Stranger Things The Game: 100% Walkthrough Guide

Stranger Things: The Game
By: BonusXP, Inc.


This is a complete 100% walkthrough guide with hints, tips and tricks for the iOS and Android game, Stranger Things: The Game by BonusXP. I’ve split the videos into chapters and listed all items found in each video. I’ve also included instructions how to beat each boss.

I’ve listed all items I found and/or used in each chapter/video. I also made a comprehensive list of locations for all items and collectibles.

Looking for the new content update for Season 2?

Thanks to Angie Cortes for making this incredible map with pools, chests, gnomes and other item locations!



– If something seems impossible, it’s likely because you’re either missing an item or a playable character. Different characters have unique abilities that help with solving puzzles, such as ranged attack.

– Some things you’ll have to come back for when you have the right character in your team, like one that can break through walls.

– Pummel regular enemies quickly, before they have a chance to attack you.

– Use lasers to kill enemies immune to your attacks!

– Break open containers for hearts and coins. See what else you can break! Each character can break different things.

– Breaking some items will even give you a piece of a permanent extra heart container. If you see a number when you hit something, like “1 of 5,” look for more of that object and break all five. If you want an easy way to check which object to look for and how many you have left, open the map inside a dungeon. You can see your progress in the lower left corner.


– Use the map to see where you’ve been and where you still need to go.

– Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any mission log, so pay attention to what characters tell you. If you miss where you need to go next, look at the map. There’s usually a marker.

– Make sure to collect all VHS tapes to see a clip from season 2 of the TV show.

– Save up your coins for things like the Aluminum Bat and quest items. Try not to waste them on things you can get easily from the environment.

– The tentacles in the Upside Down can only be destroyed by those strange eggs. You need to hit/throw them so they land in position that when they explode, they’ll hit all the tentacles of a group at once (or within seconds). This might mean using more than one egg to get the job done. You can hit/move an egg three times and on the third hit the timer starts, so get out of its way!

– If you get stuck missing a key card, I believe there’s one available at the Florist. Try leaving and buying that if you have no other way.

– In the Upside Down areas that allow you to bring multiple characters (like the Bunker), notice that different characters throw the eggs different distances. For instance, Will throws them one space, Hopper throws them 2 spaces, and Nancy throws them 3 spaces, but only when she’s at full health.



1 Damage (2 with Canadian Tuxedo)
Super Punch: Extra Knockback
Can charge at full health


Found in Hawkins Lab in Chapter 1.
2 Damage
Wrist Rocket: Ranged Attack
Double damage at full health
Upgrades: Camo Backpack x3


Found in Forest Maze in Chapter 2.
1 Damage (2 with Aluminum Bat, 3 with Spiked Bat)
Lil Slugger: Destroys breakables
Huge knockback at full health


Found in Hawkins Middle School in Chapter 3.
1 Damage
Flashlight: Stuns enemies
Bike: Jump ramps, fast travel
Double damage at full health
Upgrade: D-Cell Flashlight


Found in the sewers in Chapter 4.
1 Damage
Tight Squeeze: Crawl through pipes
Rapid move & attack at low health
Upgrade: D20 Dice


Found in Hawkins Public Library in Chapter 5.
1 Damage
Pudding: Distracts enemies
Enemies drop hearts at low health
Upgrade: Lunchbox


Unlocked by collecting all 8 Eggo Waffles and opening the box in the forest.
2 Damage (3 with Maple Syrup)
Pool Portal: Teleport between Baths
High knockback at full health

Unlocked in Season 2 content update
1 Damage (2 with Hockey Mask)
Psychic Blast: Swift psychic attack
Stun enemies at full health
(Her ability was changed to throwing coins in an update.)
See here how to unlock her.


From what I can tell the only difference between Normal difficulty and Classic is that you have more backtracking to do in Classic if you die. So my walkthrough will be on Normal difficulty.

Chapter 1, The Lost Boys:

This video covers Hawkins National Laboratory. You pick up Lucas as a character. It gets you to 10.6 % completion.

Boss: Mad Scientist. Use Lucas to hit him a few times when he doesn’t have a force field up. Avoid the chemicals he throws at you. Use Lucas to hit the switches at the top and on the sides to turn off the lasers. Then switch to Hopper and pummel the scientist while he has a force field up. Rinse and repeat until he’s dead.

Collectibles in this video:

Heart Piece 2 (Break 5 cameras in Hawkins Lab), 24 (Give Keys to Joyce)
Eggo Waffle 1
VHS Tape 1
Gnome 3 – sliver of forest to right of Lab

Keys (Castle Byers – give to Joyce. Get Heart Piece 24)
Romance Novel (Joyce’s House)
Hazmat Suit
Movie Tickets (Hawk Theater)


Chapter 2, The Gate:

This video covers the Forest Maze. You pick up Nancy as a character. It gets you to 23.2% completion.

