Starman: Tale of Light: Walkthrough Guide

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Chapter 4, Dam:

1. Hit the switch nearby. Pick up the black cube and place it on the small platform that arrives. Then hit the switch again to send it to the other side. It will turn on the light source.

2. Pick up the transparent cube and light it up. Then place it on the floor switch.

3. Grab the black cube and carry it onto the platform with you. Place it down on the platform. Pick up the light cube while you’re still on the platform and you’ll head to the other side with both cubes.

4. Place the light cube on the floor nearby. Pick up the black cube and place it over the beams emitting from the floor. Carry the light cube over to the black cube and drop it on top of it.

5. Go around to the other side and pick up the light cube. Place it on the lightning bolt to turn on the laser.

6. Use the two wheels to move the laser so it hits the lightning bolt on the wall. The wall will move and you can pass to the next area.

7. Walk onto the glowing circle. The glass will break and you’ll fall through. Head left once you land.

8. Pick up the black cube and place it on the edge of the conveyor belt.

9. Pick up the transparent cube and place it on the floor switch.

10. Rotate the wheel just enough to bring the black cube to the left of the hanging piece with the lightning bolt on it. Don’t let it fall off the conveyor belt! Then, send it right again until it makes the lightning bolt hit the laser, turning on the light. Leave it like that.

11. Pick up the transparent cube and light it up. Carry it back out and place it on the lightning bolt.

12. Head right to a new area. This part is tricky. First, grab the transparent cube and carry it to the light source that’s turned off.

13. You now have to play with the levers to control the direction of conveyor belts and where the the cubes will go. The idea is to get the light cube lined up with the lightning bolt at the precise moment that a black cube comes around and pushes it onto the lightning bolt. It’s tricky, so just keep trying if you mess up.

14. Once it’s done, it should light the transparent cube next to you. Pick it up and carry it back outside. Place it on the lightning bolt and press the glowing button. Collect the orbs to complete the chapter.

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