Adventure Escape Starstruck: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 8, Pirate Chase:

You can watch my video for this chapter or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Pull down the lever and notice the numbered buoys you pass by — red 2, blue 3, silver 4, yellow 5.





2. Look at the gauges. They say 20 and 4. Change the channel on the radio to 204 and the police station will contact Kate.



5. Combine the colors from the buoys for the combination lock. So blue 3 + yellow 5 = green 8. And red 2 + blue 3 = purple 5. So the answer is 2835. Enter it and take the WD-40 lubricant.



6. Use the lubricant on the steering wheel to loosen it up. Then use the radio again to let them know you’re on track to follow the Pirate.


7. This boat mini game is hard to show in screenshots, so I’ll have to make video for it. You need to navigate the boat the X. Then watch the ending!


Congratulations! You completed the game and saved the animals!

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5 thoughts on “Adventure Escape Starstruck: Walkthrough Guide

  1. linda

    I knew it was time for another Haiku game! I just wish it was more “halloweenie”
    Have fun on your new iPad Pro! I love mine!! Makes the game so much more fun!
    It’s heavier so I tend to rest it on the arm of my chair – just a friendly tip. If you intend to use in your lap – protect your legs from the heat as just like a notebook, it can do nerve damage when it gets hot.

  2. Sue Tonks

    Brilliant as ever ? love your walkthroughs, and now on to the next chapter please, I’m stuck on the door code! ?

  3. Hayley Forrest

    Ugh, the lights game is KILLING me – I still don’t understand how I’m meant to pass it 🙁 Am I going crazy? I’ve watched the video three times now and I’m still not totally sure how you worked your magic

  4. laura

    im so confused with the root and the crown puzzle, i know you told us the answer but i stil have no clue how you actually got that answer, can you explain please?


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