Starman: Tale of Light: Walkthrough Guide

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Chapter 5, Dock:

1. Turn the wheel so the transparent cube lines up with the left steam pipe.

2. Climb up the ladder and turn the right wheel to close the opening of the right steam pipe. The cube will get pushed to the floor.

3. Turn the right wheel again to open the steam pipe. Turn the left wheel to close the left steam pipe.

4. Go back down and hit the switch on the fan. Turn the wheel until the steam from the pipe hits the fan and turns on the light source.

5. Pick up the transparent cube and light it up. Then place it on the lightning bolt and get into the boat.

6. After you get off the boat, turn both wheels to get the steam shooting out of the pipes.

7. Place the black cube on the small pipe and it will fly up and land on the platform above.

8. Climb up the ladder and pick up the black cube. Place it on the end of the platform where there’s a dot. It will drop down, lifting the light cube up.

9. Pick up the light cube and place it on the lightning bolt. Continue on.

10. Then the wheel so the steam pushes the big black double cube off the platform, pulling a ramp up closer so you can walk up. Head up to the next area.

11. Turn the wheel to make steam blow from the pipe at full force. Pick up the light cube and drop it in front of the object to the right. Climb down the ladder and hit the wall switch to knock the light cube at the steam, which will push it to the lightning bolt, powering up the next puzzle.

12. Climb up the ladder. Pick up the light cube and place it under the sparks.

13. Step on the lower left floor switch to drop the magnet, which will pick up the light cube. Use the other buttons to move the magnet until it drops the cube on the lightning bolt. Press the glowing button and collect the orbs to complete the chapter.

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