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Chapter 4, Fire and Water:

This video covers the sewers, a mini dungeon, and getting into the library. It gets you to 56.3% completion.

Boss: Hazmat Gunner. You need to use Will for this. The pipes bring you around to the other side so you can reach him from different angles and avoid his bullets. This guy will spray bullets in one direction, so attack him from behind, using the pillars for protection to get around. After you harm him, he’ll throw a grenade, so crawl through a pipe to avoid it and repeat.

Collectibles in this video:


5 balloons – heart 12
Chest of coins
Pick up Will
Lipstick (through pipe)
Gnome 9 (pipe)
VHS 4 (pipe)
Heart Piece 11 (pipe?)
Eggo 4


Gnome 7 (to left of Sewers, past log)
Handcuffs (left of gnome 7)
Heart 35 (take ramp past water above Hopper’s house)
Go to Library (it’s locked)
Heart 39 (house to right if Librarian)
Canadian Tux (Garbage above Librarian)
Heart 9 (ramp behind Librarian)
Talk to Librarian (Marissa)
Get flowers from Florist
Give flowers to Librarian to get key
Go down manhole: get coins
Enter Library

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the walkthrough for Chapter 5 or click here.

Tips & Tricks | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Season 2 & Max | All Eggo, VHS, Gnome and Heart Locations

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  1. linda

    Thank you. I deleted your mailing but last night discovered this game is free! Totally free!!
    So thank you – I feel like Back to the Future with all these “retro” games, lol.

  2. Dahkon

    Any chance you know where is the 13th piece of heart and the 7th waffle ? I’m stuck at 97% and nothing to do…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’ve only completed 2 chapters, but I’m trying to be very thorough in my videos, getting all collectibles, so hopefully I’ll be able to help you later if someone else can’t.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I’m also keeping track of what I find in each video.

    3. Don

      Me too! And the 2nd gnome!

    4. Sarah

      The 7th eggo is in the Wheeler’s refrigerator, I dont know where that piece of heart is though.

      1. Dahkon

        Thanks a lot, that was it !
        I was sure I break all of thoses fridges.

        Now I just need that 13th piece of heart. If someone remember or wrote that somewhere.

    5. Picklerick

      The 7th waffle can be found in the freezer of mikes house with the two stories. Towards the bottom left of the map with all of the houses.

    6. Lindsay

      IΓÇÖm stuck at 97% also, but IΓÇÖm missing the 8th eggo. Where did you find it? 7th eggo is in the WheelerΓÇÖs fridge.

      1. Kelc

        8th waffle is in a breakable wall in one of the shops

      2. Zev304

        The back of the shopping mart in a fridge

    7. Sara Grace

      Hi! I found the 7th eggo in JoyceΓÇÖs fridge! Just hit it! IΓÇÖve had a problem finding the last two characters, the 8th waffle, and the 8th gnome if you can help me at all! Hope this helped xx

    8. SG

      the 7th waffle is in someoneΓÇÖs house in the main map i think.

    9. Robert

      ItΓÇÖs in a house where a mum is inside in the fridge

    10. Manon

      7th waffle is in the fridge at wheelers house

    11. Toshio

      There is one hiddden in the conveniencia store breakable wall and order in the wheleers fride

    12. Jmphoto13

      7th waffle is in the wheeler house in the refridgerator

  3. linda

    … and I died in the first stealth scene lol

  4. Christian

    iΓÇÖm stuck and i donΓÇÖt know where to get the 8th waffles. I know the 7th one is in the Wheelers refrigerator. and iΓÇÖm also having trouble finding the 3rd tape. pls help!

    1. Ronin

      Did yo find the egg behind the breakable wall in the grocery store?

  5. Ronin

    Unlocking Eleven was a pain. Now, I’m going through trying to 100% the game. The final balloon in the sewers is currently eluding me.

  6. Tyler

    I am having issues getting to the Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║monsterΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ for Chapter 6. It is fenced in outside of the lab…how do I get in?

    1. Don

      1 screen to the left of the fenced building, move the bear and enter through the small tunnel.

      1. Cheree Beard

        How do you move the bears? Does a certain character have to be unlocked? I’m stuck!

        1. Poss

          Get Dustin to feed it.

  7. Skazzwalker

    Stuck at 99.3%, looking for the VHS number 5. Could anyone find it?

    1. Manon

      It’s in the library

    2. Logan

      Where is heart 13

  8. Michael

    How do you get pass the lasers in the library?

    1. Jazze

      How do you open the library?

  9. Bobby

    Can’t find the Textbook, I’ve been wandering around the entire map for hours. Help?

    1. Troy

      It’s in a locker in the school

  10. Cheree Beard

    I can’t get through the sewer in chapter 4. Feel like I missed something and need a new character. I have Lucas, Nancy, and Mike, and cannot “steer” through the moving water. Help!

