Lost & Alone: Walkthrough Guide

91. Go inside to screen 46. You’ll get a clue for your journal about the Sheep & Wolves Puzzle.


92. Take the lantern and look at the painting on the wall to get a clue for your journal.




93. For the wolves and sheep puzzle, do this:

Send 2 wolves right.
Send 1 wolf left.
Send 2 wolves right.
Send 1 wolf left.
Send 2 sheep right.
Send 1 sheep and 1 wolf left.
Send 2 sheep right.
Send 1 wolf left,
Send 2 wolves right.
Send 1 wolf left.
Send 2 wolves right.

Take the dime.

94. Go back to screen 53. Solve the flowers puzzle using the clue from the painting.

95. Use the lantern to see in the dark and take the statue fragment 1.

96. Go back to screen 51. Go straight ahead to screen 55 and then 56. Place the two stage fragments on the statues and go read the diary entry. Head through the bushes.

97. Enter the telephone booth and insert the dime. Dial the number from the license plate, 679-119.

98. Hop onto the tram and enjoy the ride! Then continue along the path and watch the end. Or is it?

Congratulations! You completed the game!

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125 thoughts on “Lost & Alone: Walkthrough Guide

  1. amir sardar

    hey guys.i’m stuck at screen 67. i can’t open the train door. i don’t have the old key for it. what can i do my friends?please advice. thanks

  2. Amanda

    Hey guys. I’m just a bit confused with the clock part. I get the eleventh hour and the raining, but why is twenty five past supposed to be pointing at the five??

    1. jj

      it’s like a regular analog clock. The 11th hour would have the little hand on the 11 and the 25th minute would have the large hand on the 5.

  3. tarun saha

    i think all is just fake. they need money. after that all you cam access to the clock in scene 19


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