The Guides Axiom: Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

Level 16: Notice the highlighted binary code. Use the binary decoder and enter the numbers 01100101 01100011 01101000 01101111

Answer: ECHO


While you’re here, take a photo of the screen and look at the photo to get a clue for level 17.


There’s some a binary code in the photo. It shows:



Decode it and you get PROPOSAL. Enter that and you’ll get access to this page:


Once you’ve unlocked Level 44, you can look at the eight clocks in the upper right corner of the screen. Find the letters on the big wheel each clock is pointing to. They spell out TWOSEVEN or 27.



Input 27 to get this weird page.


Also, if you look at the 5 dials in the center of the Polaroid and use level 2-14 from the original Guides, you get QUBIT in semaphore. Enter QUBIT to get a blank page.



Level 17: Copy the pattern you saw in the photo in level 16.


New puzzle: Go to Level 18 and look at the thumbnail. There’s a new pattern there. Enter that into 17. It will then say BACKDOOR UNLOCKED.

Level 18: Turn the dots into binary code. So it goes:


Answer: HINT


Update: Look at the thumbnail for this level. It has more binary code:


That turns into LXIV. Use the decoder on it to get 64.

Answer: 64



That unlocks this weird page:


Level 19: I recommend double-tapping to zoom in for this one. It’s pretty hard to see on an iPhone otherwise. You need to find the letters that have a tiny dot blow them. Put them together to get the answer.



Level 20: Find the capital letters and put them together to get the answer.

Answer: TRIAL


Also, if you pick out the numbers, you get 19 5 22 5 14 20 5 5 14. Translate those into letters of the alphabet and you get SEVENTEEN. Enter SEVENTEEN to get BACKDOOR UNLOCKED.

If you put the lowercase letters together, you get kyvfip. Do a Caesar cipher decoder to 17 letters and you get THEORY. Enter THEORY to get this page:


Level 21: You need to turn all the circles brown through trial and error.


Level 22: Tap each circle to change the letter to the right of it, until they spell out TRIAL. Basically, choose any circle first, then tap the one that turns into a letter.


Level 23: Tap the circles to make them spell out the word ERROR.


Level 24: Turn each circle so the maroon half points towards the center.


To unlock a Back Door, look at the thumbnail and then copy it.

Level 25: Use the in-game camera to take a photo to see some letters highlighted.



To unlock another page, pick out the letters in between LETTERS. You get DBOKDSCO. Use the Caesar cipher decoder you get later to shift them 10 letters over (for the 10 dots) to get TREATISE. Enter TREATISE to unlock the page below. Notice the numbers 4762 highlighted. If you enter that into Level 30, you get another blank page.



Level 26: Notice the numbers 6 1 3 1 4 5. Count the letters of the alphabet for each to turn them into F A C A D E.

Answer: FACADE

Level 27: Notice the numbers 19 9 4 5 19. Turn them into letters and you get S I D E S.

Note: There’s now a new tool you can use to decode the numbers if you don’t want to do it manually.

Answer: SIDES.

Level 28: If you count the number of side on each shape, you get 313854. Usually a circle would be 0 angles and therefore 0 sides, but apparently here it’s 1? Anyway, translate that into letters and you get CACHED.

Answer: CACHED

Level 29: You need to find four different Data Schemes throughout the game, each one consisting of 6 digits.

For the first one, use the number pad on the screen to enter 613145 from Level 26. (You know this from the new hint that was added to it, Data Scheme 1. It’s a bit annoying, because I thought I was done with 26 altogether.) I numbered the keys for you below if you need help. This will unlock level 81.


Use the number pad on the screen to enter 313854 from Level 28. I numbered the keys for you below if you need help. This will unlock level 82.


You get another 6-digit code in Level 35. The Roman numerals translate to 453145. Enter that into the keypad to unlock Level 83.


Now we’re just missing last 6-digit code to unlock Level 84. This is the word DECIDE, or 453945. I’m not sure how you get that, but it works!


