boulder down the path.

86. Continue on to screen 49, then 50 and go inside the cave to screen 51. You’ll get a clue for your diary.


87. Head left to screen 54. Take the statue fragment 2 and use the knife to cut the rope and get the brass ring.

88. Go back to screen 51. Head right to screen 52. Look at the license plate on the ground to get a clue for your journal.


89. Continue to screen 53. There’s a puzzle here we’ll have to come back to later.

90. Go back to screen 45. Add the brass ring to the door knocker. Use the clue from inside the cave to solve the puzzle. So knock them in the order shown below:


Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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    1. Nikki Shears

      Find the ornament glass piece first, then line them up in this order: Large. Large. Medium. Medium. Small. Small

  1. Nikki Shears

    Stuck on wolf and sheep puzzle

    1. Elysia

      2 wolves across, 1 wolf back.
      2 wolves across, 1 wolf back.
      2 sheep across, 1 sheep and 1 wolf back .
      2 sheep across, 1 wolf back.
      2 wolves across, 1 wolf back.
      2 wolves across

      1. Nikki Shears

        Thank you!!!!!

  2. Al

    Stuck on scene 22 front door

    1. Nikki Shears


      1. Al


      2. Nikki Shears

        Then click on them how many butterflies you see in the book.

    1. Nikki Shears

      The left ones are one two three. The right ones are 4 5 6 If I remember correctly. Look in the book for the numbers then use the knockers to open the door good luck ! I hope I was right .

      1. Ken Lalonde

        IS there any thing else you did to get in cause I did 679 on left side and 119 on right side ?

        1. Nikki Shears

          Try one two three left then 456 right side . You have to follow the numbers from the book on the door .

          1. Ken Lalonde

            LEft side 1,2,3 (679). Right side 4,5,6 (119) ? Nothing happens

            1. Nikki Shears

              No thoes numbers are for something else that I do not know what it is for.
              The numbers you need are 1,5,3,6,2,4 try doing one two three on the left side and 456 on the right side .hopefully the rest of the walkthrough will be up soon .

                1. Nikki Shears

                  Welcome ..

    2. Varcheron

      yeah me too. it was a bug, i guess. I did knock like the diary note but nothing happened.

  3. Tanya

    Stuck on the wires and letter puzzle

  4. Nikki Shears

    If any one figures out the wolf and sheep puzzle please let me know I’ve been on it for days .

    1. Elysia

      2 wolves across, 1 wolf back.
      2 wolves across, 1 wolf back.
      2 sheep across, 1 wolf and 1 sheep back.
      2 sheep across, 1 wolf back.
      2 wolves across, 1 wolf back.
      2 wolves across.

  5. Al

    Has any one had a problem with seen 41 after placing magnet zooming in on switch but no joy in switching I have enabled satellite dish wondering wether there is a bug

    1. Nikki Shears

      You have to walk through the tunnel on scene 41 at the end a gate should be open

      1. Al

        Hi Nikki no the gate isn’t open hence why I’m wondering wether there is a bug

        1. Nikki Shears

          Did you press the switch?

          1. Al

            Yes no joy

    2. Nikki Shears

      Did you turn on the switch?

      1. Al

        I take it that is the switch to the right of the magnet

    3. Jennylam

      Just update your game.

  6. Christina

    I have tried 123 456 on the door knockers too and it’s not working. Where is the clue with the numbers?

    1. Nikki Shears

      The numbers you need are 1,5,3,6,2,4

      1. Ken Lalonde

        Hey Nikki I tried the numbers there must be a glitch cause I tried for 2 days now same numbers too

        1. Nikki Shears

          The left side is one two three and the 456 is on the right side so use the numbers The numbers you need are 1,5,3,6,2,4 on the doors

        2. james ezell

          6 door knocker……(1) push once….(11) push once (111)…..push once(1111) push once continue up to (111111) just push exact place on note or on rock 1-6. hope someone understands me. Thanks Janet

  7. Christina

    IS there a specific order you have to do with the numbers? I’ve tried everything ugh

    1. Nikki Shears

      The numbers you need are 1,5,3,6,2,4 one two three are on the left side 456 on the right side

      1. james ezell

        6 door knocker? left side (1)1…(2)5…(3)3 right side (4)6….(5)2….(6)4…????????? help…..Janet

      2. Christina

        Yeah tried that not working :/ do you do the left side first then the right?

      3. Jude Dee

        I have tried that several times, and various other combinations. Still no joy.

        1. kytriya

          try 153624. Meaning, top left, middle right, bottom left, bottom right, middle left, top right.

  8. Lana Lobley

    How do you solve the sword puzzle?

    1. Johnnie Weddell

      To solve the sword in the stone, tap the base of sword blade and it will show you the correct sequence. Repeat a few times.