    1. Cheree Beard

      Ok, stupid me!! Figured out how to stop the water, duh! But stop the top part of the square to get to the tool box and other box. Been through the entire sewer ( besides that part I can’t seem to get to. So I can’t get the egg or the last balloon! Please help! How do I get there?

  11. Andrew Christian Elam

    My kingdom for the 8th gnome!

    1. Zoor Marte

      your kindome is mine now XD
      Its in the first stge, you most go with Will and enter into a pipe in a right room

  12. Kyle J

    Just what I have accomplished in the last 6 hours.. lol might be a waste to share it, but idk.

    Eggo 1: Found hidden inside Hawkins lab
    Eggo 2: Found in the forest Maze
    Eggo 3: Found in the wreckage of a conspicuous Van
    Eggo 4: Found vacuum sealed in the sewers
    Eggo 5: Found in Hawkins Public Library
    Eggo 6: Found deep in the Hawkins Lab Bunker
    Eggo 7: Found in the refrigerator of the Wheeler’s House
    Eggo 8: Found hidden inside Bradley’s Big Buy

    VHS 1: Found inside Hawkins Lab
    VHS 2: Found deep in the forest Maze
    VHS 3: Found in Hawkins Middle School
    VHS 4: Found in the sewers below Hawkins
    VHS 5: Found in Hawkins Public Library after escaping the Elite Guards
    VHS 6: Found in the entrance of Hawkins Lab Bunker
    VHS 7: Found set aside in hoppers house
    VHS 8: Found inside the Arcade

    Gnome 1: David: David dreams of one day having his own television show
    Gnome 2: Unknown
    Gnome 3: Grumble: Grumble claims to have visited the veil of shadows in a nearby stronghold
    Gnome 4: Tumble: Tumble has always been an active, sporty sort
    Gnome 5: Sam: Sam never finished school and went back to complete his education
    Gnome 6: Pipsy: Pipsy’s favorite food is pumpkin pie
    Gnome 7: Tipsy: Tipsy had too much blackberry brandy and passed out in the woods
    Gnome 8: Unknown
    Gnome 9: Bobil: Bibil laves strong smelling cheese, which might explain why he was found down in the sewer
    Gnome 10: Wigglebum: Wigglebum loves rainbows and other colorful lights
    Gnome 11: Lord Twinklenose: Lord Twinklenose is just a big homebody
    Gnome 12: Unknown

    Heart Pieces 36/40

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you have to go back to the school later for VHS 3? I couldn’t find it anywhere and was hoping maybe I need the character that can squeeze through pipes?

      1. Anand

        Come back after you unlock Will (squeeze through pipes) and you can get the 3rd VHS.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Ok that’s what I figured. I was just annoyed I wasted a bunch of time going back to look for it right after I left. 😛

      2. Beetlejuice

        I went back to the school to find the third VHS. If I remember correctly you have to go to the right side of the school and find the pipe. Once you do, you switch to Will and you’ll be transferred to another room. As soon as you’re in that room you’ll see the vhs right away. I’m currently looking for the gnomes and the comments are helping so much!

    2. Anand

      Gnome 2 : Forest maze. Come back with Will and find a pipe in the lower right corner of map

    3. Caiont

      Hey man. I found gnome 12 on the far bottom right part of the map. The one with the caves. Let me know if you find Heart Pieces 13 and 36, and Gnome 2!

    4. Zoor Marte

      Gnome 2 found in the Forest Maze
      Bumble: Bumble got lost hunting truffles after a hungry bear chased him away.

      Just need the gnome 8 now

    5. Adriana

      How are you getting into the lab bunker? I canΓÇÖt figure it out. I also CANNOT FIND THE OVERDUE BOOKS ANYWHERE PLEASE HELP ME

  13. Rey

    I don’t know where Jonathan is, any help?

    1. Colin

      Jonathan is south of the forest with the gate, in a little grove by himself, on the east end of the map.

  14. Mel

    In chapter 1, the door to the Evil Scientist isnΓÇÖt opening even though IΓÇÖve turned off all the lasers? Any ideas?

  15. Dahkon

    By the way nice video, would have been nice to show your inventory at the beginning et ending of each video though. 😉

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Good idea! I’ll try to remember to do that for the rest of the videos.

  16. dasha

    How do I defeat the tentacle hydra I’ve been stuck for like 20 minutes.

    1. Dahkon

      Hit the eggs to release the top switch, hit the switch. Laser must hit the hydra. Beware each time you hit the hydra, gardes or monsters comes out.

  17. Dom

    Hey. Is it possible to reset chapter 3 ?? I got stuck. I even died so that it will go back but it didnΓÇÖt !!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Not that I’m aware of. Why? Where are you stuck?

