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GNOG: Walkthrough Guide

GNOG By: KO_OP This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with help, hints, answers and solutions for the iOS, PC and console game, GNOG, by KO_OP. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. See my review here. Walkthrough: FRG-Y: PURP-L: SUB-01: VORT-X: EATER: This is the combination for the lock on the front. You need to tap the trees to see which critters pop out. CANDY: This is the pattern for the chocolate head: HOM-3: These are the clues Read more [...]

My Week Unwrapped: November 27, 2017 – The Inner World 2, Far From Noise, Faraway 2, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, PIVOTO and More

Hi everyone and welcome back to a very late installment of My Week Unwrapped. Due to Thanksgiving and my trying to work on walkthroughs I started last week, this post will be shorter than usual. Still some great games to talk about, though! And I hope you all enjoyed your own holiday weekend if you celebrate it. There's also lots of great sales still going on for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so make sure to check those out here. The Inner World 2 - The Last Wind Monk After a three-year wait Read more [...]

‘The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk’ iOS Review: Blown Away

The Inner World 2 - The Last Wind Monk By: Studio Fizbin & Headup Games I was a few months late to the party with The Inner World, but it ended up being one of my favorite point-and-click adventures ever. With an adorable but quirky protagonist, tons of other entertaining characters, dry wit, hand-drawn cartoon artwork and top-notch voice acting, it was hard not to fall in love. So when I heard Studio Fizbin was working on a sequel, you can imagine my excitement. But there's always that fear Read more [...]

Chapter 4 of ‘Agent A’ Releases December 7th and It’s Huge

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise By: Yak & Co. Yak & Co's stylish spy adventure game, Agent A, released back in 2015, but that was only the first two chapters. I was still very impressed with what I saw and couldn't wait for the rest of the game. Last year, we got another chapter, Ruby's Trap, that packed a lot of puzzles into a small space, almost like a room escape game. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but it was over too fast and left me eager for more. Well, Yak & Co. have been hard at work over these Read more [...]

Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2017 iPhone and iPad Games Sales and Freebies

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! It's that soul-crushing day we spend time with family if we're lucky enough to have one and try to avoid talking about politics. But it's 2017, so who are we kidding? What else is family gonna talk about? So, here to save you from that nightmare are some games on sale for cheap or free for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Reviews are linked where available. I'll be adding more as I find them, so make sure to check back here. FREE: The Frostrune by Grimnir & Snow Cannon Read more [...]