Iron Marines: Level 7, Cocoon Walkthrough Guide

Iron Marines
By: Ironhide S.A.


Certain levels of Iron Marines are especially tricky, so I’m making guides for them. This one is for Mission 7, Cocoon.

See the rest of my Iron Marines guide here.

So if you’re also having trouble with Level 7, Cocoon, here are some tips:

– I used Kara level 7 or 8, but feel free to try a different hero if you don’t like her.

– The timer at the top does seem bad at first, but it’s just makes you rush a bit more. It’s not *that* bad, as you only need to take the second bases and build up your defenses, then break open the Fell Bishop’s cocoon in under 15 minutes. Once it’s open, you’re no longer on a timer. You just need to kill him. (I say “just,” but it’s harder than it sounds.)

– I recommend getting the Etherium Cache skill, as it lets you start each mission with 50 or 75 Etherwatts so you can start upgrading your turrets right away. It’s incredibly useful on this mission.


– The new alien recruits, Diplomats, have psychic shields. Try to upgrade that skill (Absolute Defense) if you can. (Oops, you might not have this skill available yet.)


– Make sure to protect your base from oncoming enemies while upgrading the base defenses and turrets. Be especially careful of the bats that will sap your Etherwatts, as you need every last bit on this level.

– Each small enemy cocoon will leave Etherwatt deposits behind. But when you start off, your max Etherwatts are at only 50. In order to hold more than that so you can build rocket turrets and get upgrades that cost more than 50, wait until your Etherwatts are full and then pick up a deposit so you have 100. Use it to upgrade and then rinse and repeat for the next one.

– Again, be really careful of those bats. Sometimes you may not even see them and they’ll just sap up all your Etherwatts.

– Head left and down first, but defend from the top, as enemies will continue attacking from there. You may want to leave some soldiers with the first base to make sure those bats don’t foil your plans.

– The psychic shields can protect a whole group. So try to keep them close together by double-tapping on one before dragging them.

– Be mindful of the timer at the top, but also make sure you have enough defenses up before you take down the cocoon. The mini boss is brutal and will go straight for your bases, tearing them down easily. He also has a lot of health points. Don’t worry about keeping both bases up till the end. All that matters is that he dies before destroying *both* bases. So give him a lot to fight through.

Good luck! Try watching this video I made if you need more help.

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  1. Brian

    You can’t unlock psychic shield until you have completed lvl 7

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oops, thanks! Forgot when that unlocked. Made a note of it. Should still be fine without that, just a bit tougher.

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