      1. Dom

        The one where we have to push the cart so that it stops after hitting a thug. I killed them all. Now the cart I one space above itΓÇÖs spot. I even got myself killed hoping that they would be back !

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Are you sure there’s no other way to get the cart positioned right? If you beat up the cart enough, it should disappear and respawn where it started so you can try again.

          1. Don

            Only thing i need now is the 13th heart piece.. says im 98.6% done!!

            1. Dahkon

              Same for me… Maybe is accessible with Eleven and the pools but can’t find where.

  18. Jule Maximova

    How do I disable the video cameras in the library so they don’t see me?

    1. Jule Maximova

      The pudding does not work and I can not hit them with anything. Help?

      1. A Roblox God

        I think u get Lucas to shoot it

  19. Pau san pascual

    Hi! IΓÇÖm stuck on Chapter 2 since I already lost the bear whoΓÇÖd trample on muscle guy and have used my access card. WHat do I do? Thanks

    1. AppUnwrapper

      There might be an extra key card in a shop if you want to leave the forest and look for it.

  20. Gonzalo

    I can’t find the piece of heart 13 and the gnomes 2 and 10… I really want the 100% of the game!

  21. Bongorongo

    Heart no.16 and i will complete the game help me pls !!!

  22. Manon

    Does someone knows where I can find the hearts 3 and 16 please ? 😀

  23. LIncoln

    Bag of salt??

      1. Lincoln

        Thank you.

  24. Troy

    Where can I find Tommy H?

    1. Manon

      he’s in fronton the school

  25. Toshio

    I Just nerd heart nΓö£Γòæmero 13. Halp!

  26. Ian

    gnome 8th is in Hawkins National Laboratory on bottom right, use will to climb the pipe

  27. Blaba_the_sheep

    GUYS I FOUND THE EVER ELUSIVE HEART 13! So you enter the forest maze, then go through the log, up, right, through the fence, up, and then go left through another fence. Keep going left, then up, down and you will reach two enemies. Kill them and keep going left and you will find a pipe for Will to crawl through. Then BAM! ThereΓÇÖs the chest that has heart piece 13.

    1. Dahkon

      Thanks I will truc right away. That’s all i need tout 100%

    2. Dahkon

      I can confirm. The 13th is in the maze forest.
      Thanks i’m 100% now. ?

      1. Jeanene

        Where is the last waffle?? I have searched everywhere…tia!

        1. Jeanene

          I found it. Lol

    3. Don

      Yes! Thanks. 99.3% now what?? Lol

  28. Fred

    Hi there,

    I am stuck at the library. I killed everyone and I got the waffle but then my game just restarted.
    I lost my waffle and the guards aren’t here anymore. I continued the game wishing it would return back to normal but nothing changed. Is there a way to reset this dungeon or something ?

    I am at 97,2% of the game and I am only missing the 5th waffle/tape.

    Here some screen about the empty boss’s room :

  29. Ines Renaudin

    Hi Guys anything about gnome 10 + Heart 2 & 10 ?

  30. Evy

    IΓÇÖm stuck in the underground bunker I have gotten everything except heart piece 10 but I killed the rat that hit the pressure plate and canΓÇÖt get the final piece to beat the game help!!!

  31. Kaybear

    I can’t find heart #38 please help!

  32. Lily

    I canΓÇÖt find the ledger? Could anyone pls help me?

  33. Alex Smith

    Where is heart #34? ThatΓÇÖs the only missing piece I have left

    1. Dawn

      Me too anyone know??

    2. Lincoln

      You have to talk to Jennifer (cried at will’s funeral) with the character Will delected. She is south of pumpkin patch near sewer entrance.

  34. theethii

    I can’t find heart piece 10 , 27 & 38 HELP
    Where is game cartridge?

    1. Jerry

      Game cartridge is in the junk yard top right buried in the dirt. Just hit it.

  35. Derek

    I just need Gnome 2, does anyone know where it is? Also, why arenΓÇÖt the other ΓÇ£showingsΓÇ¥ at the movie theater open? Thanks in advance!

  36. Susishiro (@infires_y_oleh)

    where is the gnome 2?

    1. Lulu

      The gnome 2 is in the Forest Maze, return with Will and go through a pipe

  37. nathalycoutinho

    Guys, I played for many hours yesterday, I was in the 4th chapter already and lost all my progress. I opened the game today and its all gone. Didi that happed to any of you?

  38. Valeria Zelda Zaharia

    Hey! Does anyone know where heart pieces 35, 37, and/or 38 are??

    1. AppUnwrapper

      35 is above Hopper’s home. You need to use a ramp to get to it.
      37 is in a mini Sewers dungeon near Jennifer, I think.

      You can find both in my videos.

      I’m still working on finding 38.