Boss: Forest Ambushers. Just use Nancy to go ballistic on the group of armed men. She needs to knock off their armor and then she can destroy them.

Collectibles in this video:

Heart Piece 5 (after the dungeon, break through logs with Nancy to find it), 15 (Break all 5 Birdhouses/ Owl houses), 33 (Give the Ledger to Melvald)
Eggo 2
Pick up UV Lens Filter, give to Jonathan (get Camo Backpack)
Pick up Pocket Knife (above Steve’s house)
Pick up Ledger in a clearing in the forest and give it to Melvald for Heart Piece 33.
Donuts (Buy at Melvald’s General Store)
Phone ((Buy at Melvald’s General Store)
Coins in field
Gnome 4 (in a forest below the school)

Note: If you get stuck without a bear to trample the musclehead, you can get away without that key card as long as you don’t use your others on the gate that’s just a shortcut.

Chapter 3, The Voice in the Radio:

This video covers Hawkins Middle School, the Conspicuous Van chase, the Junkyard, the Quarry and more. You pick up Mike as a character. It gets you to 43.2% completion.

Boss: Conspicuous Van. The van will chase you forever unless you get it to hit some obstacles. So pay attention to where they’ll be and get out of the way right before you hit them, letting the van hit them instead. Just keep doing this until the van is destroyed.

Collectibles in this video:

Science Textbook (found in a locker) near the radio
Blank Cassette (found in a locker)
Heart Piece 14 (Break all fire alarms)
Gnome 5 (Sam)
Eggo 3
VHS 8 (Arcade)
Junkyard – Game Cartridge, Break Pads, Bottle of Pop, Heart 38
Aluminum Bat (bought for 250 coins at hunting store)
Give salt to hunting store clerk, get Heart 36
VHS 7 (Hopper’s home)
Gnome 1 (behind Hopper’s home)
Heart 3 (left of hopper’s home)
Police Badge (Quarry)
Heart 19 (break through cave entrance with Nancy)

Give Badge to Callahan (heart 32)
Give Break Pads to Callahan (coins)
Give Romance Novel to Flo (Heart 30)
Open sewer entrance

Chapter 4, Fire and Water:

This video covers the sewers, a mini dungeon, and getting into the library. It gets you to 56.3% completion.

Boss: Hazmat Gunner. You need to use Will for this. The pipes bring you around to the other side so you can reach him from different angles and avoid his bullets. This guy will spray bullets in one direction, so attack him from behind, using the pillars for protection to get around. After you harm him, he’ll throw a grenade, so crawl through a pipe to avoid it and repeat.

Collectibles in this video:


5 balloons – heart 12
Chest of coins
Pick up Will
Lipstick (through pipe)
Gnome 9 (pipe)
VHS 4 (pipe)
Heart Piece 11 (pipe?)
Eggo 4


Gnome 7 (to left of Sewers, past log)
Handcuffs (left of gnome 7)
Heart 35 (take ramp past water above Hopper’s house)
Go to Library (it’s locked)
Heart 39 (house to right if Librarian)
Canadian Tux (Garbage above Librarian)
Heart 9 (ramp behind Librarian)
Talk to Librarian (Marissa)
Get flowers from Florist
Give flowers to Librarian to get key
Go down manhole: get coins
Enter Library

Chapter 5, Riddles in the Dark:

This video covers the Hawkins Public Library and the return to Hawkins Lab. You pick up Dustin as a character. It gets you to 90.8% completion.

Boss: Elite Guard Team. This is a tricky one. Move about very slowly and carefully. Use Dustin to throw pudding on floor switches to attract regular guards to them. That will usually turn on a laser that kills the elite guards. Avoid the flashlights and be careful that you’re not standing in the way of a laser when it turns on. Just take out one guard at a time until they’re all dead, and I can’t stress this enough — BE CAREFUL. If you die or get caught by a flashlight, you have to start the whole battle over.

