Bertram Fiddle Episode 2, A Bleaker Predicklement: Walkthrough Guide

Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2: A Bleaker Predicklement
By: Rumpus Animation

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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide for the iOS, Android and PC point-and-click adventure game, Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2: A Bleaker Predicklement, by Rumpus Games.

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Note: You can hold a finger on the screen to see all the hot spots!

Chapter 1, An Unexpected Occurrence:

You can watch my video walkthrough for Chapter 1 here or continue to my step-by-step guide below:

1. Answer the phone. Then pick up the Telegramatic Fuse Capacitator and plug it into the telegram machine. Start calling people by looking at the letters and numbers below their names and inserting the cables into those slots. For instance, the first one, Mr Alfred Grumpston, looks like the photo below. (And try calling him a second time just for fun!)


2. Use the arrows above and below the names to cycle through them. Call them all until you get three people to buy soap. It’s fun to listen to them all, but if you want to go straight to the buyers, call these three people: Mr. Bob Gollibles, Mr. Keith De Bauchery, and Ms. Agatha Muttonlugs.




3. Head through the doorway to the right to get upstairs and enter Mr. Dulsworth’s office. You can open the closet and check out his secret passage, but there’s not much to do there right now.

4. Pull down the motivational painting of a dog to reveal a safe. Then inspect his desk. The second page of his notebook says, “Turn that frown upside down.” If you look at the page upside-down, the word “HELL” at the top actually looks like the numbers 7734. That’s the safe code! Enter it in the safe and take the ink pot. You then have the choice whether to take the love letter or not. It will change the story a bit, but there’s no right or wrong choice.




5. Use the ink with the ink stamper and then use it to stamp your work ticket.


6. Leave the office and head through the left door. Feel free to examine the soaps. Then talk to Mr. Tibbs. Give him your stamped work ticket and he’ll unlock the gate. Go through.

7. Talk to the Evening Burble news boy and the construction worker. You can also check out the jail (Darkdeed Gaol). Head left.

8. Feel free to talk to the oranges guy, Oscar the protester, and check out the Manporium. There’s nothing to do in there at the moment, so leave and talk to Emmelina. If you tap on her bag, she’ll tell you she’s going away for a few days but won’t say where.

9. Look at the map behind her to see how to get to Tormently Hill. Then head left and continue on left to Mrs. Dulworth’s place.


10. Tap on the intercom. Mrs. Dulsworth has trouble hearing you but the cameras work so she can see. You need to go the wall of posters and pull off words so it reads “Eye Ham Bird Tram Fig Dull” or “I am Bertram Fiddle.”



11. Head through the gate and towards the house. Feel free to look around and talk to the guy digging a hole. Then enter the house and talk to Mrs. Dulsworth. Open the dresser to see her camera screens? Depending on whether or not you took the love letter, she’ll say different things. But just look through her telescope, check out the stuffed animals, and then leave.

12. Leave and head right again. It’s Geoff the Murderer and he’s either murdered again or attempted to murder the flower saleswoman. Inspect the body and Sherlock Holmes will appear and think you’re Geoff the Murderer. You’ll end up in jail!

Click on the little numbers below to continue to Chapter 2 or click here.

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  1. Giny

    Why did u left the adventure here? I’m stuck with the goat and a some glowing fingerprints… Please help! T_T

    1. Roxane Daniélou

      Il faut juste aller sur la page suivante pour avoir la suite de la solution, Giny!

  2. Terri Beckman

    Thanks for the walkthrough! And kudos to you for supporting the game I noticed your name in the credits😊

  3. Lauren

    Did anyone play this on their iPhone? It wonΓÇÖt let me get out from the picture of his chest.

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