  39. Miriaam

    Who I give the 8 Eggo Waffles?

  40. Oswald Cobblepot

    Anyone know where gnomes 1 2 3 and 12 are. Thanks

  41. creativesouk

    I collected all the gnomes? What to do with it now? 92.3 complete

    1. AppUnwrapper

      There’s a small shed behind a house in the town that has four chests you can open.

      1. Kaushal Agrawal

        Can you be more specific or post a photo mark please? I am trying to find it from last 2 hours. Saw it once somewhere but lost right now.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Head towards the lower left section of the town where it’s mostly houses. There’s a house with a closed door and then behind it a small shed with an open door. You should be able to see it on the map.

          1. Kaushal Agrawal

            I figured it in 2-3 min after posting the comment. And completed the game now. Kinda sucks to not be able to use Evelyn right now. Although we can be optimistic about the last character addition once season 2 launches. Then Evelyn might be a major character in all quests.

            Also, since no one else is taking the pain to provide another walk-through, it might be a good idea to provide a marked map for the game, since right now the whole walk-through is just names and references, and it gets tedious to search for some places till you haven’t done 100%.

            And hats off for such great walk-through, although videos might be substantially cut down (almost up to 1/3rd of their current lengths if you’re very thorough)

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah, in a perfect world, I would have been able to have two separate Normal save files — one to play and the other to record. I even tried playing a separate game on Classic but it was too painful. So this is the best I could do without having now to delete my save and start the whole thing over. 🙁

            2. AppUnwrapper

              I’m actually still considering restarting, but this time with a plan now that I know where everything is, so I don’t waste time.

  42. Meme god

    Does anyone know where the pocket knife is? I canΓÇÖt find it (probably super obvious)

  43. Toravisu

    I accidentally killed at mouse at the sewer on chapter six after evil scientist and canΓÇÖt go any further. any ideas how you can revive them?

  44. Dynamite

    ThereΓÇÖs a crack on the wall behind the couch in WillΓÇÖs house which is driving me crazy!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Haha same I kept trying to figure out how to break through it.

  45. Dynamite

    I went back to the area Hydra is in to find more stuff (I found a key in an elevator) and I had to kill hydra again! Did that happen to you guys?

    WhatΓÇÖs that key for?
    And I bought a key at some store…. no idea what that key is for either….

  46. Ryan

    Stuck in the forest maze short an access card. I went to the convenience store looking to buy one, they had none. Any other ideas on where to get a card so I donΓÇÖt have to start all over again?

  47. Kayla

    Can someone help me. I canΓÇÖt find gnome 8, or heart pieces 14,16, and 19

  48. Dave f

    In chapter 4, IΓÇÖm trying to cross the sewage and IΓÇÖve done everything you did step by step and I canΓÇÖt seem to cross, itΓÇÖs around the 31:40 mark.

  49. Simon

    Steve gives a spiked bat. 3 dmg for nancy

  50. Alvin

    Having trouble finding the ledger

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Try looking at around the 49-minute mark in the second video.

      1. Laura

        Your garbage dump video is missing.

  51. Keelan

    I’ve completed each dungeon, found all the collectibles, and have all the characters except for the one that doesn’t unlock till season 2 airs. I’m stuck at 98.6% completion though, which is maddening.

    1. Q.

      Did you go collect the rewards for finding all the gnomes in the backyard of the ownerΓÇÖs house ?

      1. Bertin

        Where can I find this house ? I’m stuck at 99,3% so maybe it’s what I miss…

    2. Eli

      You need to get all the Eggos, gnomes and get eleven. Check your quest items and verify through the text of the page that you didnΓÇÖt miss anything. I know how you feel, but thanks to these guys I went from 96.5 to 99.3 and just need to figure out the bunker heart #10

  52. JJ

    Not sure how to get past the laser field on level 2 of the bunker. Btw, the videos for 5 and 6, part 1 are the same. Would love to see the actual beginning to the bunker since IΓÇÖm stuck there. Thanks, appunwrapper!

      1. JJ

        For whatever reason when I click on the videos for chapter 5 and 6 part 1 theyΓÇÖre the SAME video. Literally they end without you going into the bunker. YouΓÇÖre still in Hawkins Lab at the end of both. Strange thing it is, lol!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Hmm I just played the beginning of video 5 and it starts at the library.

  53. Jenny

    Please help! canΓÇÖt find gnome 1. Or hearts 12 & 13 IΓÇÖve rechecked the 2 sewers no balloons and thereΓÇÖs nothing left in the forest maze to get. ?

    1. Jenny

      WEnt through all the comments ah since an got them all. 100%. Woohoo. Any ideas When are we will getting more game content?

  54. Jenny!

    Does anyone know where 37 is?? #thelastone

    1. Jenny!

      Or where jennifer’s house is, help!