Level 30: Put together the four numbers you got from Levels 29, 81, 82, 83 & 84. That’s 4251. You can enter 4251 to unlock Level 100, but there’s still another answer we’re missing.

Answer: 4251

Bonus: Enter 4762 to unlock this page:

Click on the little numbers below to continue to Levels 31 – 45, or click here.

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Hint: look at some of the incomplete levels through the “navigation” menu.

yourchill (@WanIdlanAfiq)

help me! how can i go to next level(level 13) now im stuck at level 12


Actually,to finish lvl12 just click/press on the “activate” button


Spoiler/Solution Lvl. 19:

If you look closely in Level 19, there are small dots under certain letters. They spell the password. If you know how to solve Level 20, I would be happy.

Also I have no clue what do to in Level 33.


In lvl 20 when you put all the capital letters together it spells “trail”


If you type 613145 from Level 26 into Level 29, you unlock Level 81


Use number of sides in Level 28 as code for Level 29 will unlock Level 82 (313854)

Nick evans

4251 on level 30 takes you to level 100which isn’t up and running yet.


From the fact that 2 of the dots above the keypad in level 29 have turned blue – it appears we need to enter another two names. Don’t know what but must be from a few other levels. Some still haven’t been completed so I imagine they are somewhere in there.


Ah – and then the 4 numbers I imagine we will get from levels 81-84 give the password for level 30. So 42??


Also use “numerals” as password for 34


Yeah thats what I meant. The answer to level 36 is X – roman numerals for ’10’


Yeah sorry @Joe, I wrote that comment when yours wasn’t published too. Does anybody know the answer for 37?


Just got it! Its roman numerals for XCVI = 96. The answer is just ’96’


Past that, it’s a simple number letter switcheroo. The four ?s are 1009. The level after that, use the new decoder to get MIX.


After that, take a photo when the numbers aren’t too bright to get numbers which translate to an anagram of DATA. Then the next level is just a grid of the alphabet with numbers added at the end to make a 36 grid. The xs make up EMPTY.


Next two levels pretty easy – binary giving ‘shifting’ and dots adding up to number equivalent of rotate. You’ve probably got that. Next is a cipher wheel where I think we need to rotate 3…


That did not make sense to me.


Anyone get 96 yet??


Level 36: There are ten dots, so the roman numeral is “X” Answer: X Level 37: Key = x, so XCVI = 96 Answer: 96 (This will take you to Level 96) Level 96: When you push the button, “-IF-” will change to “0960”, indicating it is alphanumeric cypher, with “0” being “-“. Pull the switch to the right it will display “????”. Push the button and it will display “A–I”. Using the alphanumeric key, “A–I” is “1009” in numbers Answer: 1009 (This will take you back to Level 38) Level 38: Hint is asking for roman numeral, so “1009”… Read more »

Jarred Gamwell

Level 45– on the wheel cypher, 3 is the key (from level 43, it says test “Three is next”). Clue is IRXU, so IRXU = FOUR

Jarred Gamwell

Oops, level 44 solution i meant


Level 43: Click the middle button until it says ‘3’ – ten the code IRXU can be translated to get the answer ‘four’

Answer: FOUR

Lever 44: Rotating the wheel to ‘4’ then translating the given code QMRXY you get MINUS

Answer: MINUS


Sorry meant 44 and 45 for those two ^. 46: moving each black mark back two places gives an anagram of EIGHT

Jarred Gamwell

Level 45: you’ll need the cypher wheel again from lvl 44. The clue is “K” which is 11th number of the alphabet. Set wheel to 11, then use the letters from lvl 45 (QMRYW) to get BXCJH on the inner wheel. Then check BXCJH from the outer wheel to reveal the word MINUS from the inner wheel. Input MINUS for level 46.