Collectibles in this video:


Gnome 10 (Library – east room from entrance)
Pick up Dustin
Eggo 5 (Library)
Heart Piece 16 (overdue books – unlock chest at entrance)
VHS 5 (Library)

Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch (Through pipe):

Pumpkin (pumpkin patch)
Gnome 6 (Corn Maze)
Heart 7 (Corn Maze)


Talk to Jennfer as Will (heart 34)
Heart 37 (in mini dungeon down manhole)

Rubber Skeleton
Nails (north of graveyard)

Robot Toy (house east of school)

Buy Milk and Hairspray (Bradley’s)
Eggo 8 (Bradley’s)
Heart 18 (Robot Toy to Bradley’s Clerk)
Heart 27 (Game Cartridge to Bradley’s Clerk)

Give Donuts to Powell to get Cathode Ray Tube
Give Handcuffs to Powell (Heart 6)
Gnome 8 (pipes)
Heart Piece 1 (Lab using Nancy & Lucas — go right and hit left switch)
Hawkins Lab Blueprint (Lab, north room using Nancy)

Gnome 12 (southeast, past bear)

Near Gate:

Give Phone to Joyce (Heart 25)
Give Tickets to Steve (Heart 40)
Give Nails to Steve (Spiky Bat)
Give Blank Cassette to Jonathan (Heart 26)

Forest Maze:
Gnome 2 (East through pipes)
Heart 13 (west through pipes)

Give Textbook to Mr. Clarke (heart 8)
Give Cathode Ray Tube to Mr. Clarke (coins)
VHS 3 (inside school through pipe to the east)

Left of School:
Give Carol Hairspray (heart 22)
Give Carol Lipstick (heart 23)
Give Tommy H. Pocket Knife (heart 20)
Give Bottle of Pop to Tommy (heart 21)


Gnome 11 (House below graveyard)
Open all 4 Gnome chests (Camo Backpack, D-Cell Flashlight, Lucky D20, Lunchbox)
Eggo 7 (Wheeler’s fridge)
Give Milk to Mrs. Wheeler (heart 28)
Give Pumpkin to Wheeler (heart 29)

Head to Bunker through pipe (bear)

Chapter 6, The Hydra:

This video covers the Hawkins Bunker and unlocking Eleven as a character. It gets you to 100% completion.

In this video:

Chapter 6, The Hydra:


Heart Piece 17 (Break all jars)
Heart Piece 10 (pipes maze)
Eggo 6

Police Station:
Heart 31 (Rubber Skeleton to Flo)
Camo Backpack (Blueprints to Callahan)

Heart Piece 4 (forest west of sewers, past bear)
Unlock Eggo chest in forest to get Eleven

Watch trailer in theater

Bear by Junkyard

Season 2 Trailer:

You can see the Season 2 trailer in Hawkins Theater, theater 1, once you collect all 8 VHS tapes.

Find the new content update here, including how to unlock Max!

And that’s everything until more content is added. Check back later!

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269 thoughts on “Stranger Things The Game: 100% Walkthrough Guide

  1. Digital Tutorials

    This guide is missing the Rubix Cube and two coin chests, which is found in the Gate at the Quarry (left side, up the stairs). To get through the first puzzle, hit the top egg to the right, then down. Then hit the bottom egg to the right, then down, then to the right. For the group of 5 tentacles, punch the bottom right egg twice so it is bouncing. Move the egg to the left of that, right then up. Push the upper left egg to the right. Push the top most egg down. Then push the middle to eggs to the right. Then push the left of the two up. It will detonate all 3 in sequence.

  2. Digital Tutorials

    Also, this guide does not tell you how to get Mad Max. Talk to Mad Max outside of the Arcade. Then get the Joystick from the gate behind the bear at the top of the Pumpkin Patch. Return to Mad Max. Then go to the High School and complete a mini dungeon including a boss fight (Pac-Man-esque; use the laser in the bottom right corner to kill the top left, top right, and bottom right guards, then wait at the bottom left for the blue one to come all the way around it’s pattern to the left side and as it heads down press the laser switch). Return to Mad Max to have her join the party.

  3. mecca6801

    After 11 hours of play tIMEI, I got 100 percent. After look ingredients at android leader boards, someone beat it in less that 1:47 minutes

  4. Diggin’UpDug

    I’ve found all the items mentioned here, all the eggo’s, gnomes, and video tapes, completed all requests from people, have 11 on my team, and watched the trailer for Season 2 and I’m STILL stuck at 93.7%…!!! Any thoughts…?

    1. Diggin’UpDug

      I was wrong – I re-read the comments posted above (thank you Mirc06!) and found that I still had to have 11 go in the “pool” in the Gym that goes to the secret area to get the maple syrup.
      Finally! 100%

    1. Alyssa

      Did you go to the gym and get the syrup for Eleven? If not go to the middle school and get into the gym. You have to go through the upside down. There should be a pool in the gym and if you go through it it will take you to a secret room and there will be syrup in the corner.

    1. Jenn

      Don’t use Lucas to kill owls, stop, wait for the scream and move away from where you stood, then beat them to death with Hopper.


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