      1. Renee

        Shes near the grave yard entrance

  55. JJ

    Hello Appunwrapper, well the chapter 6 part 1 video WAS the same as the chapter 5 video. I checked back today and the chapter 6 part 1 video is now showing correctly. Not sure what was up, but I wish I could show you my screencast which clearly shows the chapter 5 video playing beneath the title for chapter 6 part 1. Thanks for the videos! I was able to finally get past the laser field on lvl 2 of the bunker.

  56. Anthony

    I missed a book in the library and the passage in the upside down world has gone, any idea about how to go back there to complete the task?

    1. Annika Peterson

      same happened to me. literally losing sleep over it

      1. Heather

        I have 4 out of 5 books can’t find the 5th book either. Went through the whole place couldn’t find it. Any luck anyone?

  57. Annika Peterson

    I have found all the gnomes but gnome #2 wont show up that I found him in my bag

  58. Bt

    Can you break the wall behind the couch in Byers house?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      From what I can tell, it’s just there to torture us.

      1. Eli

        I was thinking that too, but after rewatching the series itΓÇÖs clearly from when they blew a hole in the front and patched it up. Which is really just good details from the crew, not meant to stress us

  59. abie

    Hey I canΓÇÖt get into the first tunnel in the library. I mean used the key card but the door wouldnΓÇÖt open. Is there a way to get in there with another key card or whatΓÇÖs happends now?

  60. Robert Fraley

    I’ve completed all dungeons and mazes, have collected everything possible, unlocked eleven. So why am I stuck at 98.6 %?! Anybody know. ??

    1. Ganer

      I had the same problem but I fixed it now! If you get to the librarians house (using Will to go through the pipe) youΓÇÖll find a garbage bin just behind her house. If you break that bin you Will get the last upgrade! I hope this will help you!

    2. Marsha

      Did you turn in the Nome’s

  61. Juan

    Where is Eggo 7!!!!!!

  62. Fushi

    Cannot find eggo 7, went back to the bunker and defeated the Hydra again (dunno why it appeared twice), but still no eggo 7..

    1. Jul

      The ego seven is in the ref of Wheeler’s house. How about where can i get the ego 8?

      1. Eli

        At BradleyΓÇÖs. ThereΓÇÖs a hidden wall top right

  63. Sophia

    i accidentally got eggo eight before eggos seven and now (even after beating the final boss two times) i still don’t have eggo 7 and can’t unlock eleven

  64. PhiloYT p

    Looks like I am locked in the big laser room (Chapter 6, The Hydra: Part 1 at t=22:40): I am too far to be able to see the switch so I can’t hit it (screen form factor of my Asus ME572C 7″ tablet maybe?). Anyone else got this problem? Or is there another way to go further?

    1. Philo

      Finally got past it. Despite the switch can’t be seen, shooting aiming the edge of the screen toggled it!

  65. Andretti

    I have reached 100% but I still have 2 keycard left in my bag. Do u guys know what is it used for?
    Anyway, there is also a secret path (breakable-by-Nancy’s bat) inside Will’s home (behind the couch).

    1. Luisa

      How do you get behind the couch?


      Same question here. How to get behind the couch?

      1. Eli

        ItΓÇÖs just a detail from the show, when they blew a hole in the front. Go and rewatch the series, youΓÇÖll se what I mean

  66. tim

    I am on chapter 6 and im in the room with all the lasers and I have hit all the buttons and switches to get in to beat the hydra but it won’t open. I’m only at like 47%. Would that have anything to do with it or is this some weird glitch?

  67. Paula Pamela

    I can’t find the 8th eggo. Help! ?

    1. Eli

      I promise itΓÇÖs at BradleyΓÇÖs

  68. Newfoundlove

    I’m at 97.9%progress, but have unlocked Eleven. But Steve won’t accept the nails from the quest to give me the upgrade.

    1. AmaraRae

      by the aluminum bat from hunting store first

  69. maria quade

    In the level hydra 1 I did everything and the stupid door at the top won’t open. I backtracked and checked if I missed anything and watched the video and now I’m stuck. Door flashes but isn’t open like it should be when you hit all the colored buttons. I’m so frustrated. Any idea what’s going on??

  70. Richard

    I have the nail bat but I can’t hit the things that blow up the tentacles far enough like in the last video. Do I still have to get something for this to work?

    1. Eli

      Full health

  71. ABJ

    Do you know there is an area in the school in the North West corner that just won’t open.

  72. ABJ

    Never mind. I meant the door which is shown at 22 minutes in your school video just before the boss van fight. It seems after Defeating the van and going back to the school, that door won’t open.

  73. hello

    I have the first 7 characters including eleven but not the last. how do i get them

  74. Jee

    Cant seem to buy eggo 8 at bradleys. Clerk says sold out. What should I do?

