Stranger Things The Game: 100% Walkthrough Guide

Stranger Things: The Game
By: BonusXP, Inc.


This is a complete 100% walkthrough guide with hints, tips and tricks for the iOS and Android game, Stranger Things: The Game by BonusXP. I’ve split the videos into chapters and listed all items found in each video. I’ve also included instructions how to beat each boss.

Tips & Tricks | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Season 2 & Max | All Eggo, VHS, Gnome and Heart Locations

I’ve listed all items I found and/or used in each chapter/video. I also made a comprehensive list of locations for all items and collectibles.

Thanks to Angie Cortes for making this incredible map with pools, chests, gnomes and other item locations!



– If something seems impossible, it’s likely because you’re either missing an item or a playable character. Different characters have unique abilities that help with solving puzzles, such as ranged attack.

– Some things you’ll have to come back for when you have the right character in your team, like one that can break through walls.

– Pummel regular enemies quickly, before they have a chance to attack you.

– Use lasers to kill enemies immune to your attacks!

– Break open containers for hearts and coins. See what else you can break! Each character can break different things.

– Breaking some items will even give you a piece of a permanent extra heart container. If you see a number when you hit something, like “1 of 5,” look for more of that object and break all five. If you want an easy way to check which object to look for and how many you have left, open the map inside a dungeon. You can see your progress in the lower left corner.


– Use the map to see where you’ve been and where you still need to go.

– Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any mission log, so pay attention to what characters tell you. If you miss where you need to go next, look at the map. There’s usually a marker.

– Make sure to collect all VHS tapes to see a clip from season 2 of the TV show.

– Save up your coins for things like the Aluminum Bat and quest items. Try not to waste them on things you can get easily from the environment.

– The tentacles in the Upside Down can only be destroyed by those strange eggs. You need to hit/throw them so they land in position that when they explode, they’ll hit all the tentacles of a group at once (or within seconds). This might mean using more than one egg to get the job done. You can hit/move an egg three times and on the third hit the timer starts, so get out of its way!

– If you get stuck missing a key card, I believe there’s one available at the Florist. Try leaving and buying that if you have no other way.

– In the Upside Down areas that allow you to bring multiple characters (like the Bunker), notice that different characters throw the eggs different distances. For instance, Will throws them one space, Hopper throws them 2 spaces, and Nancy throws them 3 spaces, but only when she’s at full health.



1 Damage (2 with Canadian Tuxedo)
Super Punch: Extra Knockback
Can charge at full health


Found in Hawkins Lab in Chapter 1.
2 Damage
Wrist Rocket: Ranged Attack
Double damage at full health
Upgrades: Camo Backpack x3


Found in Forest Maze in Chapter 2.
1 Damage (2 with Aluminum Bat, 3 with Spiked Bat)
Lil Slugger: Destroys breakables
Huge knockback at full health


Found in Hawkins Middle School in Chapter 3.
1 Damage
Flashlight: Stuns enemies
Bike: Jump ramps, fast travel
Double damage at full health
Upgrade: D-Cell Flashlight


Found in the sewers in Chapter 4.
1 Damage
Tight Squeeze: Crawl through pipes
Rapid move & attack at low health
Upgrade: D20 Dice


Found in Hawkins Public Library in Chapter 5.
1 Damage
Pudding: Distracts enemies
Enemies drop hearts at low health
Upgrade: Lunchbox


Unlocked by collecting all 8 Eggo Waffles and opening the box in the forest.
2 Damage (3 with Maple Syrup)
Pool Portal: Teleport between Baths
High knockback at full health

Unlocked in Season 2 content update
1 Damage (2 with Hockey Mask)
Psychic Blast: Swift psychic attack
Stun enemies at full health
(Her ability was changed to throwing coins in an update.)
See here how to unlock her.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the walkthrough for Chapter 1 or click here.

Tips & Tricks | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Season 2 & Max | All Eggo, VHS, Gnome and Heart Locations

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Thank you. I deleted your mailing but last night discovered this game is free! Totally free!!
So thank you – I feel like Back to the Future with all these “retro” games, lol.


Any chance you know where is the 13th piece of heart and the 7th waffle ? I’m stuck at 97% and nothing to do…


Me too! And the 2nd gnome!


The 7th eggo is in the Wheeler’s refrigerator, I dont know where that piece of heart is though.


Thanks a lot, that was it !
I was sure I break all of thoses fridges.

Now I just need that 13th piece of heart. If someone remember or wrote that somewhere.


The 7th waffle can be found in the freezer of mikes house with the two stories. Towards the bottom left of the map with all of the houses.


I’m stuck at 97% also, but I’m missing the 8th eggo. Where did you find it? 7th eggo is in the Wheeler’s fridge.


