Abi: A Robot’s Tale: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 4, Departure:

1. Go right and enter the house. Go all the way right and inspect the keypad. You need a passcode. Leave the house and head right to rocket turtle. Inspect it to find an engraved passcode.

2. Go back to the house. Use the code in the keypad. It will work automatically.

3. Go back to the turtle. It won’t let you on because you don’t look like the family.

4. Go back inside the house. Have DD pick up the suit. Then, have DD pick up the teddy bear that dropped. Jamie refuses to take it and swaps with DD instead.

5. Last, have Abi jump on the table and take the hat.

6. Go back out and get on the rocket turtle. It will eventually crash.

7. Head right. Keep going and then talk to the robot you meet. Have DD lift the debris he’s stuck under. Keep heading right.

8. Now you’ll have to outrun some huge creepy crawly robot. First, have DD pick up the piece of rocket turtle to use as a shield. Avoid the red areas because that’s where he’ll drop stuff on you. After that, he comes behind you and shoots a laser, so before he does you need to have DD block the laser with the shield. Continue right.

9. You’ll drop down. Press the red button. The robots will all start praising the Collector. When they finish, start talking to each one, beginning with the one on the right and making your way to the left. After a few, the centipede/Collector will start coming and the blockade to the left will clear.

10. Head left and then right. Use DD to pick up the big flat metal piece and drop it over the opening to the left of it. Pull the lever to get another object to drop onto it. Have DD pick it up.

11. Head right. Have DD drop the object in the hole. Then go back and get the flat metal piece and drop that over the other object in the hole. Now everyone can cross the gap.

12. Take the elevator up. The Collector is back! Have Abi open the door and then tap the white circle quickly to have DD chase away the Collector. Head through the door.

13. Keep heading right. The Collector will appear and have you sucked up into a vent and spit out elsewhere, where he’ll chase you again. This time, you have to tap really quickly to keep outrunning him or you’ll fail.

14. At the end is a box. He’s scared of the box. Make your way over to it and then watch the ending.

Congratulations! You completed the game!

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3 years ago

I’m on chapter three! Help!