    1. Mike

      You donΓÇÖt buy it. Go up to the top of the room and bash the wall.

    2. Eli

      Look for a breakable door in the store

    3. Eli

      Look for a breakable door at BradleyΓÇÖs.

    4. cyclikl7

      break the wall in back

    5. StillFoxy

      The eggo is in a broken wall, you need nancy to broken the wall.

  75. Eli

    The guard at the end of level 2 in the bunker always drops keycards. And he respawns when you go thru the elevator and come back

  76. Larry Baum

    After finishing normal mode and getting Eleven, I have gone back and am trying the Classic mode.

    a) Save is terrible. It restores in completely different locations and forgets some of what has been collected. I understand making me redo a difficult step but I saved right after giving Tommy his two ‘prizes’ and when I restarted, I was far away from Tommy (but at the same progress otherwise) and had to go back to him and give the prizes again. Annoying.

    b) Steve won’t take his nails. I have them in my inventory but when I return to him he just says that he can’t wait for Halloween. So Nancy never got the spiked bat.

    c) I have beaten hydra and have 40 heart pieces, 8 Eggos, 12 gnomes, 8 VHS tapes, have watched the video and returned to where I freed Eleven, but it only says 98.6% complete.

    1. Mike

      I think it’s a bug. I have the same issue. Steve never asked for nails, but I have nails. Maybe something can accidentally be done out of order to break that particular quest. Every other retrieval quest triggered fine, even when I already had the items before they asked (which was nearly all of them)… Hope it can be fixed. It;s just a little annoying to not be able to get 100%

    2. Mike

      [UPDATE]: I just figured it out! First, you have to buy the aluminum bat from the hunting shop, THEN Steve will ask you for the nails. The reward is his spiked bat which gives Nancy 3 damage. Now it makes sense, since the aluminum bat increases her damage to 2. Hope this helps. 🙂

  77. Maria Johanna

    How can I defeat the bear?

    1. Larry Baum

      Honey or cupcake. If you do not have the latter, just wait…

    2. mangoadonis

      the answer is you can’t. the only way to beat around bears are using Dustin’s pudding or shooting honey

  78. Gabriel Reyes

    Did you notice a sewer at the uppermost part of the map? Is it accessible?

  79. Kacee

    Where do I find Steve to give the movie tickets to?

  80. Joel

    Any hint to where i can find the salt???

    1. Thirteen

      find the Bag of Salt in Hawkings Middle School, by breaking through a wall on the northeast side. Give the salt bag to the cashier at the Hunting and Camping store downtown

  81. Ella Clarke-DeGrenier

    Where is the dump in the game?

    1. FacelessSphinx

      North east of the map. That’s the Junkyard

  82. Niccolo

    After you update the game you can unlock Max. (New character from season 2). There are also 2 extra missions to complete the game again. One is at the theatre and the second is at the florist. For the theatre you have to go to the cabin behind Buyer’s house and through the portal. Where do I have to go to find the missing item for the florist?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Downloading it now. Will update my walkthrough as I find new things. 🙂

    2. Ruhan

      Go to the quarry, there’s new portal there.

    3. Yogurt

      ItΓÇÖs in the Upside Down at the quarry.

  83. ineptidude

    Florist item is in the quarry. The map shows the new portal entrance. I did all the new stuff and IΓÇÖm only at 98.7% though. Maybe they added some chests IΓÇÖm missing. I thought I found a new one in the bottom left neighborhood but idk.

    1. QPisces84

      ThereΓÇÖs a new house open about the middle of the lower left quad. Has a blue car in front of it? Inside is a hockey mask for Max! IΓÇÖm at 99.3% and also stuck.

      1. Wesley Sedda Rodrigues

        Did you find the Maple Syrup!? Go back to the gym in the school, the room right before you had the Van chase. Switch to Eleven and have her jump in the pool. SheΓÇÖll teleport to a small room in the school with Maple Syrup. Grab the syrup to give her an extra Damage point!

        1. James G

          Thank you! I finally got a 100% after collecting it. 6hrs and 45 mins

      2. Ceios

        Have you upgraded Hopper with the canadian tuxedo already? Thats what got me to 100%. Its in the trashcan behind the librarians house

        1. Mike

          Which one is the librarians house? Where on the map is it?

          1. Nils de Loijer

            It’s the one in the North

  84. Eric

    There was a scrub brush in the garage of Byers House. This, the Rubiks cube, the hockey mask and maple sera got me to 100%.

    1. Henri

      I did all of that and i’m still at 99.3%. It’s frustrating haha

      1. Maffers

        New house with green chest in back yard in bottom left corner of map?

