Escape Machine City: Walkthrough Guide

Level 07, Grand Hall:

You can watch my video for this level or continue below to my step-by-step guide.

1. Tap the area to the right. Pick up the two gears and some other object.


2. Open the panel by the doorway and rotate the top corners to open it. Then solve the wires puzzle. It goes blue, green, red, yellow. Go through and pick up the welding mask.



3. Take another gear from near the throne.


4. Use the weird object you got to solve the lights puzzle on the floor. You need to move each slider slowly so it lights up the symbols on the circle. It goes top 3, bottom 5, top 6, bottom 8, top 7; bottom 3. Then place the gears in the center.


5. Take the blowtorch from the throne.


6. Go back to the doorway behind the wire puzzle. Equip the welding mask and then use the blowtorch to cut open the metal. Take the strange glowing item.



7. Place the item in the socket on the throne. Solve the leapfrog puzzle to open the door. Go up the staircase to complete the level.




Click on the little numbers below to continue to Level 08, Observatory, or click here.

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  1. Dan Earle

    Was unable to find Escape Machine City at the App Store.

  2. linda

    Look for Faraway Puzzle and Dream Cage – same developer

    1. linda

      ooh sorry – not Dream Cage – but look for Faraway Puzzle and you will find Escape Machine City

  3. linda

    Thank you – even trying to use the w/t included in the game – I was 2 days on the gauge puzzle in chapter 5. I would get 50 and/or 30. Frustrating.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I added specific steps today if you still need it!

      1. linda

        Your written steps is what got me through it. I love games like this! Thank you so much!
        I bought myself an early Christmas Present and now I must do it all over again on the larger screened iPad, lol. But I still have your steps. Bless You.

  4. linda

    I never can do the “leapfrog” in Chapter 7 – do you have step by step please?
    Also, will you be doing the rest of the game? Thank you.

    1. linda

      Never mind – I just kept replaying your video until I finally got it! But thank you! There is Video Help within the game – but it’s handier on a webpage. Thanks again 🙂

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I need to clear out some other games/walkthroughs before I continue with this one, but hopefully soon!

  5. linda

    Finished and only had to look for help on 2 puzzles. Like Dream Cage, it’s really a bit short for the cost but I still enjoyed it!

  6. Ashu pal

    I need some help in level tower

  7. Crystal Dawn

    Okay… So I’m at the part where you adjust the dials for the coordinates and every time I get them on the correct numbers I let go of the dial it automatically goes to a diffrerent number. I’ve redone this over and over, been messing with it for almost an hour now ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉΓö£Γûô

  8. Leess

    Why does it stop at level 8?

  9. Brian

    “Then solve the leapfrog puzzle” … I’m sorry, can you list that step-by-step? I’m not quite familiar with it.

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