Abi: A Robot’s Tale: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 3, Jamie:

1. Head right and look at the badge that says G.R.R.I. You can’t see the rest of it.

2. Head throughly the exit to the right. Keep going right, past the cryogenic human and then down the ladder.

3. Read the journal entries here and head left through the doorway.

4. There are two things in this room — a camera and a tablet that connects to it. But you can only carry one at a time. Take the camera.

5. Go back up and have DD pull the lever to the right to move a platform to the left side. Have Abi climb up the ladder and onto the platform. Then have DD pull the lever again to send it to the right.

6. Have Abi climb up the ladder and head inside. Climb up another ladder and drop the camera on the platform right in front of the screen with the robot face on it. Then leave.

7. Go back and fetch the tablet and hold it up in front of the security camera to gain access. To what? I’m not sure.

8. It gets better! You now have to do that whole thing with the moving platform again to fetch the robot from where you left the camera. Do so and then bring him back to the cryogenic human and have him unlock the chamber.

9. It’s just a human brain? He needs to put on his suit. But actually he doesn’t. Ignore him and push the button to the right. It will start a self-destruction sequence.

10. You now have under a minute to complete this next part. Grab the brain and head right. Push the button to call the elevator. Have Abi jump in and press the down button. Then have DD jump on top of the elevator. Then have Abi press the up button. The elevator will get stuck, so have DD clear the debris to get them out of there.

11. When you land, you need to find all the parts to add to Jamie so he can travel on his own. Then continue right to complete the chapter.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to Chapter 4, Departure, or click here.

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3 years ago

I’m on chapter three! Help!