  85. miaowface

    I was definitely at 100% before the update was released, IΓÇÖve got Max, the scrub brush, the rubix cube, the hockey mask and maple syrup but also stuck at 99.3% arrrgh!!!

    1. Angélica

      Omg! I’m stuck at 99,3 too (also done everything, i guess)!! Has anyone reached 100%? How do I get there???

  86. Gustavo

    Where can I find the upgrade to Lucas?

  87. Jaymie93

    Eggo 7 is not in hoppers fridge what do I do ?

  88. Gustavo

    How to get upgrade of lukas to 2 damage? Please, last thing missing.

  89. Coshie

    How do I enter the locked room in the school gym? Just about finished but canΓÇÖt get in here. Found the syrup but

  90. Zeek

    I only need to find the last eggo (eggo 8) but the Bradley clerk says that “were out of eggos today”. I never found any eggo in that store yet, what should I do?

    1. Peter Niemi

      Hidden wall at the back of the store

    2. Egg

      Go jnto shop. Top right. Nancy will smash through the wall.

  91. Diana

    CanΓÇÖt figure out how to place the egg bombs in the new portal in the quarry to get the rubies cube. Can you post a vid showing it?

    1. Diana


    2. Stranger

      Upper bomb right, down, lower bomb right (push against upper bomb), down, right.

  92. andretti

    Can anyone explain to me why Max didnt show her ΓÇÿPsychic BlastΓÇÖ power in the movie, just like in the games?

  93. Siannon

    Thought I completed it all but IΓÇÖm on 99.3% and canΓÇÖt find what I missed to make 100%.

  94. BuckskinLady

    i cant go threw pipe to bunker how do i move the bear??

    1. jess

      throw a pudding so the bear moves

  95. jess

    in the game stage 6 i used all the 2 keycards i had on opening the rats door things and now i have non to get into the door that lets you move on. there are no more key cards for me to find but one in the florist for 500 coins and idk what to do. someone please help?

  96. meligira

    I basically have all the hearts, the gnomes, the Eggos and the tapes, I have Eleven and Max and still my completion rate says 98.7%. Any ideas?

  97. Samantha Carvalho

    iΓÇÖm at 98.7% and cant find hearts 13 or 34. help? (updated version)

  98. Uge

    Hi all and thx for the walkthrough and tips. Everything clear here except the door in the gym’s second room. Anyone?

    1. Zoomer

      That door is the school’s back door exit, you used it before, right before the an chase

  99. Stuck on stupid

    How do I make licas hit the switch in the morgue. I can only sling straight and not sideways.

  100. abby

    i cant seem to get lucas up to 2 damage how could i do it?

    1. StillFoxy

      Lucas deal 2 damage at full health.
      The backpack upgrades is for the wrist rocket.

  101. Marsha

    I’ve gotten all hearts, eggos, characters, vhs and character upgrades. Why might I be stuck at 98%???

    1. Ryan

      You might have to do errand side quests. Explore every building for items the people of Hawkins might be looking for.

    2. Prism

      Me too, I’m stuck at 99,3% Also have you got all the gnomes?

      1. Mirc06

        Go to the gym in hawking middle school and enter in the pool and get a maple syrup for upgrade eleven

        1. Caly

          How do you get into the gym?

          1. dahlia

            you go to the upside down and then go to the other passage way out

      2. Darkthrone

        Did you pick up the hockey mask in Max’s house? It’s locked until you get Max in the party.

        1. Olivia

          That was what got the other 0.7% for me

        2. Ellen

          Which one is Max’s house?

          1. Camille

            I cant find heart 35. I already got the ones above hopper’s house using the ramp. 🙁

            1. Camille

              Never mind. Found it! 🙂

      3. Olivia

        That’s happened to me twice!

    3. Ash


    4. dahlia

      Go to the gym and let eleven jump inside the pool (it would only get you to 98.7% on what you find though)

  102. Digital Tutorials

    This guide is missing the Rubix Cube and two coin chests, which is found in the Gate at the Quarry (left side, up the stairs). To get through the first puzzle, hit the top egg to the right, then down. Then hit the bottom egg to the right, then down, then to the right. For the group of 5 tentacles, punch the bottom right egg twice so it is bouncing. Move the egg to the left of that, right then up. Push the upper left egg to the right. Push the top most egg down. Then push the middle to eggs to the right. Then push the left of the two up. It will detonate all 3 in sequence.

  103. Digital Tutorials

    Also, this guide does not tell you how to get Mad Max. Talk to Mad Max outside of the Arcade. Then get the Joystick from the gate behind the bear at the top of the Pumpkin Patch. Return to Mad Max. Then go to the High School and complete a mini dungeon including a boss fight (Pac-Man-esque; use the laser in the bottom right corner to kill the top left, top right, and bottom right guards, then wait at the bottom left for the blue one to come all the way around it’s pattern to the left side and as it heads down press the laser switch). Return to Mad Max to have her join the party.

