Adventure Escape Starstruck: Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Starstruck
By: Haiku Games


The latest Adventure Escape game had you playing as Detective Kate Gray as she searches for a missing actress. This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for Chapter 1 of the iOS and Android puzzle adventure game, Adventure Escape: Starstruck, by Haiku Games.


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Chapter 1, Movie Set:

You can watch my video for this chapter or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. A young movie actress named Perla Rosa and her personal assistant Marco have gone missing! Kate needs to head to the movie set to investigate. Follow the tutorial. Open the camera case and take the camera. Select it and place it on the tripod. Look at the camera. We need a 5-digit code to unlock it!

2. Look at the movie clapboard. It says:

Pigeons T. Lee
Date: May 21
Scene: 7
Take 4

May is the fifth month, so if you put all the numbers together, you get 52174.


3. Tap on the camera again. Enter the numbers 52174 to unlock the camera.


4. Point the dial at the green arrow to see what the movie set looked like yesterday. We have to match it to that.


5. Open the paper bag to get a deflated orange balloon. Move the folding screen to find a pigeon. Pick it up. Take the string from the box. Take the pigeon from the microphone. Move one of the traffic cones for another pigeon. You should have three pigeons now.


6. Open the box and take the slice of cake. Tap on the back of the trailer and fill up the balloon with helium. Tie the string to it.



7. Now we have everything we need. Place the cake on the table. Add the balloon to the others and place the three pigeons on the floor by the other one. Then adjust the pigeons, chair, cake, teacup and balloons to match the photo.


8. Now, look at the camera and turn the dial to the red circle to see what the photo you’re about to take will look. Adjust the dials on the right until the red record button starts glowing and press it to get a key card to the trailer.


9. Use the key card to get into the trailer.

10. Find the red nail polish with a 21 on it, the purple (pink?) polish with a 56 on it and turquoise polish with a 58 on it.


11. Add the three nail polishes to the others. You need to swap them around to put them in the right order, with one color on each row, lightest to darkest.


12. Time to figure out the lock combination! Find the note with the hand, eye and lips on it. It says C3 on a hand, shows a blue eye, and then 4 on lips. It’s referring to the nail polish, eye shadow, and lipstick. Let’s start with the nail polish. C3 is telling you to look at the third nail polish on the third row. That number is 58.




13. The blue eye tells you to look at that color eyeshadow. But it’s not numbered! So look at the colors that are numbered and then figure out how to number the rest. It goes like this, making the second number 20.


14. The 4 on the lips tells you to choose the fourth lipstick, which is Luscious Lips 41.


15. Put the three together and you get 582041. That’s the lock combination! Enter it into the door to unlock it. Go through.


16. Look around the room. Move the pillow to find a iPad. Open the foot of the recliner to get a charger. Open cabinets and the window blinds to find some notes with clues and a card from Marcie to Marco with a key attached! Tap the red balloon, then take the small key.





17. Plug the charger into the wall near the iPad to charge it. Use the key to unlock the fridge. Take the muffin.


18. Warm up the muffin in the microwave. Then, go back a room and place it in the dog dish. The dog, Muffin, will get up to eat it and you can find another clue in its bed.



19. Put the three clues together and you get yoga person, blow dryer, coffee cup, and boot. Find all five posters of her movies and then count the yoga people in LATE FOR YOGA. It’s 5. Count the blow dryers in BAD HAIR DAY. It’s 1. Then, there’s a coffee cup in THE BIG SPILL, another in LATE FOR YOGA, and one more in THE RULE BREAKER. So that makes 3 for coffee. And last, count the boots in TOO MANY SHOES. There are 9!






20. Put all the numbers together and you get 5139. Enter that in the iPad to unlock it. You’ll see the pets Marco was considering for Perla and that his calendar says he was supposed to meet Marcie for coffee at 10 am, pick up a pet for Perla at noon, and then be at Trash Park at 1pm.



And that’s the end of Chapter 1! Click here to continue to Chapter 2 or choose a chapter below.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9

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  1. linda

    I knew it was time for another Haiku game! I just wish it was more “halloweenie”
    Have fun on your new iPad Pro! I love mine!! Makes the game so much more fun!
    It’s heavier so I tend to rest it on the arm of my chair – just a friendly tip. If you intend to use in your lap – protect your legs from the heat as just like a notebook, it can do nerve damage when it gets hot.

  2. Sue Tonks

    Brilliant as ever ? love your walkthroughs, and now on to the next chapter please, I’m stuck on the door code! ?