8th waffle is in a breakable wall in one of the shops


The back of the shopping mart in a fridge

Sara Grace

Hi! I found the 7th eggo in Joyce’s fridge! Just hit it! I’ve had a problem finding the last two characters, the 8th waffle, and the 8th gnome if you can help me at all! Hope this helped xx


the 7th waffle is in someone’s house in the main map i think.


It’s in a house where a mum is inside in the fridge


7th waffle is in the fridge at wheelers house


There is one hiddden in the conveniencia store breakable wall and order in the wheleers fride


7th waffle is in the wheeler house in the refridgerator


… and I died in the first stealth scene lol


i’m stuck and i don’t know where to get the 8th waffles. I know the 7th one is in the Wheelers refrigerator. and i’m also having trouble finding the 3rd tape. pls help!


Did yo find the egg behind the breakable wall in the grocery store?


Unlocking Eleven was a pain. Now, I’m going through trying to 100% the game. The final balloon in the sewers is currently eluding me.


I am having issues getting to the “monster” for Chapter 6. It is fenced in outside of the lab…how do I get in?


1 screen to the left of the fenced building, move the bear and enter through the small tunnel.

Cheree Beard

How do you move the bears? Does a certain character have to be unlocked? I’m stuck!


Get Dustin to feed it.


Stuck at 99.3%, looking for the VHS number 5. Could anyone find it?


It’s in the library


Where is heart 13


How do you get pass the lasers in the library?


How do you open the library?


Can’t find the Textbook, I’ve been wandering around the entire map for hours. Help?


It’s in a locker in the school

Cheree Beard

I can’t get through the sewer in chapter 4. Feel like I missed something and need a new character. I have Lucas, Nancy, and Mike, and cannot “steer” through the moving water. Help!

Cheree Beard

Ok, stupid me!! Figured out how to stop the water, duh! But stop the top part of the square to get to the tool box and other box. Been through the entire sewer ( besides that part I can’t seem to get to. So I can’t get the egg or the last balloon! Please help! How do I get there?

Andrew Christian Elam

My kingdom for the 8th gnome!

Zoor Marte

your kindome is mine now XD
Its in the first stge, you most go with Will and enter into a pipe in a right room

Kyle J

Just what I have accomplished in the last 6 hours.. lol might be a waste to share it, but idk. Eggo 1: Found hidden inside Hawkins lab Eggo 2: Found in the forest Maze Eggo 3: Found in the wreckage of a conspicuous Van Eggo 4: Found vacuum sealed in the sewers Eggo 5: Found in Hawkins Public Library Eggo 6: Found deep in the Hawkins Lab Bunker Eggo 7: Found in the refrigerator of the Wheeler’s House Eggo 8: Found hidden inside Bradley’s Big Buy VHS 1: Found inside Hawkins Lab VHS 2: Found deep in the forest Maze… Read more »


Gnome 2 : Forest maze. Come back with Will and find a pipe in the lower right corner of map


Hey man. I found gnome 12 on the far bottom right part of the map. The one with the caves. Let me know if you find Heart Pieces 13 and 36, and Gnome 2!

Zoor Marte

Gnome 2 found in the Forest Maze
Bumble: Bumble got lost hunting truffles after a hungry bear chased him away.

Just need the gnome 8 now


How are you getting into the lab bunker? I can’t figure it out. I also CANNOT FIND THE OVERDUE BOOKS ANYWHERE PLEASE HELP ME

I don’t know where Jonathan is, any help?


Jonathan is south of the forest with the gate, in a little grove by himself, on the east end of the map.


In chapter 1, the door to the Evil Scientist isn’t opening even though I’ve turned off all the lasers? Any ideas?

Guys, where’s heart piece 8?


By the way nice video, would have been nice to show your inventory at the beginning et ending of each video though. 😉


How do I defeat the tentacle hydra I’ve been stuck for like 20 minutes.


Hit the eggs to release the top switch, hit the switch. Laser must hit the hydra. Beware each time you hit the hydra, gardes or monsters comes out.


Hey. Is it possible to reset chapter 3 ?? I got stuck. I even died so that it will go back but it didn’t !!

How do I disable the video cameras in the library so they don’t see me?

The pudding does not work and I can not hit them with anything. Help?

A Roblox God

I think u get Lucas to shoot it

Pau san pascual

Hi! I’m stuck on Chapter 2 since I already lost the bear who’d trample on muscle guy and have used my access card. WHat do I do? Thanks


I can’t find the piece of heart 13 and the gnomes 2 and 10… I really want the 100% of the game!

Heart no.16 and i will complete the game help me pls !!!


Does someone knows where I can find the hearts 3 and 16 please ? 😀


Bag of salt??


Where can I find Tommy H?


he’s in fronton the school

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