Level 47: Using the arrow indicated and the hint “Tracker Positioning”, go back to Level 41 and shift the dots to the bottom right. Convert from binary to text and you get MNEMONIC


Edit: after you convert from binary to text, you get UVMUWVQK. But using EIGHT as hint, shift 8 to get MEMONIC


Well done Jason! And again a white screen. I figure lvl 8 has a second solution…

Lvl 8 clue says R(8)… using the code as characters, reversing them 8 gives a backward read ‘test’ and opens a new file.

What could it be on lvl 16 with the #16 sign?


Btw… lvl input on top 14454 gives different tunes for right and wrong numbers… just a nice treat.

Another such a hint is given in lvl. 40 where the picture states an empty set symbol.


I’m so confused when u get to the blank page, like am I suppose to do something or wait for the next day or…?


Lvl 35 decade coded in roman gives a string of six numbers 453145, fitting in lvl 29, greatness it opens lvl 83 for you, providing one of the central binaries as stated by …[#]… being 00110101 e.i. # 5 and with little brute force lvl 30 can now be cracked with the three given numbers: 4-2/5-?. This results in 4251, opening the white screen on lvl 100.


Great note I had note noticed the blinking yet, was looking into the same. Just see a slight typo as the one said as 44 is actually 45.


Under number 40 seems a empty spot. Tap it and a gray spot as the thumbnail appears, after tapping you get a little story about being lost in a maze and you get a maze icon 🙂


The alpha numeric sheets have in the top right 1/4 -k and then 2/4 -e … where does that lead to? keys?

Daniel Blees

Here’s a few side solutions. Level 16: If you push the arrows at the bottom to show the “free hint”, you see three locks. Once you’ve made it to Level 44, you’ll see that the cipher wheel has a key on it. (This is why the side solution to Level 8 and using the cipher wheel makes sense). Anyways, if you look at the upper right part of the image on 16, there’s 8 wheels that point to one of 26 points. Line them up with the wheel in 44, and you get “twoseven”. Type “27” to get to…something. Level… Read more »

Daniel Blees

Got another one.

Level 25: The letters not used in the main solution spell “dbokdsco”. Use the cipher wheel offset by ten (there are ten dots) to get “treatise”.

Phil B

Level 16 again.

Enlarge photo and lights on the centre console give you binary code which spells PROPOSAL. This takes you to another document.


I kept wondering after a restart why this first file didn’t show up anymore. After having the first three, you get the fourth to click on.

Anyway, the 5 clocks in the middle of 16 are still unsolved. Pointers seem to point at with light above them in brackets:
6-36 (1-1)
6-42 (1-1-0)
24-36 (1-1-0)
30-42 (1-1)
42-48 (0-0-1-1)

Emile LaChambre

Put them in as morse code, .. ..- ..- .. –.., then set the ceasar cipher to 7. Comes out as boobs. Unsure if joke or important?


Just thought i would tell you that the clocks are solved with a key found in the first game The Guides. I want to say that it is found somewhere in the second area level either 14 or 16.


I’m still missing a side solution for 33 and 16. Those are the only two levels still outlined in gold. I noticed that level 33 responds to gyroscope movements but they don’t seem to make anything appear, it just moves one of the lawyers of grit around on the background.

Phil B

Even though 41 is shaded in I thought the rest of the binary codes you get from moving the grid around might come in handy down the line and save some time. Level 41 Left = opposite Right = drawback Bottom left = alphabet Bottom Right – used for level 47 Bottom = patterns Middle = shifting – used already Top left = 83 85 77 Top right = 83 73 88 Top – ???? – can’t get that one I’ve tried both 6 digit numbers on level 29 but no luck. Also level 33 isn’t showing as complete after… Read more »




the top is “outlined”
bright as 0 and dark as1


Level 16 Bonus: QUBIT (I do not know how)

Level 33 Bonus: Add all the dots (12+26+10=48), subtract (hence the answer from Level 32) the number of groups of dot (3), gives you the answer 45

Daniel Blees

The QUBIT solution to 16 is semaphore. It was used in the original The Guides; it’ll probably get used later.