  9. Jonathan

    S85 – puzzle cards.
    I found the Queen card in the card game/puzzle in the cave and heard a “chime” sound as if I solved it. But no opening appeared in the cave to let me out. It keeps saying it’s too high up to reach but there’s nowhere left to find more rope or a ladder

    1. Christina

      I had to try the queen games a couple of times before it actually worked

  10. Johnnie Weddell

    I have used the colored bell clue for entrance into the cave, scene 77 but it is not working. HELP!

    1. Christina

      It’s green green red red yellow

      1. Johnnie Weddell

        That is not working. I am stuck. I am desparate.

        1. Shohna

          I had same prob Johnnie, I left cave and went back a minute later tried again and it worked! …maybe a glitch?!

          1. Johnnie Weddell

            I restarted game and it still won’t work. Where is the clue for this found? I have some bells with colored rings.

          2. Johnnie Weddell

            I got it. I WASN’T using right clue. I had to solve other stuff first.

          3. Beatrice

            Io non riesco ad accedere il fuoco..uso la pietra del sole che penso sia la pietra focaia e il bastone ma non succede niente..mi potete aiutare?

      2. Akash

        Not working

  11. Jude Dee

    For those stuck on the door knocker one- using the numbered orders of the knockers, knock each one once………. top left once, middle right once, bottom left once, bottom right once, middle left once and top right once

    1. Christina

      Omg thank you

  12. Corina Gomez

    Cannot understand the marble puzzle, I try pressing each marble but nothing happens, please help

    1. CatReader

      The marble puzzle is the type where you eliminate marbles by making one marble “jump” over another to the unoccupied space on the other side, which eliminates the marble beneath. I have forgotten already, but I think you tap the marble you want to make move, then tap where you want it to land; the marble that was jumped disappears. To solve, you need to reduce the remaining marbles to 3, if I recall. There is a reset button on the scene to begin again.

      1. Htet Akar Kyaw

        I cannot solve Marble Puzzel. When l doing solve. Give me

  13. Athawulf

    hello guys…how to solve S72 swivel statue? and S43 closed grid? thanks in advance

  14. Athawulf

    hi guys, how to solve S72 wievel statue? and S43 closed grid? thanks in advance

    1. Johnnie Weddell

      The Ganesh goes in middle the bust to the right and woman to keft.

  15. Athawulf

    finito incredibile!!!!!! ahahahahah

  16. Shohna

    Hi, anyone know the sequence for the sword In S74?

    1. Johnnie Weddell

      I’m stuck there too.

  17. Lisa

    Stuck on apple puzzle!

  18. jane

    i cant solve apple puzzle help

  19. CatReader

    Regarding the ending, I was surprised twice! Pretty good game. I think the clue to use in solving the puzzle of moving the apples should be more visible or better laid out. I couldn’t see enough detail to know how to arrange the apples. Even after I used a hint, I more or less guesse the exact arrangement of the apples

  20. Cheryl

    Scene 6b inside the tree I cannot get up the rope ladder. It doesn’t work.

    1. Ndkdnsbajs

      First use the hammer to break the stone then use rope ladder

  21. Betzaida

    Stuck on scene 53,I think I missed something,what was I supposed to do before hand

  22. Jennie

    Where do I find the “statue fragment”?

  23. M. Srihari haran

    I cannot access to the clock in screen 19. It is asking to pay for the full game. Pls tell me how to play without paying money.

    1. Rajesh

      a pack of hints and it is impossible then to get access to the clock plz help me to escape from this pack i want to play this interesting game plz help me out.

    2. Nweni Win

      I can’t tap on the clock after reading the plaque

    3. Areesha

      I cannot tap on the clock in screen ,19 how to play

      1. Sree

        Yes me too

  24. Bruna

    Não consigo pegar o prisma aonde ele fica porque não consegui achar ?

  25. Azman

    I cannot access to the clock in screen 19. It is asking to pay for the full game. Pls tell me how to play without paying money

    1. Kay Thwe Aung

      I can’t touch the clock. They asked for money and they didn’t express how to pay money. It is such a kind of disappointment. I can’t even sleep

  26. Astha

    Sir I’m unable to click on clock it’s always shows a pack of hints and it is impossible then to get access to the clock plz help me to escape from this pack i want to play this interesting game plz help me out.

  27. Yduddt

    I try at puzzle number 67. I press green, green, red, red, yellow. But it dosn’t work. Please help us. Thanks

    1. Mitra

      Try green green yellow yellow red

  28. Jennylyn

    I cannot access to the clock in screen 19. It is asking to pay for the full game. Pls tell me how to play without paying money

  29. Besley

    I can’t access the clock it asks for paying for the hints of full game will u pls help me

  30. Pam Landrum

    Cannot get clock to Work

  31. linda

    Thank you for your w/t! I had started this game twice before (or more) but my Android went wonky on me. So, I got a bigger iPad and yesterday played the game! I didn’t care much for the final screen but the game itself is extraordinary! And their hints (using the magnifying glass) was perfect!

      1. Amanda

        Is there a way to do the clock or do I have to pay? Not sure why that question isn’t answered as far as I can see especially being it’s been asked so much a simple answer would be appreciated!! Thankyou

    1. Osas

      How do I pass through the clock stage without paying,pls.

