Stranger Things The Game: Season 2 100% Walkthrough Guide (Unlock Max)

Stranger Things: The Game
By: BonusXP, Inc.

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This is a complete 100% walkthrough guide with hints, tips and tricks for the second season content update of the iOS and Android game, Stranger Things: The Game by BonusXP.

Looking for my guide for Chapters 1 – 6?

I also made a comprehensive list of locations for all items and collectibles.

Thanks to Angie Cortes for making this incredible map with pools, chests, gnomes and other item locations!



Here’s a video for those who prefer it:

Unlock Max:

Max is a new character from Season 2 and she’s available as a playable character now, but first you have to do a few things to unlock her.

(Note: You can use Eleven to get around faster by teleporting through pools.)

First, find her in front of the Arcade. She’ll ask you to find a Joystick for her.

Head to the Pumpkin Patch (use your map to find it!) and have Dustin throw a pudding to get the bear away from the Gate. Go through.

Solve the eggs puzzle and pick up the joystick.

Head back to the Arcade and give the joystick to Max for some coins. She then asks you to find her a Skateboard Wheel.

Head to the building left of Hawkins High School where Tommy H. and Carol are hanging out. Go inside. It’s a new dungeon!

Boss: Elite Guard: They’re the annoying muscle heads who are immune to everything except lasers. Crawl through the pipes and hit the switches to turn on the lasers. You want to try yourself between two lasers so they have no choice but to commit suicide. Kill them all and the Skateboard Wheel will appear.

Go back to Max and give her the Skateboard Wheel.

Now Max will join you! She has a psychic attack like Eleven’s and also stuns enemies at full health! Plus, she rides a skateboard!

Side Quests:

Florist Clerk: She asks you for a Rubik’s Cube.

The Rubik’s cube is through a gate in the Quarry. It’s in the rightmost chest once you’re inside. Unfortunately, the Clerk just gives you coins for it.

Hawk Theater Attendant: He asks for a Scrub Brush.

For the Scrub Brush, find the little shed behind the Byers’ house and go inside and through the Gate. Unfortunately, you only get coins for this, as well.

Hockey Mask: This is inside a new open house to the right of the school. It gives Max a 2-Damage attack.


Maple Syrup: Go back to the gym in the school, the room right before you had the Van chase. Switch to Eleven and have her jump in the pool. She’ll teleport to a small room in the school with Maple Syrup. Grab the syrup to give her an extra Damage point!



I’ll make a video soon to help those who need it.

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51 thoughts on “Stranger Things The Game: Season 2 100% Walkthrough Guide (Unlock Max)

  1. QPisces84

    Don’t forget Max’s hockey mask! There’s a new house opened up a little left of the lower middle – look for the blue car and a door you need to smash two bushes to get to. I’m at 99.3%. There’s got to be something else but not sure what?

    1. Anonymous Person

      It’s probably Hoppers upgrade. Go behind the librarians house and kick over the trash can. It’ll give you his upgrade

  2. Lu

    The pool inside the school is full! It takes eleven to a secret room, where she gets the maple syrup and evolve! 100% complete!

      1. bobmussini

        It’s strange… The updates description on App Store is showing the last’s update as yesterday… And I don’t get the “blue dot” on the app icon, as usually occurs.
        And you are ritght… I don’t get the update yet.
        It’s only on the update description, at app store. No update.

  3. Marsella

    Did everything and got all heart pieces gnomes VHS as well as all the new Max quests (florist and theater also) but I’m still at 99.3%.. any help?

    1. Chris

      Have you got the rubix cube?
      – In the quarry, in the up side down, in a chest. It is requested by the florist.
      That one got me stuck at 99,3% too, that and the movie screening at the theatre, if it had anything to do with it,..

  4. Trez

    The Canadian tux was the thing I was missing. Oddly enough it was the last thing I collected during the prepatch update but didn’t save. I had to move 2x screens away to get the game to save 100%

  5. JP

    There’s a new broken wall inside the Byer’s house, behind the couch that’s on the right from the door. Did anyone notice this? How to move that couch though.

  6. Susan

    I’ve got to 100% and I still have 4 keys. Is there another update coming to the game or is the next chapter somewhere on the map? It’s a bit confusing.

    1. Eli

      You may just have accidentally gotten more keys. Trust the numbers, you’re at 100%. I know for fact you can farm an agent guard in the ladybug dungeon near the fourth level right by an elevator (I did it just to have max key cards & I got bored after 35)

  7. Matt

    I’m at 100% too. The only thing I think it’s missing in the game is the librarian girl that keeps asking for Hopper to call her, but you can’t call or give her flowers, in my opinion that’s the only “unfinished” quest in the game… But I’m glad they did a great game for one of my favorites TV series ever!

  8. Emily

    Anyone think it’s a major hint about season 3 that Max has telekinesis??? I think they will have more numbers besides 8 and 11 next season and she might be one of them??

    That’s why Billy was making her say she was why they had to move.

  9. Sally

    I had completed the season 1 part to 100%, and now after completing everything above (max, hockey mask, maple syrup, scrub brush, rubix) I am only at 98.7%. Any ideas what I’m missing?

  10. juliana

    I’m 100% after season 2, but there is a door at the Gym (when 2 guys are runing up and down) that I cannot open. Is it unfinished? I didnt understand why this is the only door I cannot open.

    1. Chris

      Hey Juliana, no that’s not it. Maybe you miss a key, but that door only lead to the back street of the building. A shortcut. If you are at 100%, you’re done. There’s no real end to the game more than that, you can continue exploring and walking around, although everything is done.

  11. Chris

    Two questions, does anyone know if anyone else besides Eleven and Nancy can reach level 3 damage?
    Also, the item slots show in my case spaces for possibly 3 more upgrades in the row.
    I’ve reached 100%, the others never were filled but thought I’d check still,..

  12. Aveen

    Anyone able to advise on how to get into to florists?
    I’ve got the Rubiks Cube, but the florist and library are shut. Marissa the librarian advises she needs a break. There is no update available for me in the Playstore. Is this a glitch?

  13. Emily Fuller-mihalko

    I killed all the guards in the high school before unlocking the boss challenge to get max’ s skate board wheel…. I can’t get through a door now because I have no guard to weight down the platform….. help ?

  14. Brandy

    Hey I have finished season 1 in the game but I can’t seem to get season 2. I have updated my game and still nothing. How did you get to start playing season 2?

    1. Brandy

      Nevermind I found that. But is there more to the story coming? There are no monsters to fight or anything pertaining to the season 2 plots. Does anyone know if that is coming?

  15. Tijs

    In the map of the city there’s a fenced area next to the junkyard, there seems to be a manhole or something like it how do you get there? Also next to movie theater there’s a closed manhole, in the little clip after defeating the tentacle monster it is open. Any ideas on these two?

    1. Chris

      The eighth and final Eggo can be found inside of Bradley’s Big Buy. After you get Nancy, head to Bradley’s Big Buy store at any point and head inside. Walk past the clerk to the northeastern corner of the store. Here Nancy can break a wall that has a crack in it, and she can head through the wall to find a freezer with two rats and an Eggo.
      Have you tried this?

  16. Anonymous

    Where can I find upgrades for Max? I mean to get the pysonic powers. I have been all over the game trying to find that upgrade. PLZ HELP ME

  17. Lacey

    Max doesn’t have telekinesis she is throwing coins. If you pay attention to when she uses her weapon you lose a penny or whatever each time.


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