Bertram Fiddle Episode 2, A Bleaker Predicklement: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 3, Fleeing Treachery:

You can watch my video walkthrough for Chapter 3 here or continue to my step-by-step guide below:

1. Have Bertram try and run across the plank. He’ll stop in the middle and tell Gavin to follow him. Then they’ll break the wood and fall through.


2. Remove the valve from the right pipe and attach it to the left pipe. Steam will start jetting out. Count the number of jets in each corner of the screen and then put them in order clockwise, so you get 2513. Enter that into the wall combination lock to open the door. Go through.



3. Now you have to get through the sewer maze. First, go through these numbered doors to get to the sewer snail slime and pick it up.


4. Next, get back to the start. Use the snail slime on the rusty handle. Then have Gavin turn it to shut off the green sludge.


5. And last, follow these steps to the doorway that was just revealed.


6. Talk to Count Fulchmuckle and then head up the ladder to meet Lord Arthwipe again! He’ll give them both disguises and help them get away from the police. Pick up the monkey’s paw and take a drink if you’d like, then leave the room.


7. Go left to the Adventurer’s Club and use the monkey’s paw to get the cogwheel off the penny-farthing.


8. Go back to the Manporium. Use the cogwheel to fix her sewing machine so the man in there can leave. Follow him outside and he’ll push the orange cart so you can go through the tunnel to the next scene.


9. Enter Mr. Lawrence’s meat shop, or Butcharium. Head left and pick up the sausage from the sausage machine and the donkey bladder. Feel free to play around with the meat mound. Talk to the owner and then leave. He’ll call someone and…tell them that you’re here?



10. Head right into Walter Winkle’s Sweets shop. If you go right, the twins from the first game will recognize you and pull off your disguises. They have a balloon you want, but we’ll come back for it later. Leave the shop.

11. Head right to the Mechanical Toys shop. Take the cog from out front and head inside.


12. Have Gavin pick up the robot arm and place it on the robot. Tap on the robot and then add the cog and donkey bladder to his insides. Talk to the toy maker and then leave.

13. Head down the path between the butcher shop and the candy shop to the line in front of the Puddington train station. Give the sausage to the woman’s dog and then take her hat pin while she’s distracted.


14. Go back to the candy store and use the hat pin to pop the balloon. All the candies will fall. Pick three up.


15. Go back to the toy shop. Place the ball bearings inside the robot to fix him up. Then tap on him and send him to the door to make him leave.


16. Send the robot to the train station and follow him. Then have him tip over the barrel of treacle onto the policeman to blind him. Head through the doorway to the train and board the train.



Click on the little numbers below to continue to Chapter 4 or click here.

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3 years ago

Why did u left the adventure here? I’m stuck with the goat and a some glowing fingerprints… Please help! T_T

Roxane Daniélou
Reply to  Giny
2 years ago

Il faut juste aller sur la page suivante pour avoir la suite de la solution, Giny!

Terri Beckman
2 years ago

Thanks for the walkthrough! And kudos to you for supporting the game I noticed your name in the credits😊

1 year ago

Did anyone play this on their iPhone? It won’t let me get out from the picture of his chest.