  32. Suhs

    Can’t open the clock.. could not find the bike clue

    1. linda

      The bike clue is just the flowers on the bike frame. The bike is in front of the building with the clock.
      But to do the clock, you have to look at the sign to the left of the door – a plaque with a ‘rhyme’ on it about time and weather.

      1. Gia

        But it shows that store notification and all.
        Will you tell wht exactlly to do after looking the plaque.

        1. linda

          9. Look at the plaque next to the door on the building. It says:
          ΓÇ£On the Eleventh hour,
          At Twenty-Five Past,
          I look up at the sky,
          As rain falls fast.ΓÇ¥
          10. Tap on the clock. Move the small hand to XI (11) and the big hand on V (5) for 25. Then rotate the clouds so the rainy one is at the top. Go inside to screen 20.

          1. Zin Ko

            If touch the clock, show unlocked noti!
            How to continue?

        2. Nweni Win

          mee too how can i escape from

        3. Sohrab

          same here

  33. linda

    I cannot and would not tell you how to play without paying. For all others asking, the answers are in the walkthrough and I even posted what number in the w/t.

    1. Osas

      Old Linda what number in the w/t is the clue to setting the time right in stage 19

  34. Elaine Kidman

    I can not find diary entry for sword in stone

    1. Mitra

      Me too?

    2. Jude Dee

      Press on the blade and there will be a sequence of lights flashing on the handle. Copy the light sequence, then after all the lights flash green, press the blade again and repeat

  35. Mitra

    Hi. I couldn’t see the pattern of colors in s 74 to solve the sword ,and I tried yours but it doesn’t answer. please help meΓò¼├┤Γö£ΓöÉ╬ô├▓├ª

  36. faz

    I cant reach that clock tower its asking money pls help me

  37. faz

    and also that 10 th level wht should do for that. pls help me.

  38. Akila kannaiah

    I cant reach that clock tower s asking money. Give me a solution

  39. Arr chelle

    I can’t open/tap the clock,it has a price for 255..

  40. Mia

    stuck on scene19 i cant click the clock what should i do?

  41. Aman

    I cannot access to the clock in screen 19. It is asking to pay for the full game. Pls tell me how to play without paying money.

  42. Fawziya

    I cannot access to the clock in screen 19. It is asking to pay for the full game. Pls tell me how to play without paying money

  43. Zin Ko

    How to pass the clock unlocked problem?

  44. myat zaw

    I can’t open the doorknocker in 45

    1. Gamer

      You have to knock in that order, so just one knock.

  45. Julie m linder

    I can’t get past the sword in the stone. I can’t get it to light up

    1. Kate

      I had the same problem this morning but figured it out. You have to touch the blade of the sword to get the lights going each time.

  46. Danielle

    IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve tried the door knockers 100 Times in the right pattern and it will not open… help!

    1. Kate

      You knock each one only once, but in the pattern from the diary clue. So, knock the top left one first, then knock the middle right one, then lower left, lower right, middle left, top right. All only one knock each.

  47. amir sardar

    hey guys.i’m stuck at screen 67. i can’t open the train door. i don’t have the old key for it. what can i do my friends?please advice. thanks

    1. streetoast

      There is a key on the typewriter. Go there and get the key!

  48. Amanda

    Hey guys. IΓÇÖm just a bit confused with the clock part. I get the eleventh hour and the raining, but why is twenty five past supposed to be pointing at the five??

    1. jj

      it’s like a regular analog clock. The 11th hour would have the little hand on the 11 and the 25th minute would have the large hand on the 5.

  49. me

    What to do with balls on84 screen?

  50. Richard

    I always get a pay Screen in Screen 18 when I tap on the clock

    1. Richard

      Sorry it is screen 19

    2. tarun saha

      how could i tap on the clock in scene 19

  51. tarun saha

    i think all is just fake. they need money. after that all you cam access to the clock in scene 19

  52. Jan

    I canΓÇÖt get past the clock because when I click on it my only option is to go to the store to buy the full version

  53. NiΓö£ΓûÆa geronimo

    Can I use regular load just to continue playing… Please

  54. Ansha

    When I click at the clock it doesn’t open !! & Demand for payment $4

  55. Laurie H

    I too tap on the clock and I need to purchase the adventure pack for 4.99 in order to go further!! What if I can figure it out myself!!

  56. Carmen

    Hola me sale bloqueado la etapada donde sale la bicicleta tengo.q pagar para seguir jugando ?

  57. Angelia

    Does anyone know how to solve the marble puzzle?

    1. Angelia

      Never mind I figured it out 😃

  58. Erick Orlando

    Stuck on the clock,, telling me to unlock hints whatever

  59. Mandy

    Can someone help. I am stuck on S11 and need to get to S12 i have?

  60. Bois

    Stuck on 19. Buy the game for 4.99Γé¼

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