  3. Hayley Forrest

    Ugh, the lights game is KILLING me – I still don’t understand how I’m meant to pass it 🙁 Am I going crazy? I’ve watched the video three times now and I’m still not totally sure how you worked your magic

    1. Tox

      If you get all the other parts without hints you should get enough starts to skip at least one mini game personally i was confused to so i skipped

    2. Busi

      I had the same problem with lights games. Once you get it you’ll love it.
      Okay! Consider the circles to represent the sequence in which the different light patterns turn on. For example, the far left circle is Number 1 (or 1st) triggering the Yellow Red Green sequence. Another example, the far right circle is Number 4 (or 4th) triggering the Yellow Pink Red sequence.

      1st_Yellow Red Green
      2nd_Yellow Pink Blue
      3rd_Red Blue Green
      4th_Yellow Pink Red

      Now! Tap on a liquid color of your choice then switch off the sequence where that color will not switch on. You do this by tapping on the circle so that it turns Grey.

      Here we go!
      For yellow_switch off the 3rd circle
      For red_switch off the 2nd circle
      For pink_switch off the 1st & 3rd circles
      For blue_switch off the 1st & 4th circles
      For green_switch off the 2nd & 4th circles

      That should do it! You should be able to retrieve the key now.

      1. Lisa

        Perfect explanation, thanks so much! Made it way less confusing 😁 yay

  4. laura

    im so confused with the root and the crown puzzle, i know you told us the answer but i stil have no clue how you actually got that answer, can you explain please?

    1. Gnasher

      It means the lights are ‘upside down’ is bottom one is #1.

  5. Ginjar

    The game does not save changes unless you finish a chapter. This means I have to start over each time I log in. This doesnΓÇÖt seem right. Help please.

    1. Kamakazi

      Chances are they need access to your files in order for them to make a save file, or not

  6. Sarah

    Thank you for doing walkthroughs. You are my far my favorite way to get help.

  7. Chanelle

    THE file isnΓÇÖt where itΓÇÖs supposed to be for me. Help?

    1. Laura

      Not sure if you are still playing but same happened to me, so I searched from isle 1 and when I arrived again to aisle 4 it worked, when few minutes before it didin’t

      1. Irene Bergen

        I have followed the walkthrough put can’t continue until I get the file. It worked the first time but had to start all over because I didn’t finish the chapter

  8. Kay Ealy

    I don’t know about anyone else but i had a glitch in the number connection puzzle. The 1 and the 2 on the lower left side didn’t light up until i connected then with two and three links respectively. Everything else was just like the screenshot above, but the puzzle would not complete until I made the extra connections.

  9. Carla H

    I’m on the last chapter, got the boat going right by using the WD 40 but I can’t radio to HQ or get to the final puzzle. I’m on the right channel but it just says the Humble B lyrics and I can’t press any numbers. Any help?

    1. Athena

      Same with me. I try to press a number, but it zooms out

    2. Brit

      I had this happen too. I went to settings and quit the level thinking I’d have to start it over, but when I came back in, after I got through the talking with Axel, it let me pick up where I left off and the radio worked again.

  10. shelby

    im stuck on the books it wont work nvm got it

  11. Deb

    i can’t get past the combination lock. I’ve entered 12-6-2 multiple times, but it still won’t open the lock. How did others resolve this issue?

    1. Happy 2021!

      You have to turn it clockwise to 12, counterclockwise to 6 and clockwise to 2

    2. Callum

      U have to go oposite direction right to 12 right left to 6 and right to 2

  12. Emily Fairchild

    I cannot get the file puzzle to work. ItΓÇÖs not in the right place and IΓÇÖm not sure what else to do

  13. Ayonfe Salawu

    I cant get to the boats mini game… Been trying to use the radio but couldnt use the radio

  14. Ayonfe Salawu

    I dont even know how to use the radio, i tried all i could but to no avail…

  15. Natasha Bailey

    Can’t use the radio it wont do anything so game is just stuck

    1. Kim

      Same. I used the radio the first time no problem, found the wd40 and now the radio won’t work the second time.

    2. Sharon R

      Me too. So sad – it’s almost the end!

      1. Bobbi Grant

        I just restarted that chapter, and added 204 to the radio after I put WD40 on the steering wheel. That way she could radio head quarters. It got me to the next level

  16. Steph

    Hi i donΓÇÖt understand how to get the file even if I followed and use hints I still get the dogs and cats permit edit** I had to go through 1-4 to get it again

  17. Adrienne Matlock

    The parr of getting the colored lights to sync on the dance floor is stumping me, even with your walkthrough. Maybe I’m just tired.

  18. shirley

    I am stuck on the lights in star struck at the party. I have followed everything you have done. I can’t get it to work.

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