Starman: Tale of Light: Walkthrough Guide

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Chapter 6, Funfair:

1. This first part is tricky. Head right to the sort of Rube Goldberg machine. You need to turn the handle first to get one of the balls to hit the wheel and open up a platform to the left. Then, quickly move the handle so one of the balls drops on the button to the right. That will push a black cube onto the platform to the left.

2. Now, carefully, turn the handle to make a ball land on the wheel and push the platform out further so you can grab the black cube.

3. Head up the stairs with the cube. Place it behind the giant hammer with a magnet on it. Place the other cube on the button near the handle. Then, turn the handle so the cube behind the hammer lifts up. It should stick to the hammer, because it’s magnetic.

4. Turn the handle the other way until the hammer is all the way up in the air with the black cube stuck to it. Let go of the handle and the hammer will hit the ball into the button on the wall, causing the hand to drop the light cube. Pick it up and take it to the first lightning bolt you saw at the start of the chapter.

5. Head left. This is an easier puzzle. Count the stars in each constellation. Then, turn each dial to that number of lights. So it goes:

9 – 4

10 – 7

6. Step on the Star Count button and the light cube will lower down. Pick it up and place it on the second lightning bolt. Press the glowing button and collect the orbs to complete the chapter.

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