My Week Unwrapped: August 27, 2017 – Bertram Fiddle, Karma, Darkest Dungeon, Cat Bird, Little Red Lie, Shadow Fight 2, Hipster Sheep and More

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

I never played a Shadow Fight game before, and while I was able to progress about a half hour into Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition without too much trouble, the difficulty ramped up and I didn’t feel like the game so far had prepared me for it. I might just suck at the game, and that’s fine. But I don’t feel compelled to try and defeat the opponent I’m currently stuck on, so I think I’m done with the game. I much prefer swipe controls like Infinity Blade has, anyway, instead of using a joystick and buttons. But you can see some gameplay below and decide for yourself.

Click on the little numbers below to see the next game or click here.

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