    1. Illu

      How can i get past the bears in front of the tunnel/pipe?

      1. Olivia

        Use Dustin to throw the pudding in front of the bear

      2. Plurk

        You have to have dustin, then throw A pudding in front of the bear

  104. Ellen

    what is the building at the top of the map that looks like a cage type thing? canΓÇÖt work out how to get there!

  105. Himali Ben

    Finally got to 100% !! 🙂

  106. Bella

    Hey! I can’t buy eggo 8, because she says “Sorry, we’re sold out of Eggos today”

    1. Jérémy

      Go to the top right of the store and there is a wall that you can break with Nancy

    2. RL

      You can’t buy Eggo 8. Read the walkthrough properly

  107. mecca6801

    After 11 hours of play tIMEI, I got 100 percent. After look ingredients at android leader boards, someone beat it in less that 1:47 minutes

  108. DigginΓÇÖUpDug

    IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve found all the items mentioned here, all the eggoΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s, gnomes, and video tapes, completed all requests from people, have 11 on my team, and watched the trailer for Season 2 and IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m STILL stuck at 93.7%…!!! Any thoughts…?

    1. DigginΓÇÖUpDug

      I was wrong – I re-read the comments posted above (thank you Mirc06!) and found that I still had to have 11 go in the Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║poolΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ in the Gym that goes to the secret area to get the maple syrup.
      Finally! 100%

  109. Aldana Gueicha

    I have every item, eggo, tape and heart that you need and all the characters and im in 99.3%. Help???

  110. Matt Cameron

    I’m 98% done and have no clue what I have left to find…… What do I do?!

    1. Alyssa

      Did you go to the gym and get the syrup for Eleven? If not go to the middle school and get into the gym. You have to go through the upside down. There should be a pool in the gym and if you go through it it will take you to a secret room and there will be syrup in the corner.

  111. Russow Meredith

    how do you get Eggo 7? I have 8 but canΓÇÖt seem to figure out there 7 is.

    1. Kali

      It’s in the refrigerator of wheeler’s house

  112. jamie trimble

    I can’t seem to find the sewer walk through

  113. Mitch

    Where is the compass?

  114. Niki

    I’m just starting, what happens if Lucas doesn’t have any ammo left? I used it all killing the owls!

    1. Jenn

      Don’t use Lucas to kill owls, stop, wait for the scream and move away from where you stood, then beat them to death with Hopper.

  115. Grace Schmidt

    IΓÇÖm at 99.3% and I have everything done I have the gnomes and Eggo and vhc characters and I even passed the boss level and itΓÇÖs still right there.

  116. jarmy

    Who/where is Henry Thomas? I have two items for him but don’t have a clue how to find him

  117. Anneli

    I just began playing and I am stuck right in the beginning of chapter 2! There is supposed to be a guard in front of the gate in to the bear, but in my game there is no guard!!!! Is it a glitch? What should I do about it? Been shooting at the beehives like a crazy person for 1 hour because there is nothing else I can do in that place 🙁 🙁

  118. bea

    im stuck at exactly 97.3% help! i found all the eggos, gnomes, and tapes! i have all the characters and all i need is the last heart pieces; 10, 13, and 17 plus a couple of quests..PLEASE HELP!!

  119. Maddy

    Where’s jhonathan?

  120. Maddy

    What do you do for chapter 7?

  121. Brice

    I canΓÇÖt get the laser to go down shortly after 12:00 in the video

  122. mia

    how do you get to nancy?

  123. mia

    how do you get to nancy in the upside down?

  124. Kyanna

    Where did I find NaNcY?! 😭😭😭

  125. Saffie

    Does anyone know how To kill the Big guards in chapter one ?

  126. Saffie

    Does anyone know how you kill the big guards in chapter one ?

  127. Kaiden

    does it finish after the hydra?

  128. Rezky san

    Guys please help me,im stuck on 99.3% i have collected all the eggos, the tape,gnomes,heart pieces,eleven and max.but i still cant finish the game 🙁

  129. Ham

    can someone explain how to get the 5th eggo

  130. Ham

    Oh nvm, but how do I defeat the bosses for the 5th eggo

  131. Ham

    OH I defeated the bosses, now I just need to find mixtapes 2 and 3, gnomes 2,8, and 12.

  132. Ham

    And how do I find the skateboard in the highschool?

  133. William

    How do I get round the bear in the pumpkin patch. He is covering a entrance the upside down world. But he won’t move.

    Am I missing something

  134. hi

    hi i want to know more

  135. Heather

    I’m playing in normal mode, so I have collected all heard but number 16 need help? And number 8 gnome? Any help would be greatly appreciated. And what mode do you need to collect the VHS for tapes?

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