Iron Marines: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Iron Marines
By: Ironhide S.A.


This is a walkthrough guide with hints, tips and tricks for the iOS and Android strategy RTS game, Iron Marines by Ironhide.

I plan to expand on this guide, but I started it mostly because I was having trouble with level 4, Unto the Breach. It seems a lot harder than the first three levels and I couldn’t understand why. Once I realized what I was missing, it was actually quite easy.

So if you’re also having trouble with Level 4, Unto the Breach, click here for my walkthrough.

Level 7 is also a hard one. Try my walkthrough for Level 7, Cocoon here.


– If you want to move a whole group of troops at a time, double-tap to select them all before dragging.

– Play around with the different heroes and figure out which one you like most, then stick with them. Otherwise you’ll have to keep grinding old missions to level them all up (which is fine if you want to).

– I’ve been using Kara the most, but if anyone has a favorite hero, feel free to share!

– If you do want to level up your other heroes, try the first spec op mission since it’s a short solo one that isn’t too time-consuming.

– Use your Dropgun as much as possible. They’re great for distracting enemies and they also smash enemies they land on. So placement is important.

– Remember that you can respec both hero stats and your skill tree for free, as much as you want. So if you’re having trouble with a particular level, try moving some skill points around to give yourself an edge without having to grind for more currency.

I’ll be back with more tips soon!


Levels 1 – 3:

Level 4, Unto the Breach:

Better one:

Level 7, Cocoon:

Level 8, War of Attrition:

Kill the Fell Tyrant!

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