Escape Machine City: Walkthrough Guide

Level 08, Observatory:

You can watch my video for this level or continue below to my step-by-step guide.

1. Pick up the flashlight near the stairs.


2. Find the UV paint on the floor. Dip the flashlight in the paint and pick up the blue light.


3. Tap on the table and open the two drawers to get a tool, a bone saw, and tracing paper. Look at the notes and papers on the table. Use the UV flashlight on them to see some clues. One paper highlights some circles. The other highlights the letters and numbers EW 090/270 and NS 320/040.







4. Tap on the machinery to the left. Use the bone saw to remove the handle. Use the tool to remove the piece over the panel and open the panel to reveal a puzzle. Swap the pieces around until the red line is continuous.




5. Tap on the telescope. Attach the handle and zoom in on the part to the left. It’s a Simon mini game.


6. You have to follow three different sequences. If you get one wrong, you have to start back at the first one. Press the button in the middle to start each one. You can also follow my solutions below.




7. Insert the blue light. Then rotate the handle.



8. Tap on the screen of the telescope. Insert the piece of paper and press the red button. Then, use the NS and EW sliders to change the coordinates to match what you saw with the UV light. Then use the top slider to zoom in until you see six green stars that pop out. Eject the piece of paper and take it. It should have some symbols on it now.



9. Go back to the table and place the paper on the table by the circles. You can now see the symbols.


10. Go down the stairs and change the symbols on the wall to match the symbols from the paper. Go through the door to complete the level.


That’s all the free content. I don’t know yet if I’ll play the paid levels.

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Dan Earle

Was unable to find Escape Machine City at the App Store.


Look for Faraway Puzzle and Dream Cage – same developer


ooh sorry – not Dream Cage – but look for Faraway Puzzle and you will find Escape Machine City


Thank you – even trying to use the w/t included in the game – I was 2 days on the gauge puzzle in chapter 5. I would get 50 and/or 30. Frustrating.


I never can do the “leapfrog” in Chapter 7 – do you have step by step please?
Also, will you be doing the rest of the game? Thank you.


Never mind – I just kept replaying your video until I finally got it! But thank you! There is Video Help within the game – but it’s handier on a webpage. Thanks again 🙂


Finished and only had to look for help on 2 puzzles. Like Dream Cage, it’s really a bit short for the cost but I still enjoyed it!

Ashu pal

I need some help in level tower

Crystal Dawn

Okay… So I’m at the part where you adjust the dials for the coordinates and every time I get them on the correct numbers I let go of the dial it automatically goes to a diffrerent number. I’ve redone this over and over, been messing with it for almost an hour now 😕


Why does it stop at level 8?


“Then solve the leapfrog puzzle” … I’m sorry, can you list that step-by-step? I’m not quite familiar with it.

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