Adventure Escape Starstruck: Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Adventure Escape: Starstruck
By: Haiku Games


The latest Adventure Escape game had you playing as Detective Kate Gray as she searches for a missing actress. This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for Chapter 4 of the iOS and Android puzzle adventure game, Adventure Escape: Starstruck, by Haiku Games.


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Chapter 4, The Lab:

You can watch my video for this chapter or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Grab the scissors from the desk. Open the first aid cabinet and take a cotton swab. Open the drawer to get some paper. Open the door to get a dolly cart.


2. Use paper in the printer and print what’s on the computer screen. Take the paper. It’s some snake bite marks. Notice it says: “lab3 printer printer ID 3748” along the right side.





3. Use the dolly cart to move the boxes. Then enter 3748 in the keypad to unlock the closet. Move things around to get the Venom ID kit.




4. Place the kit next to Marco’s arm. Use the scissors to open the kit. Use a cotton swab to pick up some of his blood.


6. Read the instructions. They say:

“Use all colors.
Use 6 drops total.
Never use yellow first or last.
Once blue has been added, you must never add red.
Use more yellow than blue.
Never use yellow twice in a row.
Never use red twice in a row.”

7. So, let’s work this out. Yellow can’t be first and since red can’t go after blue, red has to be first.
Yellow also can’t be last, but blue can. So we have R____B. We know red and yellow can’t be two in a row, and there needs to be more yellow than blue. So let’s alternate red & yellow to get: RYRYRB.

So, open the big jar and add the blood from the cotton swab to it. Then, tap the red bottle and squeeze one drop of that liquid into the jar. Then continue, doing the same for yellow, red, yellow, red, blue. The mixture should turn green if you did it right. That means the snake is from a King Cobra!


8. Now we’re at Animal Control. Move the sheet and grab the key. Also, look at the two posters on the wall. They’re clues for later.




9. Use the key to unlock the locked door and go through. Plug in the cable. Pick up the wallaby, screwdriver and seven short colored cables.


10. Tap on the server. Add all the wires to it. Now this is where the two animal posters come into play. Pay attention to the colors and find a number in each. There’s 1 blue parrot, 2 orange tigers, 3 spots on the green turtle, 4 stripes on the red lizard’s tail, 5 spots on the purple frog, 6 brown chimps, and 7 stripes on the yellow snake. So it goes blue, orange, green, red, purple, brown, yellow.




11. The internet should be back online now. Talk to the girl at the front desk and she’ll tell you that someone filed for a Cobra permit under file number 462543.


12. Place he wallaby in the cage and head into the filing room to look for the file.


13. For the light switches, you need to look at the boxes in the server room. They point: Left, Left, Up, Up, Down, Right, Right. Change the light switches to match.



14. The file starts with the number 4, so we need the fourth shelf. Tap the green arrows to move the first three shelves to the left and use the screwdriver to open up the control panel on the fourth.


15. For this next puzzle, you need to connect all the tiles with the number of connections written on each one.


16. Move the fourth shelf to the left and then take a look at what’s on it. Remember, the file number is 462543. So we’re in aisle 4. Head right to section 6. Then the 2nd row, 5th compartment, 4th binder, and 3rd file. We found it! Pull it out and complete the chapter.






And that’s the end of Chapter 4! Click here to continue to Chapter 5 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Trunkuza

    So, I had a weird thought when I saw the filing system: how many animals are in this district? So, I decided to do the math on it. Useless info to follow, but here’s my process and results:

    If we assume that every binder has exactly five pet applications, then that means that each 5-binder cubby holds 25 applications. At 6 columns and 5 rows, that gives each numbered section of the a shelf unit 30 cubby holes. At 6 numbered sections per numbered shelving unit, that means each shelf unit has 180 cubby holes. Since we have 4 shelving units total, we can simplify the math, here.

    25x180x4; the transitive property of multiplication means we can do these in any order, so it lets the 25 and 4 become 100: so we get 180×100. Which means that there are 18,000 pet applications in that district. Yay.

    Now, hold on, I thought to myself, maybe there’s a secret Easter Egg, where the snake isn’t the only non-“cat or dog permit application” filed… How long would it take to look through everything to be sure? A good while, for a single person. If we assume a conservative estimate of 5 seconds to check each binder (to over-account for load times), that’s 18,000╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├▓├╗60, or 300 minutes (5 hours) to look through every page of every binder of every cubby of every section of every shelf. . .


    I donΓÇÖt understand the connections part with the numbers like it doesnΓÇÖt have the little dots around the numbers anymore. Can yΓÇÖall update yΓÇÖall answers?

    1. Trunkuza

      So, that part of the puzzle asks the player to connect each node together, with the number inside the node referring to the required number of connections. So, if you have a node with the number 4 in it, then that means that it must connect four times; the catch of this kind of puzzle is that it can connect up to two times to a single node.

      So, for example, let’s pretend that there’s a node in the top right corner that has the number 4 in it. Because a corner node can only connect in two directions (for this example, that’s a connection to the node below it, and to the one to the left of it), and because it requires four connections in order to be correct, this would tell us that it needs to connect two times with both available nodes. However, if the number in a corner is a 3, that means we can safely assume that it connects at least one to the surrounding nodes, but that we’d then have to wait for more info (or trial and error it) to find out which one gets the second connection.

      The dots around the number are mostly just there for show, to tell the player how many connections are “possible” in that direction. Technically speaking – as long as the game hasn’t changed the number of connections that can be made between a pair of nodes – the dots are mostly irrelevant to the puzzle, being a visual thing instead of something necessary to solve it.

  3. Greenwink

    Yet another game with a glitch where I cannot continue to play. I made sure many times that I was grabbing the right binder for the right file. It still shows an application for a cat or dog. Connecting the circuits was glitchy as well. One of them said a four and it actually wanted five lines connected to it.

    1. Belinda

      What is the right shelve ??

  4. Belinda

    I have the same problem as greenwink. Can’t find the right shelve

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